Major power cuts lead to transport chaos across England and Wales

A huge power failure in the UK on 10 Aug 2019 cut power to trains, traffic lights and millions of people at home.

Two power plants caused the failure. The official report claims that the Little Barford gas-fired station in East Anglia failed first, then, 2 minutes later, an offshore wind farm (Hornsea) in the North Sea failed 2 minutes later.

This is a lie, says WUWT (WattsUpWithThat). The truth as revealed by detailed research by blogger is that the wind farm clearly failed first, and caused the whole event.

Like the captain of the Titanic aiming for a transatlantic speed record, the UK national grid were aiming for a record percentage of power from wind. They reduced the safety margin of grid inertia for this purpose, and the result was disaster:

11Aug 2019,  “It doesn’t add up” (From the blogger referenced above.)

“I’ve done a lot of research on this, looking at the data from National Grid at BM Reports, Gridwatch, and a very helpful frequency chart at 1 second resolution from Upside Energy, a small company providing experimental token grid stabilisation services using distributed systems (a potential precursor to such things as V2G). You can see that their effort was very prompt but puny at under 6MW for about 3 minutes in this chart they tweeted.

“Here’s what I found:
I think the conclusive answer to the question is yes – the blackout’s primary cause was the sudden loss of output from Hornsea wind farm, though the precise cause of that remains unknown at this stage: likely candidates are a failure at the offshore transmission platform where the voltage is boosted to 220kV, somewhere along the cable to shore, or at the grid connection point (at Killingholme on the Humber) onshore. The really damning evidence comes in this tweet that shows grid frequency based on 1 second data.

The blogger continues with a technical discussion that you can read on WUWT.

“Do not be deceived by the reported outage times on the plants,” says the blogger.”

“I note that today the formal record of the timing of the shutdowns has magically disappeared. More questions to be answered.”

The original post at WUWT:

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    According to NASA, cosmic rays are intensifying. Last week, on Aug. 6th, Roger Spinner of Montsevelier, Switzerland, witnessed a likely side-effect. “Red sprites were flashing above a thunderstorm in northern Italy about 215 km away,” says Spinner. “I recorded an HD video of the display using my Sony A7s.”

    As the storm raged over Italy’s Lombardy region, Spinner’s camera recorded three magnificent clusters of sprites in rare detail. Shaped like jellyfish, the sprites were more than 40 km tall, with purple tentacles dangling toward the thunderstorm below and red bushy heads touching the edge of space. Balls of red light only a few hundred meters in diameter dot the jellyfish’s waist and tentacles.

    “For me, personally, these shots are special,” says Spinner, who has been monitoring sprites in Europe for more than 7 years. “Although three jellyfish sprites in one evening is nothing unusual for a strong thunderstorm, color videos of sprites in HD or 4K quality haven’t been possible for very long. The Sony A7s came on the market only a few years ago.”

    Cosmic rays may be helping Spinner capture such images. Radiation from deep space is intensifying because of Solar Minimum. During this phase of the solar cycle, cosmic rays penetrate the sun’s weakening magnetic defenses and enter Earth’s atmosphere more than usual. Some researchers believe that extra cosmic rays provide the ionizing “spark” that triggers sprites.

    Spinner knows where to point his cameras thanks, in part, to live lightning maps published by Mesoscale convective systems with strong lightning tend to produce the best sprites. Distant storms, ironically, can be the most photogenic. A spacing of hundred kilometers or more allows Spinner’s camera to see over the top of the thunderhead.

    “Even if you know exactly where the thunderstorms are and where the sprites might occur, it is always a surprise what kind of spectacle nature actually offers you,” says Spinner. See the complete HD video on Youtube.


  2. A few years back the whole state of South Australia had blackout as the various renewables generators had their settings wrong after a transmission line between South Australia and Victoria went down in Storm. They should have stayed on.

    The state took up an offer from Elon Musk on batteries that will cost them a lot in the future ( Lots of Lithium-ion). For this scale, the real technology is redox flow batteries. There is stuff about to hit the scene is a huge jump ahead of what’s there.

    Frankly, why are we not looking at much more tidal power, thanks to the moon, it’s very cyclic and constant? Coupled with these new storage technologies.

    The entrance to Port Phillip Bay has the 15 km/hr rip. You could generate mega energy on the bottom there and not interfere with shipping.

  3. I wrote this in 2017. It was ignored and the lights went out on a summers day in 2019

    Never forget that The Climate Change thing is a continuation of the Cold War and that Russia China and even India are laughing at the West at the way it is destroying its energy economy to their benefit.


    Understand that a nil operating margin for electricity generation in a developed economy is an existential National Emergency.

    Understand that a coming Ice Age, to whatever degree, is the climate catastrophe that really is worthy of concern for future generations.

    The reversion to a Little Ice Age is predicted for the near future, (within decades), and a Real Ice Age could well return this century, next century or this millennium.

    In spite of the vast establishment that has been created to support Green policies and the resulting huge and probably unnecessary expenditures and the increased existential National economic risks, realise that:

    Man-made Global Warming / Climate Change is most likely a non-problem.

    And even if it were a problem, it could not be effectively addressed by damaging the economies of the Developed World in attempting to control their emissions of CO2.

    Understand that there is no Catastrophic risk from Anthropogenic Global Warming.

    The major error is the conflation of Man-made atmospheric CO2 with other truly toxic pollutants.

    Atmospheric CO2 is after all plant food, the very stuff of life.

    Pursuing the Energy Policies outlined here without fear could well:

    * possibly avoid the risk of catastrophic failure of the UK electricity grid.
    * derail the vast expenditures for a Green Climate Change agenda that are already locked into the system. This expenditure, (estimated to be more than £300 billion, £300,000,000,000 by 2030), has no popular mandate in the UK
    * make the UK economy very significantly richer.
    * bring significant benefit to all UK Energy users.

  4. exact same scenario as in Sth Aus last yr(and theyre being sued for that now) the wind system failed in high winds causing a cascade of feedback to all other online generators causing them to crash or forced to go offline to save them damage.

  5. As electricity, electrons if you like, is almost the only driven force to maintain households a.s.o. one can expect a lot of problems caused by missing a few electrons. Rigidity has settled in our minds w.r.t. a society in which everything has to run constantly. That will cause aggression on behalf of nature of humans.

  6. Waves, tides, ocean currents. I have read some years back that if you put an impeller into an ocean current, it slows the earths speed and the days will become longer and the planet (which is flat, I understand) start to be unbalanced and the elephants, being no longer chained in place by PETA/UN DIRECTIVE # 44337, will be unable to compensate for the load variances, and fall off the Great Turtles back and we will slide helplessly into the Ether.

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