Major winter storm – More than 400,000 lose power

More than 247,000 customers in North Carolina were without power Sunday afternoon, more than 82,000 in South Carolina, and another 75,000 in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Parts of Georgia also saw outages.

The mercury is forecast to drop to 23 F (-5 C) overnight in Winston-Salem, not the best of times to be without power.

“North Carolina is in the cold, icy grip of a mammoth winter storm,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said at a news conference. “Enjoy the beauty but respect the danger. Don’t be fooled. This storm is treacherous.”

The National Weather Service warned that the snowfall would continue until Monday, with the heaviest amounts in northwest North Carolina and southern Virginia. More than a foot (30 cm) of snow had already fallen on parts of North Carolina and Virginia  by Sunday afternoon.

Parts of western North Carolina had already been hit with 14 to 15 inches of snow, making it impossible for snow-clearing crews to get to some areas.

“Winter storm warnings are in effect from northeast Georgia to central Virginia,” the NWS said in its advisory. “Expect near-impossible travel conditions.” This is a “major” winter storm.

7 thoughts on “Major winter storm – More than 400,000 lose power”

  1. Where does Al Gore live, under this storm I hope so. Oh wait he is a senior govt employee or was, have we paid for him to have power at all times with a generator in his backyard, would not be surprised at all, and how is it powered, diesel. Ohhhh Al, that’s going to be a lot of global warming, better make sure you pay taxes. More taxpayers money / no our money, going down the throats of the already wealthy.

  2. Hmmmm… should the states buy solar panels, or snow plows? The panels may work 12 hours out of 24, while the plows may be needed 5 months out of 12. Looks like a toss up… Oh yeah, there is the working and eating thing. Better go with the plows, I advise as a Maine resident.

  3. But have no fear people, this will still be the warmest year evah, once the cold has been homogenised away.

  4. Notice how they call is WINTER snow?

    It isn’t Winter.

    Also, when they refer to 3″rd” (what ever it may be) Highest snowfall, they are leaving out the previous records were in February or March!

    They DON”T mention it is RECORD for December….

    Liars. All of them. Total Liars.

    Just wait till February when for 30 days NOBODY there will be able to leave their homes and Power will be off…….

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