Making my actions match my words

Moving to Texas

Several readers have emailed me asking “Where the hell are you? You haven’t posted anything in a week.”

Some have even guessed that I’m traveling, and they guessed correctly.

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for more than 30 years, but with all my talk of the impending ice age, it seemed like it was time to move south.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. For the past week I’ve been driving a 26-ft Penske truck with a car carrier in tow, and my wife sitting beside me, moving ourselves and our belongings to Texas.

It has taken longer than we expected because last week’s mid-country blizzard really messed with our travels. We were planning on taking a 45-degree route through Utah and Colorado, but had to re-route much farther south (and lots more miles). Even then, we got snowed on on three of our travel days.

I hope to get back onto a regular posting schedule within the next few days.




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  1. Hope you like Texas! But look out, even they get blizzards in the northern part. (like Amarillo) Further south is tornado alley. The far southern part is very muggy and hot in summer. Lots of humidity April thru October down there, especially near the coast.

  2. It’s nice to know everything is OK.
    As highlights on his blog —

    Eastern Closing 2019 : April’s snow showers brings late Easter skiing or May possibly be more – Week 2

    “Almost mid-April and the snowplow just went down my street in Ottawa. There is still snow up in the higher latitudes and altitudes. In part of ski country, we had a few below freezing temperature and some snow accumulations. The snow stake at the top of Mount Mansfield is still above 115 inches (292cm) has barely dipped and is still higher than maximum snow levels at anytime during the previous decade. “

  3. Well this native Texan is willing to say ‘Howdy!’ to you. We welcome outsiders that have brains and common sense like you have. It’s them ‘others’ that we don’t want moving here.

  4. Way to go, Robert! I’m another “refugee” from Seattle, though I left 20 years ago. The summers in the PNW are wonderful, but the constant grey skies and drizzle for about 10 months a year were getting to me. Moving to sunny SW Utah was a great move for me, and I hope you will similarly enjoy Texas. (A lot more sane people here, or in Texas, too….)

  5. I have dreamed of doing exactly what You are undertaking , Work and family have a tight grip on me in the Peoples republic of Minni-snow-da , maybe one day. Good luck.

  6. My wife and I recently moved from California to Texas to be near the grandkids. What part of Texas are you moving to?

  7. Congratulations on an intelligent and timely move, Robert. BTW, your writings about what is coming were instrumental in getting me out of NYS, AKA “The Vampire State”, because of its taxes, and to Tennessee. Texas was also on my short list of places with better climate and better government, and i think you’ll like it just as much as I like TN.

  8. Was wondering what happened, but it makes sense. Some of my friends have also left the Peoples Republic of Western WA because they can’t take the looney tunes politics and/or the squalor of the large cities.

  9. Robert, would you mind telling us in witch city you are moving to in Texas ?
    I’m getting sick of winter here in Quebec,
    I’m 65 and not getting any younger,,,lol

  10. Welcome to low-tax Texas.

    A climate campaign related negative about your new state is that the politicians must have believed they could get votes by requiring the utilities to buy wind turbine electricity. Education of the political class is needed.

  11. Safe travels, Robert.

    Moving to Texas brings with it plenty of other benefits, like a steep reduction in taxes and cheaper housing costs (save for property taxes). You’ll be among like-minded people with a thriving economy and wish you all the best.

  12. Well good and safe travels and arrivals and you sure can bet you had many of us thinking and worrying a bit about you and thinking how valuable your work is for all of us.

  13. You probably had a few more years before the weather got critical, but probably a lot less time before the left shut the power off. And, then again, there IS Cascadia, isn’t there? Smart decision, best of luck in the new digs!

  14. Welcome to Texas! I moved here (again) 9 years ago and the impending ice age was just one of the reasons for the move. The other major reason is the long growing season here and then there’s the fact that Texas has it’s own electric grid. Lots of rural communities to hunker down in when “it” all converges and hits the proverbial fan.

  15. Wow. What poetic justice to your decision. Blocked by snowfall this late in the season. Get out while you can! Haha.

  16. Best of luck on your move. I’m working to make a move from California to Florida.

    Probably a bit too late now, but having done coast to coast too many times, I would likely have gone I-5 to Sacramento, 99 to Bakersfield, then catch I-40 to Texas. Usually clear the whole way in Spring & Summer and avoids Los Angeles. Fast too, if more miles, and avoids most of the Rockies.

    Once at the Texas Panhandle, lots of diagonal fast back highways to all parts. Abilene is a major hub.

    In cooling, Texas is a good choice. This has some info on what happens in cold times

  17. Aha, that explains the silence! Hope all goes well with your move. Your readers have missed you.

  18. Thanks for the info. Missed your very interesting posts that I look for everyday. I’m sure you will be much happier in Texas than in Seattle — and warmer, too. Best wishes to you and your wife.

  19. Robert,
    Welcome to the great State of Texas! Have had family here since the 60’s, but moved here for good in 2012. I have lived in five states, but this state is the best. (PS) I own two of your books, autographed.

  20. Congratulations on the move! I’ll risk the snow and ice for a few more years. Texas heat would be the death of me. Safe travels!

    • Another once in 10,000 years cycle.
      Pity abount the rest of the Pacific rim.
      More future evidence of the lagging effects of our Sun’s trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre, as it has during every Grand Solar Minimum, some large, other small, of its impact of world wide volcanism.
      I hope not to see the repeat of LALIA, or of Dalton’s with Laki and Tambora. We might be lucky not to have a reminder, I hope so.

  21. Sounds like a good move. Best of luck in your new home. Looking forward to seeing your new posts.

  22. Say, are you now a “real” climate refugee?????
    Stay safe and have a good time adjusting to all sun

    Yrs. Wim Goossen

  23. Moving sucks at the best of times & this hanging on winter is not the best of times!
    Anything short of May I see not taking I-5 down to I-10 as a gamble.. (Maybe I-40, I really enjoy the Big Texas Steak Ranch in Amarillo)

    Having left Washington state a few years back (Nov 2012) I can suggest that you’ll really enjoy the sunshine next year!

    Good luck sir!

    • Eh – I40 is high altitude and if you want to avoid snow I would avoid it. I have driven I40 from Amarillo to San Diego and it snowed and iced the whole way. In Flagstaff I finally got frustrated and drove down to Phoenix (i10) where there was no precipitation of any kind and drove the rest of the way in the sun. 1-10/i20 is most definitely the way to go because it is south of the Rockies and low altitude. (Note not a truck driver but drive cross country all the time for work)

  24. Wow! I was one of those people! Wish you would have moved to South Florida you could have come listen to my Doo Wop group! In any event glad you are well! When you get settled in, invite everyone for a Texas BBQ and get together. I don’t fly but I would drive out there!

  25. Hah, I moved in a 26 foot U Haul (towing a car) and moved from TX to a Valley in NW MT. I think the people will be more of a problem if we go cold. Imagine being around 40 million hungry angry people.

  26. I started to worry that some thing bad had happened to you. Good luck on your new adventure in Texas. I check your website every day.

  27. phew I was getting concerned I admit.
    glad youre ok and hope the warmer sth climate suits you and your wife;-)
    lots of pics from the snowed/bogged trip?

  28. Good luck with your move Robert!

    I’m in the process of decluttering my house and preparing for a move to a somewhat warmer place myself (AZ) at the end of July.

  29. Being snowed on during your journey south in April must have really seemed like an omen!
    I don’t want you to be right . . but I fear you are 🙁

    Best wishes for life in your new location 🙂

  30. I too am re-thinking the wisdom of next winter on the Olympic Peninsula. I wanna see summer here first though. It may be fun to watch these GW believers have the truth dished up on a platter.

  31. Good luck on the move. I did something similar from Iowa to Southern CA a few years back (I know seems backwards). It is not easy driving one of those things. Car trailer caught fire as well.

    Let us know what city (or region) you end up in

  32. My wife and I agree with you. We’re currently moving from near the center of Texas to nearer the center of Texas.

  33. I hope your moving will go well Robert. It can be a big stressor.

    It has been frost and minus degrees (celcius) here in southern sweden for weeks, in april this never happens. We had -6 this early morning. Extremely unusual weather for this time of the year.

    But people dont seem to notice or care at all.

  34. Done that trip several times. Glad you made it safe. And yeah, that trip wears you down, especially as you now have a house to unpack.

  35. Hi Bob, right there with you! Moved to Texas this January, been following you for 20+ years. You said in a radio interview that Sacramento would start to have Seattle weather by 2020 and been listening ever since. Sold my home in the PNW and as I tell friends and family-migrated south. Looking forward to a warm summer. The last 18 months in PNW were miserable-thawing out. Best wishes from a new Texan. Loving it…

    • Hi Grace, I have to tell you – Our summers are a bit more than warm. But you will adjust to it. Do outside work in the morning if you can and relax when it gets really hot outside. Light clothing AND a hat makes a big difference.

  36. Great choice, Robert. Well below the last Ice Age glacier path, and should stay warmer than the northern states. I’m positive the people of Texas will welcome you, and I wish you happiness and long life.

  37. Have a safe trip, both of you.
    And please keep posting stuff of relevance, once you are set up.
    I´m in Denmark, where allmost every type of media, has gone off the deep end. Full blown SJW on the climate agenda, and stuck on stupid.
    So relying on You, and other sources for real news.

  38. Welcome to Texas! Central, South and East Texas “usually” have fairly mild winters but far west and especially Northwest Texas can get quite cold. I don’t know how much time you have spent here in the summer but it can be a shock to some folks from cooler climes. In addition to the heat there are breezes from the Gulf of Mexico that travel hundreds of miles inland in the summer and raise the humidity significantly. So we don’t have “dry” heat. It is wet as can be and if you spend time outside in the summer, just relax and know that you will sweat a lot, but so is everybody else.

    I had a friend from Israel years ago that I took for an outing at Pedernales State Park. After we were finished he look around rather tiredly and said “I have never been to a place that is so green and so hot at the same time”.

    And then there are the scorpions. But Robert, I would not willingly live any other place. So welcome again.

  39. Are you going to west Texas? Seems a lot of bad weather in eastern Texas! All the best , we love your website!

  40. Welcome to Texas, I’m glad you made the change! I enjoy your website. What part of Texas are you moving to?

  41. …. so sad to hear of your move, although you had made it clear for some time now that WA state is very hostile to your ideas and outlook on the future … [one you have had for decades now] … TX is a much better place with you and your lovely wife living there … WA less and darker … it wold be great if you are a regular on Patrick Timpone’s, One Radio Network interview radio show … blessings for the new chapter in your life …. have a beautiful day …

  42. Don´t forget to take pictures along the way, especially from the snowy places. Have a nice move!

  43. So glad to hear everything is okay. I was concerned that either you were ill or that the masters of the Internet had found a way to block this site from posting anything new.

  44. Texas May be the best place to live from now, until 2050 and beyond. Say hi to my sister who has lived there for 49 years! Plano isn’t too bad. Austin is overcrowded and mostly left-winged nut cases. Hill Country is beautiful! I’m prepping my home for sale also. Lived near Seattle since 1998. I’ve had enough of living around illegals and crime is rampant. Driving is worse than LA! A beautiful state, but driving somewhere to enjoy it is absolutely crazy! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your retirement!

  45. As someone currently living in Edmonds, I know what you’re talking about. I’m eyeing Las Vegas as my new home and hope to be permanently departing the Puget Sound area before the end of the year.

    I hope you enjoy Texas.

    • Arrrrrgh! Boxes! Boxes! Which box contains the damn coffee? Arrrrrgh! That may not be very erudite, but that’s how I feel right now.

      • oh deary yes after one move I learnt the kettle and the coffee n cups go to the front passenger floorwell for immediate use when arriving;-)
        I helped a friend move and packed her over the cup filter very safely INside a large vase so it wouldnt be crushed(fine goldplated sieve version) well when she’d got 3k miles away I got a call……
        if she had been closer i may have had bruises;-)))

  46. According to Aljazeera TV weather forecasts snow is still expected in the Turkey-Afghanistan region. Is it not a bit late in the season for that?

    Also, that the Northern Territories lifted the ban on fracking. Congrats Aussies. Show that backbone!

    Meanwhile, disruptive protests by climate nuts are patiently tolerated in the UK. Don’t overdo the gentleman thing Pommies?

    • we do NOT need to frack for gas we have normal fields we can tap on and offshore. we have VERY little top water and up there artesian is relied on they screw that and the losses to land n stock wont be worth what they think theyll make from the gas. leigh creek just tapped another find. theres massive oil find near coober pedy we just do NOT ned this

      and besides that it will be a deal for foriegn companies shipping it to OS and aus sees fall of the money or fuel except at exorbitant prices for us at home.
      if frakkings not viable at 70us a barrel then that equates to 100 a barrel aus or more.
      were paying 1.41 a LITRE now! 4.5litres to a gallon
      we SELL nat ga to china for cents a gigajoule
      we pay? around 90c per litre lpg at service stations and 1.30+ per kilo as 100kg bottled gas for home cooking heating etc

  47. I can only imagine how great the western states are ..would love to have had the energy and coin to tour that way..sadly ..i hope in my next life.Here in ontario..i will never see the whole province..i live in, due to time ,coin kilometers ..sadly even with a boat fishing lakes..theres not enough time to visit ports,towns on the greatlakes let alone the the 100 thousand minor lakes created by glacial drift…eons ago..North america is magical ,gods gift to ever be born on this land and i want to say godbless robert on his journeys to happiness in texas..all the best from canada!!

  48. So welcome to Texas. But there’s. a bit of a range here–from Panhandle to Hill Country.
    Too, can’t help but wonder how your family and frends took the news. I mention what I see on your web site sometimes to my wife sometimes and and she humors me even though she listens because Trump doesn’t believe in Global Warming. One liberal U of NH professor prof sister preaches the liberall view totally.

  49. Well I hope you did not move to Dallas.

    They and not prosecuting small crimes.

    “That includes a move to stop prosecuting people for theft of personal items worth less than $750. It only applies to necessary items, Creuzot says. Theft for economic gain or resale will be charged.”

    • I’m going “shopping” in Dallas this weekend.

      I am going to limit my “purchases” to $749……………….

      AND, inner cities wonder why NOBODY will put a business there…………………what total idiots.

  50. I back your move, as the Yellostone eruption is likely to turn the North-West into a very austere region.

  51. Hi Robert, Congratulations on your move to Texas. Our Daughter moved to Texas at the end of March. They are loving it in Texas where it is warmer than the San Juan Islands where they were living. Best wishes on getting settled. Missed your posts.

  52. Bob, I’m glad you and P finally made the move. Welcome. If you hurry, you can still get a garden in this year.

  53. normally I would say, “F*($ off, we’re full!”, but in your case I’ll make an exception.

    welcome to Texas!

  54. Robert,
    You are to be commended for putting your money where your mouth is. Hope your move works out well for you and your family!!

    If ANY of the “man-made global warming” types were even to consider doing that I might have at least have listened to their argument. As it is, since they are all complete hypocrites (do as I say not as I do… while wasting God knows how many gallons of “fossil fuel” jetting around and on their huge homes), I do not listen to them… at all.

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