Magnetic reversal overdue – Possibly life-altering flip could cause chaos

Magnetic reversal overdue – Possibly life-altering flip could cause chaos

Validation of my theories.

The Earth’s magnetic field, which shields us from deadly solar radiation, may be a lot more fragile and febrile than one might think, says this article from Reuters.

Illustration showing magnetic reconnection in the magnetotail triggering the onset of substorms, sudden violent eruptions that release solar energy trapped in the Earth's magnetic field that trigger the Northern and Southern Lights.

“Scientists say earth’s magnetic field is weakening and could all but disappear in as little as 500 years as a precursor to flipping upside down.”

This, of course, is what I say in both Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps and Not by Fire but by Ice.

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13 thoughts on “Magnetic reversal overdue – Possibly life-altering flip could cause chaos

  1. Already seems to be an occuring phenomena and is called the South Atlantic Anomoly and Van Allen Radiation Belt. Strange things happen as Earths electrical inner alternating motor(a comparison) weakens but its documented that satellites malfunction,laptops crash,space station adjusts its position,compasses do not work. I hate to think that earths core (natural electrical field) creating our ionosphere can wear down like a man made A.C. Motor,dynamo. The theory of Earths iron/nickel core will possibly cease making energy or the magnetosphere. Stators,armatures,brushes,coils… man made parts on motors can be repaired but as Earths core loses its electro magnetic properties like Mars…will life be history? That’s what they are saying.

    • I believe there is “hope” for Earth’s Magnetosphere if these oscillations are connected to the interstellar medium, as it’s suggested also by the variation of the field of the Sun and the very real possibility of an imminent ice age.
      In this case, the hope is in the fact that other ice ages happened before and the Magnetosphere went back to normal after some time.

    • Well the notion that the core of our planet is an molten iron nickle core which has somehow remained molten for at least 4 billion years seems to be lacking a logical explantion how this stays molten. Oh yes, pressure I know is the conventional explantion, but why then are some planets geologically active and others aren’t? We really don’t know too much because the science is corrupted through the control mechanism of the elite rulership. More simply put. They don’t want you to know too much. Maybe that’s why Dr. Keshava Bhat has put his research on line for all to see. Essentially proof of a giant lie 500 years old. Point being, you have to think for yourself and dismiss the self appointed experts who hold the gates closed.

      Evidently, our Universe is essentially a plasma Universe; it’s electric!

      The core of the earth is a plasma field charged by the energy of the Sun and the Universe. How exactly is what many are trying to find out, but there are good ideas about this, though you wouldn’t know it talking to the average physics expert. If it doesn’t fit what they were taught, then they can’t imagine it. They don’t teach how to think, they teach how to vomit the perscribed information. You just got an A+ if you can do this exactly as described. Complete crap, and proof that traditional education is tantamount to self inflicted brainwashing.

      Well, we aren’t going to become a dead planet. We are just low on juice.

  2. Dad and I both believe the reason why the North Pole ice is melting and the south pole is growing is because the earthquake might have tilted the earth just enough to make a wobble towards the sun.

    Also Dad came up with the idea if the Southern Hemisphere is growing so much ice while the northern is losing since the earth is a spinning object rotating on an axis there will eventually be unequal weight forced on one end. Too much unbalanced weight and we think this could make the planet either flip on it’s axis or go sideways like that one planet…….Neptune that spins to the sides.

    Any scientific ideas or opinions anybody?

    If all you’re going to do is flame or beat me down then you’all have just made fine fools of yourselves.

    • Hello to you and Dad, you may want to look at things like changes in ocean currents, and also, be open to look actual events, and wonder if man has the power to do some things that are not discussed in public. And for good reason!

    • Your ideas are welcome, we don’t beat each other here (except the “warmists”!:-) because we know that what is happening now has a good chance to be unprecedented (new ice age, etc.), therefore we must think outside the box.
      I have the impression that the strong variation of the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun simultaneously must have a common cause.
      I believe it’s connected with the coming ice age that Robert also defends here as connected to the magnetic excursions and flips.
      It’s happening again, probably for the same or similar reasons as before.
      Here is a non-scientific video of a person that I respect very much for his honest pursue of the truth, Drunvalo Melchizedek, where he points out that the ancient Mayas also predicted a flip/pole shift in connection with magnetic reversals,
      unfortunately he does not give the references where he took the ideas about the changes in Earth’s mantle, etc., but this is a video that has been in mind since the first time I saw it.

    • hi Mr. Lost,

      Welcome to this site.

      many years ago, while studying Physics at university, I asked substantially the same question.

      the answer that I got, was that all the phenomenon you talked about are quite possible in principle. the solar system is a chaotic system, and just considering the nine (eight?) planets, we don’t have the math to solve/predict what just the nine planets will do, even assuming they are perfect Newtonian particles (points with mass) which they are not. the earth is also complex beyond our ability to model, and unknown in many major ways.

      earthquakes DO alter the orientation of the earth’s axis wrt the solar system and the galaxy. you can google astronomy sites to find out how much major earthquakes alter the earth’s axis.

      a very useful way to think of the earth is as similar to a child’s spinning top. it’s axis “wobbles” because there are unbalanced torques on the earth caused by gravitational forces on it’s lack of perfect spherical symmetry. these variations are now known as “Malinkovitch cycles”.

      there’s a nice book on Amazon called “Pacemaker of the Ice-ages” it looks at things from the angle you and your Dad are taking on things, I recommend it to your attention.

      I am a great fan of the Physics and Astrononomy courses on: I suggest you check them out.

      all the Best to you and your Dad,


      • hi again, Mr. Lost,

        by posting about a number of topics in my previous post, a reasonable person could construe them to be of similar importance, or probability.

        I’d like indicate my guesses as to the relative importance and probability of the various phenonemon in my previous post.

        wrt to causing ice ages, I’m guessing the relative importance would be:

        1. the sun has periodic fluctuations in power output, and is currently entering a low power / irradiance phase — that would be #1.

        2. vulcanism (volcanoes) could boil off the seas in short order — see Robert’s book “Not by Fire but by Ice” for more info on that.

        3. the continents have drifted into the northern hemisphere, and are blocking ocean-current driven heat transfer to the north and south pole. that’s why we’re currently in an extended ice-age for the last 4 million years.

        4. the earth’s axis is tilted ~23 degrees from the solar equator, or solar plane; in the summer the northern hemisphere is inclined 23degrees towards the sun. points north of 66 degrees latitude experience six month summers and six month winters. nice article here:

        5. the previously mentioned 46 degree swing from summer to winter and back again would be much, much greater than the few thousandth’s of a degree change caused by a major earth quake.

        6. an earth quake may cause the earth’s axis to tilt by a few thousand’ths of a degree — it couldn’t cause the earth tilt 90 degrees — the earth and solar system have a LOT of angular momentum, which is Conserved.

        7. however an impact from a prevously uncharted asteroid could. I have no idea of the likelyhood of that, but I would support an asteroid protection program for the earth with ICBM/nuclear warhead based technology.

        8. the sun and planets form a non-linear, dynamic, chaotic system, which could throw a planet into the sun, or another planet, or out of the solar system, but that’s millions and billions of years into the future. nice article here:

        I hope this helps you wrap your mind around this topic,


  3. sure verifies your position.
    and as ever the msm dont run anything its buried in a few small sci links.
    cant panic the sheeple.
    mind you if n when it does flip, even the best prepped survivalists may not get through.
    its going to be sheer luck as to what areas cop what events like quakes tsunamis and whatever else gets thrown at us.
    what we do know, is life will NOT be as we now know it.
    incredibly:-) interesting times.

  4. So what if the poles flip over in respect to their magnetic polarity! There is nothing you can do to prevent it any way. All you can do is improvise ,adapt and over come.

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