Maine Record Snowfall

“This is the highest amount of snow we have had this late in the year,”  said Rich Norton, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Caribou, Maine.  “It will set a new record.”

Some  4 to 7 inches (6 – 11 cm) of snow fell across the northern part of the state over the weekend.

A second cold front moving through the Great Lakes threatens to drop temperatures 10 to 20 F (11 to 17 C) below normal from the Rockies to the central Appalachians through the middle of the week, according to the agency.

Chicago, Albany and Boston have been chillier than average since April.

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6 thoughts on “Maine Record Snowfall”

  1. Good to see that it is colder elsewhere when it is warm in western Canada and all we hear is “climate change.”

    There are unbelievable reporting errors by a “science/technical” journalist.

    “4 to 7 inches (6 to 11 centimeters)”
    Should be about 10 to 18 cm

    “10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 17 Celsius)”
    Should be about 6C° to 9C°

    And should say Fahrenheit degrees vs degrees Fahrenheit …
    “20 degrees Fahrenheit” is an actual temperature.
    “20 Fahrenheit degrees” is a temperature differential.

    Maybe this seems picky, but we should expect technical articles to be technically accurate. Of course, as we all know , many mainstream “science” articles are rife with bad data and assumptions.


    1. ““10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 17 Celsius)”
      Should be about 6C° to 9C°”

      Actually, 10-20°F should be about MINUS 6-9°C, considering that 32°F = zero° C.

    1. Worked for me, thanks, recently listen to John again, stated that he and other top scientist’s have agreed to no mini ice age, because it’s not in the sun cycle records, we are facing a 200 year cycle or a return to full ice age. I think they are trying to clarify the situation. Serious.

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