Major winter storm for parts of Ontario

Up to 16 inches of snow for some areas. Hazardous winter conditions expected.


04 Dec 2017 – Winter storm warning for: Dryden – Vermilion Bay, Kenora – Grassy Narrows – Whitedog, Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls – Morson, Ear Falls – Perrault Falls – Western Lac Seul and Sioux Lookout – Eastern Lac Seul regions

A large low pressure system over Northern Plains States is expected to intensify into a major winter storm as it tracks across Northwestern Ontario tonight then into Far Northern Ontario on Tuesday.

Widespread total snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm (7.9″ to 11.8″) likely. Locally higher amounts possible. on5, on51 and on2 in the address link for the other warning areas)

Winter storm warning for: Pickle Lake – Cat Lake and Summer Beaver – Wunnummin Lake – Kingfisher Lake regions

Snowfall amounts of 30 to 40 cm (11.8″ to 15.7″) expected today through Tuesday. Blowing snow in exposed areas is expected to become an issue Tuesday night as strong and gusty northwesterly winds develop.

Winter storm warning for: Red Lake – Woodland Caribou Park region

Total snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 cm (7.9″ to 11.8″) appear likely by Tuesday evening.

In addition … frequent very low visibility from blowing snow in exposed areas.

Also, a winter storm warning for the Fort Frances – Rainy Lake area, with amounts up to 25 cm (9.8″).


Snowfall warnings for the Sprague – Northwest Angle Provincial Forest and Whiteshell – Lac du Bonnet – Pinawa areas, with amounts to 15 cm (5.9″).

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1 thought on “Major winter storm for parts of Ontario

  1. Is it me or does the weather channel seem more clueless than normal. In Central NY, high winds all night last night…no one said we were getting that, but I am not surprised…how will they twist their words when they can’t deny the truth anymore? That should be entertaining in itself. I’m actually looking forward to the “old fashioned” winters returning. Send some of these city folk out of here; they gobbled up our beautiful farms and turned them into acres of lawn, and let our historical hay barns fall down. It’s a shame. Now lots of huge lawns and useless diva horses that no one rides. Makes no sense. Don’t complain about high gas prices when you mow 6+ acres of lawn every week…I hope they go higher(just kidding)…bring back the cows! Do Inuits ever worry about the tax man? I bet no one bothers them…too cold, but I’m sure they enjoy their wilderness and peace.

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