Many NZ ski areas closed due to blizzard conditions

Record breaking snow base on Mt Hutt, says reader Greg Salmond.

“Numerous ski areas are closed again due to sub-zero, whiteout, blizzard conditions,” says Salmond (This was on September 17th.)

“At 11am it is snowing, we have 30-60km/h winds in the base area and 60-100km/h on the ridgeline. Forecast: Low cloud and low visibility is expected for much of the day and 25-35cm [1 foot] of wind affected snow is possible today creating HIGH AVALANCHE HAZARD above the final stretch of our access road.” [my emphasis]

Mt Hutt’s record-breaking snow base of last week has again been broken today with 3.7 metres [over 12 feet] while the MSM weather reports simply said: “the odd spot of rain in the foothills.”

Thanks to Greg Salmond for this link

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