Many California towns will be inundated when that big quake finally happens

“Local Indian tribes tell the story of when a tidal wave wiped out the area around Humboldt Bay.”

Many California towns will be inundated when that big quake finally happens

Kimberly in MI

I grew up in Humboldt Co, CA. My family was from Petrolia, a tiny little town right on top of the triple junction of the plates.

Local Indian tribes tell the story of when a tidal wave wiped out the area around Humboldt Bay. Long considered myth it was confirmed some years ago by a group of students from HSU.

They were digging in the Arcata Bottoms, a fertile flat plain north of the bay, and discovered tree stumps buried some 12-16 feet below the surface. Eventually it was reasoned that the bay had dropped, in one moment, that far below sea level. Since then, similar locations have been found up the coast all the way to Washington.

If you look at the maps, there are several towns, Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale, and Fortuna, that will all be inundated when that big quake finally happens. Depending on the height of the waves, places like McKinleyville, Blue Lake, and down the valley to the south following 101 will also be in danger. I have a lot of family and friends still in the area, I’m not looking forward to that day. I’ve always thought the damage estimates were entirely too low.

If you look at the USGS fault line maps, they end the San Andreas just a few miles south of the southern tip of the Cascadia. The northern end of the SA used to be around Santa Rosa, Ca. Over the years they keep moving the tip north. IMO they will eventually just acknowledge the obvious and connect the line. It is one gigantic fault line. I think it is possible that a large quake on either end could trigger the other. (As for culling the liberal herd-there are plenty of really good conservatives out there).

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  2. I used to have urls for Chinook history and a friend who lived on Vancouver Island to keep me informed, but sadly all things must pass.

    1700 — January An earthquake of 9.1 on the Richter scale, followed by a tsunami, hits the Northwest Coast. The giant quake—a major disaster for the Chinook people–hit at night while the Chinook were in their winter houses. Coastal storytellers explain the disaster as a result of Thunderbird lifting Whale into the air and dropping him repeatedly. A Tillamook tribal member described it as violent “shaking of the mountains so that it was impossible to stand upon.” A Clallum Indian said “The rivers became salt. The valleys were full of water.”

  3. I note quakes around Petrolia almost weekly on usgs as well as ferndale etc
    its so regularly shaky its giving plenty of warning to consider elsewhere for living( to me)
    dont know how people manage to be complacent in areas like those

    • When you grow up there you just accept it as a part of life. Once in a while a larger, 5-6 reminds you that there are consequences, and brings some excitement to conversations, but then life goes back to normal and you brush it off. I live in the upper midwest now, and I have a tinge of panic when I see a shelf full of canning jars with no lip to keep them from falling off, or bookshelves not screwed into the wall. Around here, it’s not a thing and it never would be. I have talked to family members, especially the ones in Arcata who’s homes are only about 25 feet above sea level and they literally refuse to think about it, and won’t talk about it. They will deal with it when it happens, is what they tell me. My thought…yep, for the minute or so that it takes you to drown, you’ll be dealing with it.

  4. There is another seqence headed down the coast.
    Started a week ago in Kamandorskies ,sic. Anch had 4.8. Elfin cove , glacier Bay area shallow 4.7 over the weekend!
    Have a plan!!

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