Major power outages in Saskatchewan

Power lines collapsing province-wide under the weight of frost and snow.

Outages are impacting most of the City of Regina as well as other communities in the province.

According to their website, SaskPower has suffered” significant” issues because of frost over the past few days.

“This morning, power units at Boundary Dam, Shand and Poplar River Power Stations tripped off and we lost generation. We are bringing those units back on line as quickly and safely as possible.”

“The frost is causing lines to fall and sag; please be safe and stay at least 10 meters away. Do not try to remove frost from the lines yourself. Lines that look damaged can still be live.”

This should be a lot of fun. (Not.) Tonight it’s supposed to go down to -11.7°C (11°F) in Regina.

Thanks to Steven Daniels for this link

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  1. still it is said that the windmills in the north sea will function under most circumstances. What will happen if it is getting cold and colder for several months a year, and that occurs during a decade or two? Have they ever thought about the consequences of a failure of the UN climate model? Will it be a green economy or a white economy?

  2. If you have chemical friends, you can see that the oil comes from the vegetable and animal world, they only take the carbon from the atmosphere and you will come to the conclusion that burning gasoline is just returning the CO2 to the atmosphere incredible, right? But it is like this

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