Magnetic north pole moving faster than in at least 400 years – MUCH faster  

Earth’s magnetic field also weakening dramatically. Could even lead to magnetic reversal. Scientists don’t know why.

Earlier this year, both the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the British Geological Survey (BGS) were forced to update the World Magnetic Model* due to the speed with which the magnetic north pole is moving out of the Canadian Arctic and toward Siberia. It has been moving at an average speed of 55 km over the past twenty years,” the US agency said in a press statement.

Compilers also confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic field is continuing to weaken, at a rate of about 5 percent every 100 years.

(Note: I disagree. SWARM satellites show that the weakening has accelerated dramatically – to 5 percent per decade. See “Earth’s magnetic field weakening ten times faster than thought.)

Global map of declination and the dip pole locations for 2020

Scientists Can’t Explain It

Dr. Ciaran Beggan, a geophysicist and geomagnetic specialist from the BGS, told FT that the movement of the pole has been “much faster” since the 1990s “than at any time for at least four centuries,” and that scientists “really don’t know much about the changes in the core that’s driving it.”

With the pole passing the Greenwich (prime) meridian and continuing its race east, humanity is entering the unknown, scientifically speaking.

Scientists have previously expressed concerns about the movement and its possible impact on the magnetic field protecting Earth. Without the field, Earth would be left vulnerable to solar flares, which could damage everything from spacecraft to power grids. The US National Academy of Sciences has calculated that a repeat of a solar storm like the one which hit the planet in 1859 (the Carrington event) could cause as much as $2 trillion in initial damage, and take a decade to repair.

Furthermore, a weakened magnetic field may lead to a potentially cataclysmic geomagnetic reversal . Some scientists believe that another reversal may be due soon, even though such an event could take centuries to complete. (I disagree with this one, too. I think it could take place in a matter of years.)

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* The World Magnetic Model is used by smart-phone compass apps, maps, GPS services, telecommunications, even navigation tools by various agencies such as the FAA, NASA, the US Defense Department and NATO.

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  1. Why do they mean ‘scientists can’t explain it?’

    At this very moment dozens of climate scientists are feverishly working – colluding – on finding a way to blame it on man-made global warming.

  2. I agree Robert. The Earth’s magnetic field is dynamic feedback generated. Its strength is based on its strength. Once that strength starts to decline, it will decline faster and faster in a reverse exponential way.

    To say that scientists don’t know why it’s doing this, is to say that scientists are disbelieving the evidence of their eyes. They may not know the precise causes of this, but they should at least know the probable effects. The fact we are basicly not preparing ourselves for this is what’s really wrong with this picture.

  3. Part of the solar minimum theory is that cosmic rays enter the earth and heat the core. This creates more seismic and volcanic activity. Perhaps this heating of the core also changes its shape moving the poles.

  4. This post by Robert and the one from November 2, 2019, provide clues about how bad a magnetic reversal could be. For those new to this site, check out the three categories on the left that group articles about magnetic reversal. Also, if you have not already viewed it, I recommend the YT video “Cosmic Disaster | CIA: Classified” (that provides comments by Robert) from Ben Davidson at

    • Thank you for the YouTube link to a fascinating video. I have looked up a few things on magnetic reversals and the mainline stuff I founds seems to treat magnetic reversals as more or less a walk in the park. No scientist here, but the mainline view makes no sense. A global event such as the magnetic poles reversing must have global effects (IMO). And for whatever time the earth loses its magnetic fields, it is vulnerable to solar and space radiation. I understand that we are in the midst of another mass extinction event. However, as per usual, humans are the bad guys in the mainline view–population pressure, AGW, etc. I can buy population pressure but AGW? One of the biggest drivers of extinctions are solar and space radiation, along with things like asteroid impacts and large-scale flood basalt eruptions (think Siberian and Deccan Traps). The Deccan Traps are roughly antipodal to the Chicxulub site. Man has little no affect on mass extinction–I think we have some impact, but it would be very, very small compared to cosmic forces.

      I don’t know how some can say that a full-on magnetic reversal is nothing to worry about. From what I can find, the last full-on event was well over 22,000 years ago. That puts it back to at least the time of the Solutreans and probably earlier. That means that any humans around at the time were pre-literate. At best there would be snippets of oral legends (but those snippets do indicate that it was far from a peaceful process–and the earth took a good 22,000 years to get back to normal).

      The fact is, we really have no concrete evidence to say what a magnetic reversal is like. It is the height of folly and arrogance to claim otherwise.

  5. On this morning’s (12/15) Suspicious Observers News report there was a new study from which BD explained The mag field of Earth is thee number one driver of climate change due to the magnetospheric effect on solar input.
    S O News at 6:15 minutes in:

    The study:

    Thee biggest effect on weather and climate and thee least known about.

  6. the weakening of earths protective mag field does appear to be related to the suns cycles
    it appears its done this before as the cycle drops to the low stages
    but if the planets own mag fields are also doing their own thing, in combo with the low solar cycle, then there might be a linkage to why prior mag reversals occurred its not as cyclical but may well rely on a particular combination of both events sun and earth synchronising at the same time frame. just a semi edumakated guess;-)

  7. Maybe they should ask a geologist instead of “scientists” which is a general term for AGW belivers, nowadays, IMO

  8. Being a non weather pro, just a normal person… I can see a couple of possibilities for this… The core of the earth is always cooling and the orbit of the earth isn’t round, it’s elliptical and so it the sun’s orbit in our universe. From what I understand the Sun’s elliptical orbit and the earth’s elliptical orbit are going in to a phase that will create an ice age, I don’t see why it wouldn’t mess with our magnetic field and poles. I can’t find the link that I found this information on any more but it makes sense to me since nothing is truly round or straight in nature.

  9. to second a comment above
    55 km is NOT a speed
    There is no numerical information in this article about the speed of movement, except that it is “faster”.

  10. since the north pole is moving, the south pole should also be moving. Does this mean that equator will end up somewhere else also?

  11. I just love the Putin joke it is so funny. Sad thing is that the yanks
    probably believe it!
    Seriously though – I believe that what is going on is through natural
    metamorphism and I doubt very much whether mankind has anything to do with it.

    • Well, I’m a “yank”. And yet I don’t put the blame for everything at Vlad’s feet. Some things you just can’t point a finger at someone and say “it’s your fault.” Not that those eco-nuts won’t though.

  12. Has anyone considered the potential for the huge transference of electromagnetic energy into the stratosphere and into the Earth’s surface itself (by experimental and operational devices such as HAARP) to create adverse effects on the magnetic field of the entire planet.? The wattage transmitted into the environment routinely is great enough to alter the shape and altitude of the stratosphere above the surface of the planet. What effect does it have simultaneously on the magnetic field.?

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