Magnetic Reversals Linked to Massive Volcanism

Magnetic Reversals Linked to Massive Volcanism

Scientists think massive volcanism triggers magnetic reversals. I think they have it backward.

The team conjectures that a big drop in the frequency of magnetic reversals may be related to a similar decrease in the number of ‘large igneous provinces’ (LIPs) or concentrated outpourings of magma from the Earth’s core.

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  1. I take it Robert that you are suggesting that diminished magnetism allows for greater convection of the earths magma and thus more volcanism, earthquakes and heating of the oceans from the volcanic vents and hot springs along the rift faults. Timing would be distance between polarity changes on the ocean floor divided by plate movement rate per year. That would give you your magnetic reversal rate. The question is how does that rate compare to the frequencies of major eruptions, ice ages and seismic activity?
    There would have to be demonstrable cause and effect.

      • I spent too much time today reading through the links above at and have concluded that this ‘shock dynamics’ theory is largely off the mark, while it makes for a nice convenient explanation of the breakup of pangea/gondwanaland to the continents present positions, I do not agree that this happened in a matter of hours or little over a day! That is just preposterous. It also ignores what is truly known from the fossil record. So please ignore or eliminate these posts relating to altogether. For a second I thought I was on to something, but when I saw a page wherein the author suggested that men lived also at the time of dinosaurs, well…

        On the other hand, there is credibility in the idea that large impactors can be triggers for catastrophic volcanism. The thrust of the authors thesis is mainly to refute and discredit conventional plate tectonic theory, which in my
        humble opinion is a fairly solid one.

        Now back to the topic at hand, I think it is hard to tell whether weak magnetism leads to increased volcanism. But it is easy to see how a large meteoric impact can trigger a volcanic reaction, and I might add, a big impact or several in short time on ocean waters would certainly cloud things over for a while, and could cool things down fairly quickly.

        Robert, Do we have any corelation charts between ice ages and known impact events?

        • Sorry about the Newgeology link. I was looking for a quick description of the impact-mantle plume theory. That site came up first. I should have read through it first.

          The article I used to have bookmarked (but now can’t find) described how the theory was boosted by looking at a crater on Mercury. There was evidence of crustal disruption at the antipodal point of impact.

        • “The thrust of the authors thesis is mainly to refute and discredit conventional plate tectonic theory, which in my
          humble opinion is a fairly solid one.”

          An Australian geologist, Dr. James Maxlow, believes that plate tectonics is a myth. His book ‘Terra non Firma Earth, Plate Tectonics is a Myth’ challenges plate tectonics and provides evidence of an expanding earth as its ongoing formation.

          Dr. Maxlow may be contacted at

          All that he says makes sense to me.

    • Less magnetism could be interpreted as less angular movement of the mantle, ensuing more radial movement due to conservation of energy.
      This could cause more outward pressure on the plates and possibly more volcanism and seismicity.
      What do you mean by “polarity changes on the ocean floor”? In the polar regions?

      • No, he means the magnetic polarity record as recorded in bookmatched form either side of sea-floor spreading rifts!

  2. Robert, I believe you’re dead on…….they do have it backwards. Remarkably, at this moment, we are in the middle of a giant science project to validate the theory. Solar Cycle 24 is near or at its peak; and it is being compared by those in the know to the very weak SC5 (1798-1810). At the peak of every solar cycle, the sun’s poles flip! At the daily sunspot activity can be seen. The spots have been predominantly in the southern hemisphere of the sun, and now are appearing much more in the north. Any day, and likely before the end of the year, the poles will flip. When this happens, huge solar flares, the collapse and reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles, volcanic eruptions, and everything you have written about is much more likely to occur. Then we’ll know what it will be: Montana, or Zacatecas!

    • The Suns magnetic poles flip on average every eleven years. Earth’s magnetic flips are on a much much longer time scale, with magnetic excursion(or wander) being more frequent than are reversals.

  3. Robert, I think you are right. I think that magnetic reversals are far more powerful than volcanism, and therefore are the leadup to the volcanic events.

  4. Just think of the magma in the earth, much if not all of it is magnetized. Changing the polarity would cause it to MOVE in accordance with the magnetism, would this huge underground movement cause earthquakes and volcanism ? I would assume it would have too!

  5. What i think Robert is saying is low solar activity causes instability in our planet which causes volcanic activity to increase. Our planet’s magnetic field is regulated by the eleven year cycle of our sun. When that cycle is interrupted and it is a lot lower than normal in activity our magnetic field is lower causing all of the instability we are seeing. As the sun gets even weaker we will see more volcanic activity not less.

  6. I kind of wonder if magnetic reversals, increased vulcanaism and increased tectonic activity aren’t both related to a third causal factor – changes in tidal forces throughout the solar system due to the movements and relative alignments of the planets.

  7. Assuming that there is a core … Perhaps we might ask if Richard E. Bird is to be taken more seriously. But again, our knowledge of the interior of the Earth is based on indirect methods, but what we really know? I will repeat it to death, never like now a scientist has to keep an open mind to possibilities never before considered.

    • “… I will repeat it to death, never like now a scientist has to keep an open mind to possibilities never before considered… ”
      I agree 100%, mainstream science is falling apart and we’re probably overdue (not only for a new glacial period!:-) for new revolutionary paradigms in science, like Relativity and Q. Physics were at the beginning of the XX century.
      I have a hunch that the EM-weak fields will be at the center of this new paradigm.

  8. if the placement and rate of quakes has any bearing?
    the last few months usgs quake maps are a frightner!
    the near constant quakes ON fault lines right across the top of aus and pacific, and now moving across to india and mainland asia are staggering.
    ps large quake 6.3 late last night aus time in china, odd theres not a word on any news reports I see.

  9. They have it backwards,as is usual.

    Again the major earthquake/volcanic activity is very well correlated to be associated around solar minimum periods. Infact, 80% of all major volcanic eruptions since 1600AD are associated around solar minimums, while that percentage, is even higher for major earthquakes.

    I maintain it has something to do with shocks being brought upon to earth’s magnetic field ,when solar activity is quiet for along period of time ,only to be interupted by a brief spurt of solar activity ,which causes the shock to the magnetic field of the earth. This then interacts with earth’s molton iron inner core, which creates enough added instability, to make the already unstable plate situation ,just that more unstable. The result is, an increase in geological activity.

    It has to be some sequence of events similar to this, because an 80%+ correlation is to high to be a chance happening, in my opinion.

  10. My opinion is way different compared to the usual opinions being expressed. For me the Universe is Steady State and Multidimensional. To explain that requires at least a book or two. So I cannot even begin explaining here. Especially here I want to express the opinion that the Earth is hollow, same as all stars and planets are hollow. The laws of physics are such that it has to be that way. Magnetic forces holding atoms together as molecules and crystals militate horizontally and contrary to the force of gravity which militates vertically. Gravity is the “weak force” whilst magnetism is the “strong force”. Also if the star or planet is rotating then centrifugal force is also a part of the equation. I have no doubt in my mind as regard to all stars and planets being hollow. So then one asks how are volcano’s functioning ? My answer is “electricity”. COSMIC RAY INDUCTION is the force giving rise to magnetism and gravity too. Cosmic Ray Induction is also creating massive electrical charges in the lithosphere of the hollow earth. Along geological fault lines water is able to get into the ground to great depths, thus lines of electrical conduction arise, along which the otherwise static electrical charges can discharge, thus giving rise to volcanic activity. In this regard there is no such a thing as an extinct volcano. Volcano’s that erupt often are less dangerous relative to volcano’s that rarely erupt being much more dangerous. During times of magnetic polarity reversal these static electrical charges can become unstable and are more likely to discharge. Thus the relationship between magnetic polarity reversals and increased amounts of volcanic activity. What is causing the magnetic polarity reversal ? My answer is that the surrounding magnetic field can be so strong as to send the earths magnetic field into reversal. When it occures it probably occures very quickly. Finally I would just state for the record that in my opinion the lithosphere of the Earth is probably only as little as fourty to fifty kilometers thick. Yes we can and historically already have dug our way through to the inside. However “they”, who ever “they” are, prefer to keep the fact a highly compartmentalized ultra sensative secret. Other interesting secrets “they” are hiding include levitation and interstellar space travel. Details of which are too complicated to explain in a mere internet blog. Other than to point out to you that the existence of certain ancient anomalous megolithic structures is proof that such “levitation” was real. The best example being “Heliopolis” also known as “Baalbek”.

    • “My opinion is way different compared to the usual opinions being expressed.”

      It sure is.
      What do you mean by militate?

      Militate, 1. To operate against or in favor of something. 2. Obs. a. To be a soldier. b. to take part in warfare. c. To take a stand, as for a belief or movement. – The Random House College Dictionary

      Earth is not hollow, neither is the Sun, Moon, or any other planets or stars. One lone exception is Vader’s Death Star.

    • I totally agree with Neil Love.
      Could anyone explain why we have (vacuum) underground high speed trains ?
      There are many proofs that underground activity is real.
      Who is using them?
      For what purpose?

      Answer: to connect our world to the hollow earth world.

    • hi Niel,

      I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

      one of the problems I worked thru in University, was the analysis of sound waves created in the earth’s crust during underground nuclear tests.

      simplistically summarizing, sound waves enamate from the Blast in waves which are both longitudinal and transverse. at the transition from solid to liquid transverse waves are no longer supported,and the depth of the solid mantle / transition to molten magma, can be computed with enormous precision.

      when the sound waves reach the solid inner core, transverse waves are again supported by the material, and the diameter and depth of the solid inner core can be calculated with enormous precision.

      this technique cannot be used to verify the existence of the solid inner core of uranium I believe to be the nuclear power source that keeps the earth’s core at temperatures similar to the sun’s surface, and powers the geodyne — earth’s EM field, mag poles, tectonic plate movement, etc.

      the mass of the earth can be calculated with enormous precision by observing its gravitational pull/effect on satellites artificial and natural; other planets; and the sun.

      –> I don’t believe it to be hollow.

      your “militating” necessitates throwing out Newton’s Law of Universal gravitation.

      do you have anything of similar or superior utility to replace it with?


  11. In response to Roberts comment, yes the Curie temperature diminishes magnetism in magma. But I still think that a full polarity switch would have an effect on the rock that IS magnetized at the surface and the seafloors. That alone could cause major rock movements and shifts in faults ( earthquakes ) and volcanic vents that had previously been sealed causing fractures that lead to new volcanism. No way a reversal would NOT have some kind of effect, the big question is HOW MUCH ?


    Most people who believe that stars and planets are solid are simply not including the power of magnetism into the equation. They only look at gravity. My point is that the magnetism between atoms, forming molecules and crystals, is stronger than gravity, and in space therefore stars and planets are actually hollow. I am being science. I too originally could not believe it, but now that I understand how the laws of physics play out I have no doubt that indeed all stars and planets are hollow. Obviously we have to rethink our whole paradigm. The above link is to a YouTube video of a lecture given by the South African geologist JAN LAMPRECHT who is a scientist who teaches that stars and planets are hollow. Watching video will not be a waste of your time. Please watch it. You will notice in his lecture that he explains about REFRACTION of siesmic waves creating the illusion of depth of crust. I myself am convinced that the lithosphere is all that we stand on and that it is no more than a mere fourty to fifty kilometers thick. So as to put that into perspective, observe that the deepest drilling yet done was done in the Kola Peninsular of Northern Russia and was to a depth of thirteen kilometers. Interestingly they struck oil. Alot of it. According to the “fossil fuel” paradigm that is simply impossible. So that I also have had to rethink as regard to how oil is created by water reacting with carbon dioxide in the lithosphere.

    • My point is that the magnetism between atoms, forming molecules and crystals,

      Don’t confuse Electrons(-) and protons(+) with magnetism.

      The forming of crystals has little to do with magnetism.

      Individual crystal grains formed in a piece of cooled iron, will not be magnetically aligned with their neighbors. It takes an outside force such as the blow of a hammer, or a strong electromagnetic field to align them.

      Earth’s magnetism is of two-parts,
      first there is the solid Iron crystal core which is accreting over time. The magnetic orientation of the grains of this massive Iron crystal are likely to be mostly random. Secondly there is the outer core of liquid Iron which is in motion or flux. This motion is complex and consists of rising and descending twisting plumes of molten Iron. This is thought to be the Geodynamo, the engine which generates Earth’s N-S magnetic field.

      The main point of this explanation being that Earth’s magnetic field is primarily of a Ferrous nature. Ferromagnetism.

      Nickel, Cobalt, and Gadolinium, are a few other metallic elements that exhibit ferromagnetic properties akin to Iron.

      [magnetism]…is stronger than gravity,
      You’re confusing apples with oranges.

      Gravity is generally a function of mass.
      If I let go of this magnet in my hand, it falls to the floor.(I know, that’s not fair is it?)

      [magnetism is stronger than gravity]…and in space therefore stars and planets are actually hollow.

      This simply makes no logical sense.
      By extension then I guess asteroids and
      meteors and meteorites would also be hollow? But they aren’t.

      I think I’ll go have a Doughnut now, and contemplate why the Earth is not a Torus.

      …in space therefore, no one can hear you scream!

      …hmm I’ll have to get some ice cream to go with that donut!

      • Try this yourself: take a bar or rod of iron or steel(not stainless) which has weak to no magnetism to it. Aim one end towards North, and strike it hard on the south end a couple of times with a hammer. It’s magnetism is now measurably increased.

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