Magnetic field strength declining rapidly – Video

Field strength had been declining 5 percent per century, which was bad enough.
Now it’s declining 5 percent per decade.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

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    • Simple question, Ben … would increasing energy from coronal hole streams, from the sun, tend to warm the planet … or cool the planet? Hmm …

  1. The flow of static electricity coming into the spiral arm of our part of the galaxy is slowing down and this static electric is what creates the electro magnetic fields.

  2. I was expecting to be dead by now – actually between 2012 and 2015 due to a magnetic reversal. It hasn’t happened yet?
    Well it should be soon then. At the same time we could also expect Yellowstone to finally erupt. That was supposed to happen in the fall of 2014 , experts mentioned.

  3. Perhaps man made climate change is something to anesthetize us against the coming change – while we’re all diverted we don’t bother to worry about something we may be unable to avoid ?

    Wonder if the elites are aware of this and have bunkers etc. ?

    • You often hear the suggestion that they do really know what is going on. Trouble is, I think this endows them with a level of intelligence and knowledge that they simply don’t possess. For many they are lucky that breathing is automatic.

    • I am certain that those that can afford it, have protected themselves by getting them onto their own power sources. Doubt if they have their own personal nuclear power plant, but if they do, it would be the only way they will survive for any length of time.

      The governments have tended to forget that it takes energy to rebuild that which is destroyed in a magnetic storm of great intensity. The massive transformers, as an example, or control systems. Even basic industries, such as steel need electrical energy. They may be able to melt the steel with coal, but the cauldrons holding it require electricity to dump, so all the way down to the basics are totally reliant on the electric grid staying up.

      South Australia just pointed that out to us. Without the input from coal, gas, and oil burning generators, they couldn’t turn the grid back on based on the wind generators, and I am not sure that the wind generators would survive the EMP from a giant geomagnetic storm to start with.

      Most places now rely on water pumped from far away or from out of the ground. All farming requires gasoline pumped from storage tanks. I wonder how many “hunter gatherers” the world will support, as civilization is reduced to the primitive.

  4. Not sure how the level of the Earth’s magnetic field is measured … what levels of what energy … what instruments are used … but here are a few thoughts to consider …

    What if the Earth’s magnetic field is indeed strengthening … but to higher levels of energy (which is radiation across a spectrum?)… which higher levels of such energy / radiation the present instruments used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field strength wouldn’t measure or detect … i.e., those instruments are perhaps not set to detect such, or perhaps are unable to measure such … and what those instruments do detect, is dropping … i.e., as the levels of energy of the field are strengthening, perhaps into a higher level or range of energy / radiation, not measured by the present instruments …

    Just a thought to throw into the mix … notes about this, that I’d come across elsewhere:

    “Here is another thought to consider. We continue to hear from many different reports that what science “calls” earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

    “Humans can only detect a tiny spectrum of what science has named the electromagnetic spectrum, which is actually gradient levels of radiation.

    “What happens when the radiation human technology can detect changes to a higher vibration rate, and a higher level of radiation? It is no longer detectable via the technology that is detecting it.

    “The so called earth magnetic field is not weakening, it is getting “STRONGER”, as in stronger, higher levels of radiation.” – ML

    Hmmm … always lots to ponder and consider …

  5. IF the Earth’s magnetic field strength is perhaps actually strengthening, and doing so perhaps unbeknownst to our instruments …. perhaps into higher levels of energy or radiation that current monitoring may not be set to detect … or perhaps able to detect … is there any evidence of that?

    Would one piece of evidence for that potentially be, that heavy streams of incoming energy … from coronal hole streams for instance … get handled well, or more easily than perhaps might be expected … by the earth’s magnetic field?

    Hmm …

  6. Not sure who is trying to take credit for it, but this is actually one of Ben Davidson’s videos that is spoken over (quite poorly actually). You can find the original at

  7. As long as the magnetic field continues to weaken you will see continued unrest of volcanoes and earthquakes. A magnetic field cannot exist within a sphere without an internal dynamo(heat source involving electrical currents) controlling the intensity of flux. Anyone that tells you differently has never had an apple fall upon the head.
    Not only does the magnetic field protect the earth from life changing radiation intrusions but also creates a bonding agent for the fractured plates by stabilizing the gravity force in a downward pull to the center of the earth. When that force is disturbed by the dynamo cooling and diminishing the flux levels at key stabilization points the plates will experience expansion due upward pressure of magma energy causing extensive earthquake and volcanic activity.
    Likewise, the magnet north and south poles could not be weakening and shifting if the fields are strengthening. For the poles to physically move and diminish would further be proof of the internal dynamo losing its potential to create an electrical bond to its casing, namely the solids and liquids which make up the outer girth of the planet.

    New ages(end of days) generally happen with catastrophic events beyond mans control performing a cleansing effect upon the earth for most life forms (no need for the elite to perform these duties, for it is more than likely the wheel of process is designed to put them in the back seat again for a time, let man dust himself off and start again).

    Don’t Worry
    Be Happy

  8. While magnetic field reversal would be pretty bad, just hope that it doesn’t stall in mid-transition. An earth with no magnetic field, or a haphazard field would be a very inhospitable planet.

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