Mann’s hockey stick ironically proves Sun (not CO2) drives climate

“CO2 is irrelevant.”
– Dr. Roger Higgs

“This 3-minute read makes it glaringly obvious that, unsurprisingly, climate change (including current global warming) is driven by our inconstant star, the Sun,” writes Dr Roger Higgs. “CO2 is irrelevant.”

“Naturally the United Nations IPCC claims the exact opposite, due to its grotesque in-built bias, i.e. ‘climate scientists’, a newly invented profession of opportunists whose careers DEPEND on public belief that perfectly natural, unthreatening global warming is man-made; see my .

The IPCC (2013) says CO2 controls Earth’s climate and the Sun is irrelevant. This monumental blunder is costing western economies $$trillions in needless efforts to reduce harmless (hugely beneficial) CO2; see my .


1. Collective proof that the Sun (not CO2) controls climate:
A) solar output & global temperature (Graphs 1-3) have “very similar … ‘hockey-stick’ shape” (Usoskin et al. 2005) and
B) their highest/lowest peaks correspond (circles in Graphs 2, 3; NB time-lag due to ‘ocean memory’ [Higgs 2020])
C) CO2 ‘handle’ has reverse slope (Graph 4).


Here’s his answer:
WHO AM I? A 66-years-old published independent geologist with a doctorate in geology (University of Oxford 1982-86) and 35 years’ worldwide geological consulting experience, I’m now in my 5th year of self-funded (hence impartial) literature research, integrating ALL scientific aspects of climate change, including geology, archaeology, oceanography, meteorology, glaciology, astrophysics and palaeoclimatology, as opposed to ‘climate science’ (mostly computer modelling, ‘Garbage in, garbage out’).

Dr Roger Higgs Geoclastica Ltd Technical Note 2020-9 23rd Aug 2020

We’ve been had. FOR PREVIOUS VERSIONS of this contribution, equally brief, please see my Technical Notes 2017-1 and 3 …


GRAPH 1 … Mann et al. 1999. N Hemisphere temperatures during the past millennium: inferences, uncertainties, and limitations.

GRAPH 2 … PAGES2K 2017 Consortium. A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era.

GRAPH 3 …Vieira, Solanki, Krivova & Usoskin 2011. Evolution of the solar irradiance during the Holocene.

GRAPH 4 … MacFarling et al. 2006. Law Dome CO2, CH4 and N2O ice core records extended to 2000 years BP

Higgs 2020. The Sun, not CO2, drives climate- & sea-level change, delayed decades by neglected ocean inertia. Another Sun-driven 3-metre sea-
level rise is underway.

IPCC (United Nations) 2013. See fig. SPM.5 Summary for Policymakers. In: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis.
Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Solanki et al. 2004. Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the previous 11,000 years.

Usoskin et al. 2005. Solar activity over the last 1150 years: does it correlate with climate?

Hockey stick graph.

See larger graphs:

Thanks to Dr Roger Higgs for this paper

14 thoughts on “Mann’s hockey stick ironically proves Sun (not CO2) drives climate”

  1. “CO2 is irrelevant.”
    – Dr. Roger Higgs

    Herr Dr., I really don’t know as much about all that complicated weather chaos mumbo-jumbo but I would sort of like to differ some with you on some of the main points, and possibly even simplify the issue a bit, if I may. To spell it out using logical IPCC terms and perspectives… how can 400 ppm CO2, an atmospheric essential [for all life on earth] trace gas that makes up one part in twenty-five hundred [that’s 1:2500th of the atmosphere] be considered irrelevent? That’s like saying navel gazing or trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill is irrelevent… today everything can pretty much be explained and demonstrated with CGI, advanced technocracy, statistics, charts and by mainstream media experts that are probably as much, or even smarter than ourselves. CO2 at 1:2500th of the atmosphere must have a significant effect on the climate… after all Roger, if I may call you that, twenty-five hundred [2500] to spell it out, is a pretty large number, just like 400 ppm is also a pretty large number depending on one’s frame of reference and attention to proportion. They are kind of even ‘scarey large’ much like that ‘Chicken Heart’ that escaped from that lab in the states and reported in the news sometime back around 1966… don’t you agree? ‘Things’ do seem to be ‘conveniently’ and ‘regularly’ escaping from labs alot and scaring lots of people lately just like in all the sci-fi movies but everything is like ‘in the movies’ now so what can we do? Well, to refocus at bit on what I think our main concern should be right now is that we should continue our research into why a woman cannot be more like a man and vice versa. That science does appear to be advancing quite nicely recently in that department but much more funding and promotion is still needed. Just look at some of those Victoria Secret babes… hoo hoo, cock-a-doodle-doo and yikes, eh?… could even confuse the roosters I’d say… but this technology can always be improved apon especially by advancing the work with their minds and the new VMAT2 vax technology now. So let’s all just leave the complicated scientism to the scientists, billionaire eugenicist philanthropists and their NGOs like the IPCC and WHOs, military experts and doctors to figure it out, not confuse everyone with a bunch of complicated math and charts, take our meds and jabs and just go along to get along a bit more – civilization seems to be doing just fine without a bunch of ‘conspiracy theorist experts/nuts’ rocking the boat so to speak. Just a few thoughts I figured I pass along from one academic to another much respected man of science as well. Toodle-loo for now and all that, old Chap;).

    actually the eugenicists probably have it right and for whatever theatre they have made before and are currently creating for ‘the herd’ to get this Great Reset done given the incoming climate astrophysics [that ‘we’ are aware of] driven [semi-immediate to very current] food shortages – an IceAgeNow ‘winter’ is coming again… er… I guess it is actually happening right now, eh? – why didn’t you just come out and tell us?…where am I at again?.. oh ya that’s right… right here, right now… keep forgetting;) Cheers

  2. Politicians will never listen as they are never wrong and we will suffer for their insane laws and policies.
    We have laws imposed on us while they are above the same laws.
    You never see police arresting a politician, it just doesn’t happen. Which means our police are also corrupted .

  3. Not surprised at all by this. CO2 was demonized to control us, it was never about global warming at all. And now that they have found to a way to control us with this corona hoax then the control agenda no longer needs a CO2 demon, now they have a virus they can scare us with.

  4. The record of infamy is comparable to that of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Like the CO2 hoax, there are no-second-or-third or fouth waves… just unendliche waves, apon waves, of agitprop/propaganda…entzückendly adorable theatre.
    To all of you reading this, you most likely have an obsession with theatre as much as we do. Of course everyone has very different experiences and perspectives on how and why they adore theatre.

  5. In December 2017 Australian researcher Robert Holmes published a definitive, peer-reviewed refutation of any possible “carbon footprint” (greenhouse-gas CO2) influence on any –repeat, any– planet’s global atmospheric surface temperature (GAST).

    For genuinely falsifiable (Popperian) thinking on this prospect, as distinct from sociopathic Luddites’ Grand Theft bleats-and-squeaks [cf: “Mass timber” construction over concrete-and-steel; what’s next, tumbleweed airliners?], see also Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark and Russia’s Valentina Zharkova: Since sunspot activity governs the strength of solar magnetic fields (SMF), sunspot minima reduce SMF intensity. As fields diminish, Cosmic Rays penetrate Earth’s magnetospheric sheath to seed the planet’s overcast cloud-cover, diminishing total solar irradiance (TSI) to lower global temperatures. [Also see Klimat Kooks’ “clean energy” New Manhattan Project, pretending nuclear power does not exist.]

    Combined with plate-tectonic continental dispositions, currently blocking global atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns by walling off Eastern from Western hemispheres, for the first time since the pre-Cambrian Ediacaran Aeon fluctuating TSI has induced cyclical 102-kiloyear glaciations over 3.6 million years since the mid-Pliocene. Though Earth’s interstadial 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended with a 500-year Little Ice Age in AD 1350, global temperatures have trended lower over 3½ millennia from New Kingdom Pharaonic times.

    On this empirical basis, Holmes’ “Mean Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law” equates any planet’s Temperature T = PM/Rp, where P = Atmospheric Pressure times M = Mean Molar Mass over R = Atmospheric Density times Gas Constant p.

    With virtually zero error margins throughout the solar system, Holmes’ Law accordingly negates any planet’s parts-per-million (PPM) “carbon footprint” (CO2), refuting anthropogenic warming via “fossil fuel” (sic) emissions root-and-branch. QED: Any AGW poseur professing otherwise is either studiously ignorant of decades-long research, basic math plus nuclear reality, or a mendacious fool.

  6. My only problem with the title and the comparison is that Mann’s hockey stick has been thoroughly discredited, thus comparing anything to it tends to discredit that as well I would think. Certainly using it for validation isn’t a good idea.

    • Agreed, Tom. You can enter any data you like into Mann’s algorithm and still get a hockey stick shaped graph and our dishonest “free” press failed to report on this major science fraud.

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