Major winter storm to impact holiday travelers

A major winter storm – WINTER storm – with heavy snow and strong winds is forecast from the Rockies to the Central Plains and into the Great Lakes on Saturday night into Sunday.

The storm may produce near blizzard conditions on Sunday from Topeka and Omaha to Des Moines and Madison, WI, according to the National Weather Service.

Heavy snow – up to half a foot – could affect travelers flying out of many airports, including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

The tail-end of the storm could dump snow on parts of upstate New York and northern New England into Monday.

Significant snow possible Sunday night

6 thoughts on “Major winter storm to impact holiday travelers”

  1. Sorry to report that the NWS Saturday evening snow estimates from this approaching storm have doubled. Estimate from Saturday morning of 3 – 6” has increased to 6 – 12″ in the Chicago area for the entire (multi-day) event, Winter Storm Bruce.
    Source: NCEP NDFD issued 23Z24NOV2018

  2. I am on call for this storm. I work for a railroad and we cover parts of a Chicago Metra commuter line.
    We blow snow out of switches, clear platforms (for commuters) and keep the trains moving.
    We go in at 2A.M. and work till 4 P.M. which makes for 14 hour days.
    When a storm like this comes, it is bittersweet for me. I like snow and wind and I prepare accordingly. Wool and a change of dry clothes do the trick. Another thing I do is I keep a large bar of dark chocolate in my backpack. The chocolate serves 2 purposes. The sugar gives a boost to the cold body and the caffeine wakes me up a bit.
    Global warming is a joke being played on us. Hell is not hot, hell is actually freezing cold. Stay safe everyone.

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