Major snowstorm forces cancellation of Climate March in Colorado

More than a foot (30 cm) of snow in some areas.

“Oh yes, there’s nothing like a late April blizzard to prove that the planet is warming at unprecedented levels.” – The Gateway Pundit.

The Colorado Springs People’s Climate March was canceled late Friday after heavy snow began falling across the Front Range.

In Denver, the snow was so heavy that someone was able to build a snowman, as shown in photos posted online.

The website Complete Colorado ran a photo of a man on skis with the headline, “Heading to the Global Warming Rally Today.”

Here are some of the bigger snow totals as of 11:am today:

  • Aspen Springs: 9.5 inches
  • Boulder: 8 inches
  • Brookvale: 11 inches
  • Castle Rock: 8 inches
  • Centennial: 8 inches
  • Chatfield Reservoir: 8.5 inches
  • Conifer: 16 inches
  • Crescent Village: 14.5 inches
  • Eldorado Springs: 8.6 inches
  • Elizabeth: 9 inches
  • Evergreen: 15 inches
  • Genesee: 22 inches
  • Golden: 11.1 inches
  • Greenwood Village: 8 inches
  • Ken Caryl: 14 inches
  • Kittredge: 15 inches
  • Littleton: 10 inches
  • Nederland: 16 inches
  • Parker: 9.5 inches
  • Pine Junction: 8 inches
  • Roxborough Park: 14 inches
  • Silver Plume: 8.5 inches

Other snow totals here:

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15 thoughts on “Major snowstorm forces cancellation of Climate March in Colorado”

    Global temps have plummeted worldwide for the month of april and it might be a sign of things to come…..knowing it only takes a 5deg neg world wide temperature average decline to shift back to a full glacial cycle.In the last thousand years climate changes have turned on a dime and im not talking warming..i know our ancestors were a tough breed with no furnaces because i would not be posting now.Our tough ancestors survived somehow ..the bottleneck for fire.

  2. I had a good laugh at the first photo…thanks for putting it up. It will be a serious matter if there is much cooling though.

  3. been quite a few that got cancelled due to cold and snow havent there?
    meanwhile the socalled science marchers and Aussie abc agitprop are claiming that sceptics are now not just related to flat earthers or we are also very close to Lysenkoism and communism..i kid you not!
    complaining they got told to STFU re the EPA making climate claims and some reduced funding
    sure got em huffy, of course NO “science” or opinion other than theirs is correct… hmm?
    i sorta think pot kettle black in regards to claims of control and many small biz gone turtle die to huge power increases and green taxes and duties and regs?
    too many!
    i sure wouldnt start up anything they could intrude on
    ie all id consider would be onselling premade.
    or trade on vegies etc under the radar

  4. The sad part is that truth and reality will not put off the priests of AGW from their goal of taking us back to the stone age.

  5. It makes non-religious types like me think that there must be a higher being with a wicked sense of humour when things like this happen.

    • The problem is the Good Lord gave us free will and you have to choose to be honest, decent, and useful.

    • Gerry,

      You are right. This is just another time when it happened that a global warming event got, well, dampened with just perfect timing. I’m very religious myself, and cannot help but think maybe God is helping us fight the global warming crowd. They seem to “have it all” in terms of money, media and the schools, yet only God can make the weather betray them over and over.

  6. these guys are the biggest assholes in the galaxy!! Do not pay any attention to these imbeciles! Those are the same nut jobs that were screaming at kids in school in the 90’s that snow would be a thing of the past by now because of their mom’s evil SUV’s.

    • Ordinary people who are warmists are generally good people. They want to do the right thing and they are willing to sacrifice for it. They think the end of the world is coming and that we are hastening it along, and they want to stop us. Those are noble motives. They have been hoodwinked and brainwashed, they attended public schools which never taught the scientific method or critical thought. They are still trapped in the matrix and simply cannot wrap their minds around the fact that “their” government would lie to them. Who should they believe? What they are told every single day by “trusted” news media is the overwhelming consensus of scientists and the (former) President of the U.S., or a fringe minority of skeptics? I don’t blame them, I blame the people at the top who are abusing their trust. We believe we know better, we believe our facts are the true facts, and I suppose there is even some small chance we are wrong. The difference is we are open minded and we are treating the issue as science, not religion.
      I believe our cause will be lost, in fact I hope it is. The only thing that will change the belief of the brainwashed masses is the arrival of the next ice age. Although that event would be vindicating it would also be devastating.

  7. I heard that the march against Global Warming(whatever that means) happens under high temperature, it was not mentioned that elsewhere it happened ‘under snow’.

  8. Trouble is they will not listen to any dissent because you are telling lies. Nothing we can up on the Internet will persuade them. We are flat earthers pushing nonscience.

    Only nature can teach here.

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