‘Man-made’ global warming is a United Nations fraud, like covid, says geologist

What have I been doing about these frauds? “I’ve spoken out, thereby making myself unemployable,” says Dr Roger Higgs. “My conscience demanded it.”

Climate- and sea-level change by Sun not CO2

Goal: My goal is to establish the truth about climate- and sea-level change and man’s effect on them, if any. 

This is unlike the opportunistic new field of ‘climate science’, mostly computer modellers studying only the last 150 years (emphasis added), whose careers DEPEND on public belief that current warming is by man-made CO2 rather than our Sun’s 1937-2004 greatest surge in 10,000 years.

WHO AM I? A 66-years-old published independent geologist (sedimentologist) with a geology doctorate (University of Oxford 1982-86) and 35 years’ worldwide geological consulting experience.

I’m now in my 5th year of full-time, unpaid, self-funded (hence unbiased) literature research, integrating ALL scientific aspects of climate change, including geology, geophysics, archaeology, oceanography, meteorology, glaciology, astrophysics, palaeoclimatology, and ‘climate science’ (mainly computer modelling of climate, with a strong vested interest (job preservation & publication history) in blaming CO2).

I began this quest for climate truth in 2015, fully expecting to verify what the IPCC, the media and governments were saying (shouting) about CO2 being a supposed ‘pollutant’.

How wrong I was.

My ResearchGate project comprises about 30 brief and readily understood contributions, mostly ‘Technical Notes’ (usually 1 to 5 pdf slides, convenient for laptop viewing and projecting) and one-page conference abstracts, spanning 2016-2020 (click on ‘Project Log’ above). I generally add a new contribution every few weeks. These items summarise my conclusions and predictions to date.

MY HOPE in choosing prestigious and non-political ResearchGate as a platform for my climate contributions is to inform other scientists (PROPER, impartial scientists, without vested interests), especially university educators, who will then begin the task of explaining to the general public that for decades they and their children have been misinformed: in fact global warming (which will end ~2050) has nothing to do with CO2; and the ‘97% of scientists’ who claim that ‘The science is settled’ are just CLIMATE Scientists.

Gratifyingly my list of ResearchGate ‘Followers’ and weekly ‘Reads by Institution’ indicate many university lecturers among my readers. 

Climate change is a multi-trillion-dollar fraud

Dr Roger Higgs

Climate has ALWAYS changed; ask any geologist. Climate is controlled by three factors: Earth’s orbital characteristics (Milankovitch); the Sun’s variations (Svensmark); and to a minor short-term degree by super-volcanic eruptions. Man can do NOTHING about climate.

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10 thoughts on “‘Man-made’ global warming is a United Nations fraud, like covid, says geologist”

  1. Have you had information on the hurricane in Iowa Aug 10? Robert, I am back on again, skipped it mot liking wearing a mask but here I am wearing one. Here’s how it happened for me, 2 hunters from Iowa stopped at my place in Cedarville CA, late July, made friends, I had a tel no for one, I saw in a Washington Examiner about the hurricane (they call a derecho as they don’t know what to call it). I texted, both families ok, the one who lives in Des Moines, his sister lost part of her roof, they had “only” 80 mph winds, Cedar Rapids where the other lives, had 130 mph! Do you have information on this? I gather it was not tornadoes. Thanks, Heidi

  2. “and to a minor short-term degree by super-volcanic eruptions” … I dunno about how ‘minor’ millions of underwater volcanoes presently “blowing off” their tops will be especially after the ocean heat exchange calcs were done earlier this year by another learned gigalo [with possibly questionable credentials] as was well pointed out by Jeannie S. Maybe you could review these calcs yourself Herr Dr.
    Winston Smith [Mr]

  3. Robert, many thanks for hosting my work.

    Readers will note that I call covid a fraud, not a hoax.

    Covid is not a hoax; the virus exists; my step-daughter believes she’s had it (though nobody else among my circle of friends, associates and relatives knowingly has).

    But the hysterical over-reaction to, and prolongation of, the covid scare is certainly a gigantic, economy-wrecking fraud, with $$millions at stake for a vaccine.

    President Trump will sail through covid, like everyone else who’s had it without noticing.

    Have you been tested? I haven’t. I dare say we’d both test positive.

    Covid ‘victim’ Boris Johnson has subsequently been photographed jogging.

    Turning to climate change, again it is no hoax. But ‘man-made’ climate change is both a hoax and a fraud.

    I’m heartily sick of being lied to about covid and climate.



    • “The standard PCR Test applied in relation to Covid19 does not detect or identify the virus. What it detects are fragments of several (corona) viruses” http://globalresearch.ca/The Covid19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is based on fake statistics. Also at the same address: Killer Virus or Common Flu?

      Sure you can test positive but positive of what? Novak Jokovic tested positive twice (asymptomatic) followed by negative. I bet if Trump tests on a daily basis, sooner or later he would achieve a negative result. I have already pointed out on this site, that statistically Covid19 does not warrant pandemic status any more than many other diseases including common flu.

    • Roger I see you have found out that the truth hurts. You are in good company…. Keep doing the right thing.

  4. goodto know people with principles DO exist in the sciency fields still
    sad they have to self fund or lose jobs to be truthful though

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