Magnetic explosions closer to Earth than anyone thought possible

Explosions “more than 10 times the energy of the largest US nuclear bomb” and “more than 3 times closer (to Earth) than normal.” New discovery adds credence to my theory that magnetic explosions created the Carolina Bays,possibly even the Chixculub Crater.

Explosions in Earth’s magnetic field “happen all the time,” writes Dr. Tony Phillips. “Gusts of solar wind press against Earth’s magnetosphere, squeezing lines of magnetic force together. The lines criss-cross and reconnect, literally exploding and propelling high energy particles toward Earth.  Auroras are the afterglow of this process.

“Usually, these explosions happen at least 100,000 miles from Earth, far downstream in our planet’s magnetic tail,” explains lead author Vassilis Angelopoulos of UCLA. “On Dec. 20, 2015, however, we observed a reconnection event only 30,000 miles away–more than 3 times closer than normal.”

Angelopoulos estimated the energy involved at “more than 10 times the energy of the largest US nuclear bomb and about 20 times the energy of a magnitude 7 earthquake.”

In this diagram of Earth’s magnetosphere, “X” marks the spot of the 20 Dec 2015, explosion. The 3 THEMIS spacecraft are also shown. Credit: Emmanuel Masongsong, UCLA EPSS

The blast showed that reconnection events may pose a previously overlooked threat to Earth-orbiting satellites.

NASA’s swarm of three THEMIS spacecraft were able to pinpoint the explosion’s location “right on the doorstep” of the geosynchronous satellite belt.

Before this event, many researchers felt that reconnection at such proximity was impossible. Earth’s nearby magnetic field was too stable for such explosions.

“Now we know better,” says Angelopoulos. “The THEMIS multipoint observations are iron-clad. It really happened.”

The original research, entitled ‘Magnetic Explosions Discovered on Earth’s Doorstep,” was published just this week (13 Jan 2020) in Nature Physics.

Why does this concern me? Because our magnetic field protects us. When I wrote Not by Fire but by Ice, the Earth’s protective magnetic field strength was declining 5 percent per century. Now it is declining 5 percent per decade!

I fear that this decline will allow such explosions to take place ever closer to the Earth. I also fear that this accelerating decline could mean that we are headed for a full-fledged magnetic reversal or excursion.

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  1. Could this also result in a Carrington EMP style event on our power grid if such an event gets close enough to Earth? Food For thought.

  2. If an excursion were to cause the rapid cooling that such events are thought to imply, sure it’d be difficult for Mankind, but gee it’d be great to see the AGW morons scuttle about to find another reason to blame white westerners with a suitable Marxist flavour.

    • My perception is that AGW was invented by Marxist white westerners. Only the congregation is moronic, not the high priests, who are swindlers advancing the one-world-government.

    • “Thought to imply” ??
      Pretty thin there! Furthermore you seem also to imply you are a white westerner. Maybe I misunderstood your comment, but not your defensiveness. HCCC is on the run now and your expetives do not add the debate.

  3. the question it had me asking was if it could come that close…how much closer is possible?
    and while quite a few recent auroras have been so “unexpected” ie not always from incoming coronal holes recently..they may also be from these events so far unknown
    this reported event info is from some time back, (2015)and they just figured it out/let anyone know(not always the same thing)

    we may yet be the people living in “interesting times”

    • I wonder how much information is withheld from “We the People” by deep-state government agencies who have drunken the kool aid and are trying to advance their agenda.

  4. Very cold dawn for January in High Mountains (South Brazil Serra) and several cities of SC, points below 5°C and the coast a few seasons below 14/13°C! Bad for rice in bloom or grain filling. Many cities of the coast between 14/18°C, very cold for the season.
    Climaterra/Epagri Ciram:

    ‘And tomorrow will be a little colder (2 to 3 degrees).
    Absence of heat = COLD’

  5. I’m sorry but the Chicxulub impact crater is quite clearly caused by a large asteroid or comet impact, not a realignment of magnetic fields. Suggesting otherwise is to overlook the actual geological evidence of iridium seeding around the planet.

    Having said that, even with a magnetic field reversal or excursion, Earth’s magnetism isn’t going away — it’s being redirected elsewhere. Earth is a giant dynamo. While the magnetic field may weaken at the poles it increases in strength elsewhere via chaotic displacement. It reorganizes itself, so instead of having all the magnetic lines traveling in the same direction (and creating a super strong planetary magnetic field) they begin bunching up and twisting in different directions. Think of it this way: magnets get stronger the more of them are aligned with each other. Overall field strength weakens massively in a pole reversal because each “individual” planetary magnet is fighting against its neighbor. Once they realign, strength returns. We don’t have to fear anything.

  6. Only the solar irradiance can cause warming on Earth – a typical dimwit climatologist statement.

    Everyone knows a spinning magnetic field in a larger encompassing magnetic field can’t generate electricity – that’s why we have to dump non functioning coal power for stuff that really works – a typical dimwit climatologist statement.

    Nuff said.

  7. There is a lot of evidence something happened between North Carolina and Georgia. I’ve found what appeared to be fossilized evergreen seeds of pine and spruce in the upper rock strata on some exposed sites. What got me is one of the fossilized seeds looked identical to a modern Jeffrey pine seed that only exists on the west coast today! Anyhow South Carolina mines nano diamonds for making cutting tools. these diamonds are only formed from sudden explosions and elements in place. They have found plant fossils in these areas too suggesting a different environment before then … Neveless they had some event that caused the Southeast to suddenly become charred in a firestorm that caused a local extinction event.

  8. “squeezing lines of magnetic force together. The lines criss-cross and reconnect, literally exploding “again there is no such thing as lines of magnetic force. Please call it what it is A Magnetic Field. The lines are used as a reference as are the lines of Lat. and Long. on a map.

  9. Interestingly, magnetic connections should make and break on movements. Showing that the earth, has movement, the sun has movement, and the other planets are also moving. And if field intensity , of one body, changes, then the position of reconnection should?

  10. Regarding ‘The Carolina Bays’
    I had thought the most ‘striking’ aspect of these anomalies is the identically oriented oval shapes of various sizes. When I learned of them I had assumed that the iridium/charcoal strata, commensurate with end of the last ice age 13k. years ago, indicated that a meteor strike was responsible and that these “Bays'” (lakes actually) were smaller fragments impacts. But never reading of any evidence that meteorites were ever found there was a problem. Now it is known there is evidence of some other similar lakes and craters across the US and that rather than identically oriented ovals they are actually radially oriented ovals indicating that the impactors were ice ejecta from the impact and that the ground zero could be deduced thereby. So the original theory with modification is still tenable In my mind. *Aforementioned strata can be carbon dated.

  11. I just looked at my other computer where I have solar activity pics saved. For December 20 2015 I saved five items : K p Index went to six that day and was elevated more than 24 hours. The magnetometer reading was absolutely bonkers. There were awesome northern lights in Yukon, great pic. NASA ISWA Spiral chart showed a direct hit CME on earth. And only one pic of LASCO C-2 shows the sun with major flares exploding out.
    Good party 😉

  12. In addition we just had electric currents surge thru the soil in Norway. This means we are pretty close to a magnetic reversal.

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