Manuel death toll rises to 97 and counting

35,000 homes damaged or destroyed.  Thousands of cars, trucks and buses are lined up, waiting to get out of flood- and shortage-stricken Acapulco.

The twin weekend storms that struck Mexico, creating floods and landslides across the nation, had killed at least 97 people as of Thursday.

That figure doesn’t include the missing in La Pintada, where several entire families were wiped out when a landslide plowed almost directly through the center of the village.

Government photos show major mudslides and collapsed bridges and tunnels on key highways, including the Highway of the Sun, a major four-lane expressway that links Acapulco to Mexico City.

However, according to the country’s Transportation Department, a patchwork connection of roads leading to Mexico City was partially reopened around midday Friday. Yet traffic was allowed through only in small groups escorted by federal police, and in only one direction: outward bound from Acapulco.

See video of daring rescue:

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  1. They usually don’t get such strong hurricanes on the west coast of Mexico. I recall many storms hanging about and then moving east to west. West to east flow is usually farther north. This one went west to east, and then north. Can the usual east to west zonal flow have moved south because of cold arctic air?

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