Major snowfall in Norway

Tens of thousands of households lose power.  Up to a meter of snow in places.

Wide areas of Southern Norway is struggling with the first major snowstorm of the season.

State meteorologists had warned that as many as 40 cm (16 inches) of snow would fall. As it turned out, Oslo, the Norwegian capital, wasn’t hit as hard as expected but nearby Drammen went from autumn to full winter overnight, with lots of heavy snow and windchill factors in the minus double-digits.

The Telemark and Agder counties were among areas hit the hardest. On Sunday, emergency crews were out trying to restore power to initially tens of thousands of households that lost power as early as Saturday after the wind and heavy snow knocked down power lines.

One meter of snow in Vegårshei

Around 10,000 households remained without power at midday Sunday, especially in the Froland area.  There were reports that as much as a meter (39 inches) of snow fell on Vegårshei during the night.

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2 thoughts on “Major snowfall in Norway”

  1. It’s now already the first week of November, and the Norse should be used to this sort of thing. They love their winter sports much more so than most Americans—thin-skinned whingers as we are. All the snow and cold is only going to help reflect more incoming solar radiation, and cool down the NH faster. I keep looking for a “cold” snap to hit Phoenix, AZ sometime before January but rather doubt it. It’s been unusually hot this year and the typical cooling period that should have begun nearly a month ago has yet to appear.

    Blame that on the return of the north Pacific “blob” and a zonal southern branch of the jet stream … and not human-induced climate change.

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