Man Eaten by Shark Dies from Coronavirus

This is pretty much the way things are looking today.

Thanks to Michele Selover for this graphic

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  1. European agency graphs weekly all-cause deaths in Europe and Scandinavia.
    The first peak coincides with the 2016/17 flu season.
    The second peak with the partial recovery in the middle is the 2017/18 flu
    The third peak is the milder 2018/19 flu
    See the large, catastrophic peak? That isn’t covid19; that’s the lockdown!
    Covid19 excess deaths above the average can be seen only as a slight jagged peak.

    But what is especially significant is that the slight increase in mortality
    Each square is 12 weeks long. The slight jagged peak for covid19 plus 2020’s
    flu sags to BELOW-AVERAGE deaths before lockdown begins March 14-22,
    depending on the country.

    Shock, fright, loss of civil liberty, interruption of daily routines, isolation, inability to plan for or control the future, fear of going to hospital– all of these take their toll. Deaths are in the 65 plus range, and the 15-64 range.

  2. I think of Trump as a man without convictions, except that he wants to be re-elected and he acts in accordance with the wishes of the men who comprise the Deep State. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these points true?:
    –Trump ordered the lockdown, and even took offense when some governors said they might lift them, saying that that was his exclusive prerogative.
    –In the face of plans for multi-state demonstrations, he tweeted encouragement, that those states (all states?) should be “liberated.”

    OK, so far it doesn’t confuse me. So, he speaks against his own policies. He’s a compulsive popularity (vote) -seeker, and a blabber-mouth.

    But I AM confused by this: April 21 – Emma Tucker
    “Attorney General William Barr warned on Tuesday that the Justice Department could take legal action against governors who continue to enforce restrictions in their states to combat the coronavirus if they “impinge on either civil rights or on national commerce.” In an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Barr said, “We have to give businesses more freedom to operate in a way that’s reasonably safe.” Barr’s comments come amid conservative protests against shelter-in-place orders in several states, which were further emboldened by President Trump’s tweets urging citizens in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia to demand officials “liberate” their states. Barr said the department wouldn’t hesitate to support lawsuits filed by citizens or businesses in response to certain state directives. “We’re looking carefully at a number of these rules that are being put into place,” he added. “And if we think one goes too far, we initially try to jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. And if they’re not and people bring lawsuits, we file statements of interest and side with the plaintiffs.”

    “Barr called prevailing shelter-in-place orders across the country “very, very burdensome impingements on liberty,” adding, “We didn’t adopt them as the comprehensive way of dealing with this disease.”

    Anybody got a theory?

    • One thing I really like Donald for is his ability to trigger the unicorn riding snowflakes into writing long winded ill conceived screeds of drivel.

      • Chrissy, I enjoyed your short winded ill conceived screed of drivel above… it sounds like you might have ridden more than a few unicorns on the pointy end before… maybe team up with Vance below… I left a msg for both. Cheers

    • Apparently, you do not read or understand much. Among the many things, the one that is probably a key one is the total prohibition of attending any religious service, even when all of the people attending would have remained in their cars.

      This country was founded by people [Pilgrims] seeking religious freedom.

    • Well, a lot of people (including maybe Trump) never had a civics course… and make some false assumptions about how government is supposed to work, including a lot of politicians from both sides.

      I did not have a civics course – my high school funneled people into a “college prep” curriculum if they thought you were smart that just had more US history – whereas the trade school kids got civics (how weird is that)? Yes, Trump was mistaken thinking he gets the final say, but Trump is not the only politician to have made a mistake like that; Obama (despite supposedly being a “Constitutional lawyer” ) made plenty like that as well.

      At the same time, I have to point out that public health law IS more than a little confusing. The fact is – the CDC is NOT “in charge” of public health in the United States, pandemic or not. I don’t think the media understands that and most people who do not work in public health don’t “get it” either.

      Actually local public health departments (not all places have one); i.e., cities, counties (and I believe also tribes, at least tribes with sovereignty) have the highest authority and first responsibility for public health. If a local public health department feels they cannot deal with a situation on their own they have the option to then call on their state to help, but the state is NOT allowed to decide that on their own. That is one of the first things I was told upon starting my career in public health; they really want to be sure their employees understand that~

      That situation is at least partially due to history – for example the City of Boston (which claims to be the first public health department in the US, tho there are a few others who claim the same)… started a public health department to respond to early cholera epidemics, well before the Commonwealth of Massachusetts did… .and still fiercely holds on to their authority, tho the state is constantly challenging them.

      Likewise, if a state feels they cannot handle a situation on their own then they can *request* help from CDC, but CDC cannot just up and tell states what to do… they can only provide “guidance” and recommendations or suggestions, unless a state health department specifically requests their help. A good example of where this happened was as the West Nile virus was first spreading across the US. Since only CDC had labs that could test for it specifically (other than a screening test that something “might” be West Nile). Even Mexico for time would send samples (dead birds & some horse parts) to CA from San Diego County for West Nile screening and then CA would request the lab confirmation to CDC. Once Mexico got their labs up and running to be able to do their own confirmation that stopped.

      It also gets a bit complicated due to the fact that MOST public health departments also do not have sufficient funding to do what they have to … and thus need to apply for grants from CDC, and if they accept CDC monies that generally comes with a caveat that the “grantee” will provide CDC something that CDC wants, whether it’s data or cooperation in how a particular epidemic is handled. Sometimes local health departments get together and cooperate, en lieu of the state, and can even apply for joint grants. For example, following 9/11 and the outbreak of anthrax attacks… in southern CA the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Imperial all got together and made a joint CDC bio-terrorism grant application, which was accepted.

      My understanding is not all government departments work the way public health does. It’s my understanding for example that with crimes, the FBI gets automatic jurisdiction IF there multiple states involved… but if you are in law enforcement and I’ve got that wrong please let me know.

      • The US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is a uniformed branch of the US Military headed by the Surgeon General, and its members are Doctors, RNs, researchers, and other health care professionals. The CDC is the “Pentagon” of the Commissioned Corps. The Commissioned Corps runs the CDC, though you don’t have to be in the Corps to work for the CDC. Don’t underestimate the authority and power of the CDC, which has satellite labs and projects all over the world. Many top-level decisions are made by the CDC—for example, the decision to not use the COVID-19 test developed in Germany that the WHO chose to use in many countries. Instead, the CDC chose to use a US-made test that later proved to be faulty and caused problems. Fouci, who advises Trump, works closely with the CDC. If the US Government ever decides to go on a war footing against an epidemic, the CDC will play a leading role.

    • Think jawbone of ‘the’ ass, the wrong tool !
      This ain’t WW-Z! More like D.
      Bidens “Short list”!!
      V00Z D00X !! ¶%^)

  3. In 2013 I remarked at the Cape Town airport (embarking to Mauritius), amidst posters warning against H1N1, that “they are so desperate for mortalities, they’ll count bodies hauled out of wrecked cars”.

  4. I couldn’t make that up.
    Or could I?
    Here is my Facebook post from Sunday:

    Suppose you died of alcoholism, a long term condition. You would become a covid statistic if you drank yourself to death today.

  5. Luckily for the shark they can eat “any old rubbish” and not fall prey to the inherent lurgies the meal may be carrying

  6. I think their is a lot of pranksters around. I googled the heading in to make sure and the only reference that came up is to this website.

  7. Every person has trillions of these little DNA packs called viruses in their body all the time. If you tested people with no symptoms many will come up positive as the test is flawed. If you die in the hospital they tally the death to coronavirus as they are told to do by the staff as they get bonus money for ever death.

    Mike Pompeo said it was a drill that went live. It is a bit to coincidental that the meltdown deflationary bust is happen right when the plandemic is rolled out. In order to make this real they needed to manipulate the statistics, they need dead people stacked up like cordwood.

    So if you understand the bloody insane monster called the state then it is very believable that a woman who was injected in a New York hospital sent a message to her loved ones that she was being murdered by lethal injection.

    see this: “The COVID-19 Bullshit: Absolute BOMBSHELL Report Shows That Hospitals Are Purposely Murdering Coronavirus “Victims” Just To Meet Their “COVID-19 Pandemic” Death Numbers!”

    ” NEW YORK.- A woman from the Dominican Republic infected with Covid-19 left a voice message before dying, in a New York hospital. She stated that they are killing the sick with an injection that they give them to get rid of them quickly.

    Gertrudis Taveras, a native of Santo Domingo, lived in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with the coronavirus, so she was admitted to a hospital where she died.

    Before she died, the 49-year-old woman sent a voice message to a relative of hers, who is also her compadre, in which she states that all the patients who were with her died after being injected.

    In the message, in a tearful voice, Gertrudis explains that she was also injected and shows resignation, because she knew that she would die like the others who were confined with her in that hospital.

    The audio was posted on social media by the victim’s cousin’s husband, who calls on people with relatives in New York hospitals to be vigilant about how their relatives die.”

    We knew the stock bubble was going to burst. It did, and the virus scamdemic is cover for the bust of Fed hyperinflation of asset values. It seems to me the criminally insane political class is using this pre-planned virus Agenda 201 exercise to hide their culpability for the bust.

    see this: “Bombshell: Origin of Coronavirus Exposed – Dr. Rashid Buttar Ignites a Firestorm, Gates, Fauci, Fake Pandemic Numbers, Economy Collapses”

    We have a very sick society where insane people who should be in mental institutions under 24 hour guard are allowed to rule over us. Dr. Fauci is personal friends with Bill Gates, who funds WHO which runs scams to get power and money. With billions of public funds at stake if they can get the public frightened by some media induced hobgoblin virus.

    Bill Gates is the madman behind the massive Polio deaths in India, he should be arrested before he kills again, and his fortune should literally be seized and paid to the victims of vaccination plans.

    Bill Gates also thinks Global Warming is real and his solution (to this non-existent problem) is to reduce carbon to zero by reducing humans to zero. He even wants to blot out the sun with high atmosphere chem trail applications – but we are always told chemtrails are a conspiracy lol.

    Well if we block the sun then earth will become a big ice ball and human pop will go to zero. For some reason people do not understand that we are still in an ice age, we never left the ice age, and CO2 concentrations have nothing to do with earth’s temperature balance. If we are at the end of the Holocene and obscure the sun it could be the last thing we do.

    I think this is all made up, it is all a scam. There is proof that it’s a scam as Sweden and Belarus are not in lockdown and nothing is happening except the normal toll from the seasonal flue. What I think is really going on is that we are at the end of the Federal Reserve induced monetary boom that is going bust and the politicians are scrambling to maintain control over us.

  8. An interesting read on the subject of “bad science” .. a book I’d bought some time ago and finally am reading: “Icons of Evolution” by Jonathan Wells. I’m only about 1/2 way through it but thus far it has some very compelling discussion of how a lot of junk science got accepted into biology and is still included in most entry level biology textbooks used in college. (NOTE: this is NOT some kind of “creationism” critique of Darwin). Talks about some things even Steven J Gould (whose work I enjoy reading) knew about and knew was wrong but never put in his works.

    Next up – going to finally start reading that huge, highly technical text I have on paleoclimatology…

    I’m also going to start researching some “news” info I came across about a study that predicts a “mega drought” to come soon to the Western US that appears bogus from what I’ve read so far. At least the official drought monitor info from the US conflicts with it and here in AZ we’ve had warnings that there are elevated wildfire risks expected because we’ve had MORE precipitation this year than usual.

    We are expecting temps this Sunday near 100 F degrees (tho I notice they’ve already dropped the forecast down a few degrees). My garden should be happy at least!

    Are any of you reading anything interesting that does NOT have to do with either coronavirus or politics? I figure being stuck mostly at home I may as well come up with some interesting reads. Plus I just ordered a copy of a DVD on “Love in the Time of Cholera” and a copy of “100 Years of Solitude” by one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    What are you

    • Yes on Stephen J Gould! I referred to several of his works in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.” I especially liked “The Panda’s Thumb” and “Wonderful Life.”

    • I understand that you have a pot garden. How it is going?
      After nine knee surgeries I can’t have a regular garden so last year I started a pot garden and it was a success. I just planted the summer veggies. Waiting for the warm weather. Lots of rain in the Atlanta area. For the last six months or more we got every month 150-200% the average rain. Good luck with your garden!

      • Thanks for asking! So far so good… I’ve started getting corn and melons pop up just a few days ago and today I’m putting in my okra.

        I call it a “container” garden, lest anyone get the wrong idea (it’s not growing “pot”… it’s using pots to grow in). So far so good… I have 5 large Earth boxes, 4 medium size root ones and about 12 large resin whiskey barrels.

        I first started using containers for gardening decades ago, but then mostly because I was renting and did not have a place I could dig up and garden. But since I got disabled (severe arthritis) I find continuing using large pots really makes it possible for me to continue with that!

        I just finished planting most of my summer crop, but since this is the first year for me in AZ… it will be interesting what will and won’t work here (I am getting local advice, mostly from Native Seed/SEARCH out of Tucson). We are expecting heat up to 100 degrees starting this weekend, but here this time of year it’s dry so I need the water reserves in the Earth boxes, plus I try to pick mostly things that are adapted to this climate. Still need to water this time of year, most days. But we do get heavy daily rains in summer, what they call the “monsoon season”.

        Hope you are having fun with your garden and don’t get eaten alive by bugs (less of an issue here than in the southeast, that’s for sure).

        • Jean S, I used to live in Tucson. Loved it, kept expecting John Wayne to step out from behind a cactus. When lockdown is over, you might consider joining the local choral group & also Toastmasters. Have you seen the javelina yet? Pig-like w narrow faces. They run around in all-female herds with their twin young. Only 1 younger, smaller male is permitted to join them– and he eats last. Curious. Anyway the javelina are fairly tame, will let you feed them. Jackrabbits are so big that the first time I saw one I thought it was a baby deer hiding behind some brush. Saw a mountain lion come in and swim in the pool; guess he wanted to cool off.

          My favorite was the “skippies”– little peanut-butter colored ground squirrel acrobats so dumb that they stand up in the middle of the road to see better what is bearing down on them. Oh, well, Mother Nature will make more of ’em. Very tame, you can feed ’em, they’ll come right in the house to get peanut butter on a cracker.

          I miss Arizona.

  9. Well, we all know that sharks never hurt anyone except: (1) if the shark gets the COVID or (2) if the shark is affected by “climate” change.

  10. Trump ” has just hired the shadowy artificial intelligence firm Palantir in order to design and implement the ‘big data backbone’ for a new total surveillance tracking system and COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ app which provides a convenient platform for other ‘one size fits all’ programs such as government mandated mass-vaccinations, and Microsoft and Bill Gates’ GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) who are pushing for ID 2020 ‘digital ID’ to activate a technocratic system of ‘immunity passports‘ which will be used to restrict a person’s travel based on their vaccine history stored on a person’s body or phone.

    “Governments are now cynically dangling the prospect of immunity passports as a ‘solution’ which will “safely allow people to re-enter society and go back to work.” The Hill reports: has just hired the shadowy artificial intelligence firm Palantir in order to design and implement the ‘big data backbone’ for a new total surveillance tracking system and COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ app which provides a convenient platform for other ‘one size fits all’ programs such as government mandated mass-vaccinations, and Microsoft and Bill Gates’ GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) who are pushing for ID 2020 ‘digital ID’ to activate a technocratic system of ‘immunity passports‘ which will be used to restrict a person’s travel based on their vaccine history stored on a person’s body or phone.

    Governments are now cynically dangling the prospect of immunity passports as a ‘solution’ which will “safely allow people to re-enter society and go back to work.” The Hill reports: -more-

    Yeah, I had enough, too.

  11. I’m a creationist, more specifically, a “young earth creationist”. The person I credit more than anyone else for influencing me to become a creationist is George Gaylord Simpson. The second greatest influencer was William S. Beck. They both taught at Harvard at that time. They were hardly icons of creationism. It is was their self-contradictions and bad science that led me to reject their teaching.

    In their favor, they had the most concise, thoroughgoing discussion on the scientific method, and how to recognize what is science, vs. bad science and non-science that I’ve seen in any textbook, then they didn’t follow it themselves.

  12. Agenda 21(now 2030 thanks to Trump) NASA the future of war. Tri-Lateral Comission. We are under attack.Bill Gates related to the founder of IBM and on and on it goes…. maybe some of the so-called conspiracy theorists may have been right?

    • “conspiracy analysts” if you please sir… it looks like the forced vaccines may be a good thing after all… Just kidding Vance, you might want to go back a few months and sift through the articles and comments and click on some links… at least you are at least at one of the right places

      On 25 September 2015, the 193 countries of the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Development Agenda titled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

      “now 2030 thanks to Trump” looks like you’ve just come to the table a bit late… try: The problem of technocracy in Marxist theory arises when inquiry is made as … redefined throughout the early 1800’s, particularly by the Revolutions of 1848… look up
      H.G. Wells, Huxley, Orwell, Russell…
      Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. . . .”—-Bertrand Russell,1953

  13. It was a big mistake to promise funding to the states for every Covid death. I hope they don’t count that racoon I hit with my car the other night as a covid-19 death! I saw it lying dead on the side of the road today when I drove by that spot. My car did not seem damaged by it, but if it was it was the Covid-19s fault.

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