Many cold records broken in Russian Far East

“Summer is over in the Khabarovsk Territory”

10 Aug 2020 – In Chukotka in the early morning hours in Markovo the temperature dropped to -1.1°C, the new record low for the day. The previous record of -0.9°C was set in 1945.

A record low temperature was also recorded in Kurilsk (Sakhalin Oblast). On August 9, the thermometer dropped to 5.9°C (I assume they mean minus 5.9C), down from the previous record of 0.7 degrees, observed in 1954.

There were also records in the Khabarovsk Territory. On August 9, with 7,9°C (Agaain, I assume they mean minus 9.9C) were recorded at Sovetskaya Gavan, the lowest of the previous absolute minimum of just 0.1 degrees, which has been maintained for 80 years since 1940.

“Summer is over in the Khabarovsk Territory

9 Aug 2020 – In Khabarovsk in June, only 2-3 days were warm and, on average, the temperature of the month was almost 3 degrees below normal.

Next came August: In the last days the temperature dropped below from normal by 5-6 degrees. On August 9 in the Shantar Islands area the temperature dropped to  -0.9°C, a new daily record. The last time it was so cold was 30 years ago, but even in 1990 the temperature did not go above zero, stopping at +0.6 degrees.

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