Major Arctic Outbreak for Central and Eastern U.S. – Temperatures 10-30 degrees below normal

Blizzard Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories effect from Iowa to the Great Lakes regions. “If you don’t need to travel, please stay put,” warns the NWS.

Blizzard warnings and temperatures 10-30 degrees below normal, and our government is foolishly fighting ‘global warming’?

A strong cold front moving across the central U.S. today will bring areas of freezing rain, snow, and strong winds to the Midwest through the Great Lakes, says the National Weather Service. Blizzard conditions are expected for north-central Iowa.

A major Arctic outbreak will filter into the central and eastern U.S. in the wake of this front with temperatures 10-30 degrees below normal from the northern Plains to the Mid-South.

Winter Storm Impacting the Midwest and Great Lakes.

Heavy snow for the U.P. of Michigan and western Lower Michigan into Saturday.

Snow for the Cascades and the Northern/Central Rockies through Saturday.

Areas of rain/freezing rain from the Upper Midwest to the Lower Great Lakes/Northern New England through Saturday.

This is no joke,- Iowa – 4 Feb 2021

A cold front will continue to track from the entire Mississippi Valley Thursday evening across the East Friday before moving offshore by Saturday. Rain and snow associated with this system will also spread east along and ahead of the advancing boundary.

Winter Storm Warnings, Blizzard Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are in effect from Iowa to the Great Lakes regions. Periods of heavy snowfall along with gusty winds will be possible, especially for portions of the northern Michigan and western Lower Michigan.

Out West, onshore flow over the Pacific Northwest will aid in producing coastal rain and higher elevation snow over through Saturday.

Meanwhile, Arctic high pressure will slowly sag southward into the northern-tier states bringing an abrupt change to daily temperatures for a large portion of the country.

Upslope flow associated with the high pressure will aid in producing snow over the Northern/Central Rockies and the Northern High Plains/Northern Plains through Saturday.


9 thoughts on “Major Arctic Outbreak for Central and Eastern U.S. – Temperatures 10-30 degrees below normal”

  1. Here in the Upstate of South Carolina we have been running 10 to 15 degrees cooler than normal this winter. We normally have Spring temperatures in early April; last Spring we didn’t get consistently warm weather until early June. It was a cooler than normal summer. So overall I’d say this solar minimum is definitely having a cooling effect on the weather.

  2. There has been very heavy snowfall in the Montréal area thruout this week. And it is snowing quite heavily at the present time. The temperature is quite mild. As it generally is when it snows. I believe that an inch of snow at least has fallen since approximately 9: 00 AM this morning. It is currently 12:20 in the afternoon.

  3. Lockdowns for fake flu but not for -40 deg blizzards… what ever happened to the good ‘ol high logos ‘no school [stay home] snow days’ from back in the ’60s.

  4. Imagine that all of those homes used electricity only produced by solar or wind. No gas, coal, or oil. The solar panels would be covered by snow preventing production, and the wind machines would get iced or produce little electricity. Even their battery back-up systems would run out of power. Electricity would need to be imported from many states away, if there was any extra available.
    There would be many deaths from the cold, and a good portion of them would be Democrats!

    Would they still vote for the “New Green Swindle”?
    Solar and wind power is totally unreliable as they will find out the hard way!

  5. Snow levels are fairly normal here in the upper Midwest (35 mi north of Chicago). It’s piled up against the bottom of my house to cut the wind chill factor somewhat.
    Real concern is how much more to expect in the way of snow, because the plows are out and about, but the snow just piles up on the roads again.

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