Mammoth – Snow so deep that residents must tunnel out

After February’s record-setting snowfall, 20-foot (6.1 m) walls of white leaned over the plowed roads.

“Residents worked feverishly to keep the snow from swallowing their homes. They dug tunnels and narrow passageways to the street, opened portals to get light through second-story windows, shoveled dangerous weight off their roofs.”

Seventeen feet (5.182 m) of snow fell in February, even more in March.

“My whole house is encased in snow,” said resident Brenda McCann last week. “I’m in an igloo.”

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Jack Hydrazine and James Stoffaire

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  1. The forecast for Mammoth next week is at least another foot of snow. I live in Bishop, CA. (el. 4100 ft. asl )just 45 miles down the road from Mammoth Lakes and so far this winter we have accumulated zero inches of snow. Topography is everything here.

  2. The Swedish physicist Svante Arrhenius wrote Världarnas utveckling [1906] (in German: Das Werden der Welten [1907], in English: Worlds in the Making [1908]), in which Arrhenius suggested that the human emissions of CO2 would be strong enough to prevent the world from entering a new ice age, and that a warmer earth would be needed to feed the rapidly increasing population.

    “By the influence of the increasing percentage of carbonic acid [CO2] in the atmosphere, we may hope to enjoy ages with more equable and better climates, especially as regards the colder regions of the earth, ages when the earth will bring forth much more abundant crops than at present, for the benefit of rapidly propagating mankind.” — Svante Arrhenius, in Worlds in the Making [1908], page 63.

    • Svante Arrhenius believed in the so called aether which was the invisible, undetectable “medium” existing everywhere and it was the “conduction” of “heat” through the aether which explained radiative transfer.

      This shows a deep lack of understanding of the modern concepts of radiative transfer of energy.

      His writings on the “greenhouse effect” were based on a hypothesis that had already been soundly debunked.

      “Arrhenius (1906b, pp. 154 and 225) still clung to the aether hypothesis, which refers to the unspecified material medium of space. Arrhenius’ adherence to this hypothesis remained firm in spite of its sound refutation by Michelson & Morley (1887).”

      “However, Arrhenius’ contemporaries, having moved beyond the debunked aether hypothesis, had a much more realistic perspective of the interactions between radiation, heat, and subatomic particles.”

      “During the life of Arrhenius’ “Greenhouse Effect”, the scientific community understood that radiation was electromagnetic (Maxwell, 1864; Heaviside, 1881; Hertz, 1888), and by the time Arrhenius first published on the subject of the “Greenhouse Effect”, Thompson (1896) had extended his idea of electrons to photoelectric effects on gases due to ionizing radiation, known then as röntgen rays. The photoelectric effect, by which a current or charge could be generated in certain materials by their exposure to electromagnetic radiation, was a matter of inquiry at the time. The emission of radiation in discrete quanta, though first suggested by Boltzmann in 1877, was mathematically formalised by Planck (1901). Einstein (1905) experimentally confirmed Planck’s Equation after adapting it to the photoelectric effect, which was the subject of his study. However, ideas concerning the internal structure of the atom and it’s relationship to ionisation, magnetism, photoelectric interactions, and discrete quanta of electromagnetic radiation were under intense development at the time (Thomson, 1902; Thomson, 1903; Thomson, 1904). By the time Bohr (1913) corrected the problems in Thomson’s atomic model, the relationship between changes in electron shell (i.e. orbit) potential and photoelectric emission of radiation were a foregone conclusion. The relevance of these discoveries to the question of heat transfer is that unlike the notion of aethereal heat transfer, emission of electromagnetic energy quanta by atoms and molecules in materials confirmed that the radiative mode of heat transfer was as much a part of thermal conduction as any other mode of heat transfer.”

      Modern quantum physics is based on principles that Svante Arrhenius rejects.

      I’ll leave people to consider who had a better understanding – the persons listed in the above paragraph for whom the aether hypothesis was complete junk science or Svante Arrhenius.

      The quotes aren’t mine but come from an article that is well worth reading –

      • Basically means the GHG effect is BUNKUM and doesnt exist. Proved by several physicists AND planetry scientists. WITH published papers.

      • @ Rosco: Thanks for posting that refutation of Svante Arrhenius, who is an often-quoted source for those who promote the theory of anthropogenic CO2-caused global warming. I am not myself an advocate of the theory of CO2-caused warming. My purpose in posting that quote from Arrhenius was to draw attention to the fact that Arrhenius regarded the hypothetical potential for CO2-caused warming to be beneficial for life on earth and human civilization, not catastrophic.

        See: Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age, by Gregory Fegel (2009)
        The top of the page incorrectly identifies Dmytry Sudakov as the author of the article; Sudakov is a editor. The true author’s name is Gregory Fegel, which is posted at the bottom of the article.

        By the way, the juvenile Swedish Anthropogenic Climate Change activist named Greta Thunberg is a distant relative of Svante Arrhenius. According to Wikipedia, “In December 2018, [Greta] Thunberg mentioned having been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism.”

  3. Don’t worry folks! You have been promised global warming, snow will cease to exist & you’ll all burn in the tropical sun. You better believe me. After all you’re dumb enough to believe the “warmistas”
    Here’s another on from me, you’d better it for your own future. The ” big cold” started about 5 years ago& it’ll only get worse, so better you move south or start preparing for more of the same, only 10 times worse.

  4. California could have gained tremendous benefits from the water run off if they had invested in water retention (reservoirs) projects, instead of ill-fated train projects, illegals, and grossly over paying state employees…

    ..Cali is such a mess under leftist policies

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