Mapping the global warming fraud

Times Atlas ‘error’ exaggerates ice retreat on Greenland – Shows green where ice now measures more than 1640 feet (¼ mile) thick.

They just snapped their fingers – and zap! – 115,830 square miles (300,000 sq km) of ice more than ¼-mile thick just disappeared.

That’s an area larger than all six New England states, with New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware thrown in for good measure.

Five days ago, the Daily Mail crowed that cartographers had been forced to erase much of Greenland’s ice because the glaciers had retreated so much in the past 12 years – 15% of Greenland’s former ice-covered land was now “green and ice-free”.

The map makers changed a huge coastal area of Greenland from white to green because of  “an alarming acceleration of the melting of the northern ice cap.”

Publicity material furnished by the Times Atlas of the World for its latest edition declared that  the change reflected ‘concrete evidence’ that global warming had wiped out glaciers the size of  UK and Ireland.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail announced that “the publishers of the world’s most prestigious atlas have been caught out by Cambridge scientists exaggerating the effects of climate change. The Atlas costs £150 ($237) and claims to be the world’s “most authoritative”.

See great comparison photos here.

The atlas’s publishers now admit that the ‘ice-free’ areas could in fact still be covered by sheets of more than a quarter of a mile (.4 km) thick!

The areas that the Atlas said were ice free are buried beneath more than 1640 feet (500 meters) of ice!

The admission came after a group of leading  polar scientists from Cambridge University wrote to them saying their changes were ‘incorrect and misleading’ and that the true rate of melting has been far slower.

Experts from the University’s internationally-renowned Scott Polar Research Institute said the apparent disappearance of 115,830 sq miles (300,000 sq. km) of ice had no basis in science and was contradicted by recent satellite images.

“There are in fact still numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands,” they said in their letter.

‘We conclude that a sizeable portion of the area mapped as  ice-free in the Atlas is clearly still ice-covered. There is to our knowledge no support for this claim in the published scientific literature.’

There are no official figures on how much ice has melted but one scientist put it at between 0.3 and 1.5 per cent of the ice sheet.

Glaciologist Dr Poul Christoffersen of the Scott Institute said: ‘We believe that the figure of a 15 per cent decrease in permanent ice cover since the publication of the  previous atlas 12 years ago is both incorrect and misleading.

According to the Times Atlas calculations, the ice sheet would have been shrinking at a rate of 1.5 per cent per year since 1999.

Graham Cogley, professor of geography at Trent University in Canada, said: ‘The best measurements in Greenland, which cover only part of the ice sheet, suggest that 1.5 per cent per year is at least ten times faster than reality.

‘It could easily be 20 times too fast and might well be 50 times too fast.’

Read that again! It “might well be 50 times too fast.’

Dr Jeffrey Kargel, senior research scientist at the University of Arizona, said it was ‘a killer mistake that cannot be winked away.’ “These new maps are ridiculously off base, way exaggerated relative to the reality of rapid change in Greenland,” said Kargel,

A spokesman for HarperCollins yesterday admitted the land shown as green and described as ‘ice-free’ could be up to 500m – more than a quarter of a mile – thick.

She said: ‘I can see why you could see that as misleading.’ (Ya think?)

‘Was it a mistake? asks journalist Tamara Cohen. “I can only speculate that the people promoting the map were thinking differently from the cartographers.”

Today, 20 Sep 11,  HarperCollins announced that it stands by the accuracy of the maps, but that the media release suggesting 15% of Greenland’s permanent ice cover had melted was incorrect.

The publishers’ statement left scientists puzzled.

Thanks to Emma Corry, Terry Pack, Icewoman, Bill Sellers, Michelle Marshall, Cary Ellis, Jason Hietanen and Linda Binutti for these links

The Times Atlas is published by Times Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, which is in turn owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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  1. I like that! The map shows areas that have 1500 ft of ice on it as being ice free, the cartographers are okay, but the comments are misleading, and we stand by the maps as being accurate – although they may not exactly be green under 1500 feet of ice. Sort of like yes, there was 40 feet of snow, but it’s still warmer then usual and the snow cover wasn’t as extensive as it used to be. Or, yes, it’s warmer now, that was why people were still skiing on the 4th of July in some places where they never were able to before. Black is blue is green is white, whatever it takes.

  2. If I had just paid $200 for a Times Atlas I’d be inclined to want to believe it. What a great way to imprint an idea on the gullible masses.
    I wonder what other “errors” the atlas contains.

  3. How about a bunch of us get together and publicly plan a move to set up an organic, free-range, grass fed farming operation on the newly ice-free coast of Greenland? Document the whole process fully and state how much we relied on accurate representations of the Time Atlas. We get there and discover the misrepresentation. Then sue them for … must be something we could get them on???

    (I realize that idea is full of holes, but it was fun to think about for a minute or two. We’d have the eco-food community struggling as to what they’d rather defend, a corporate capitalist map maker or would-be organic food growers? On 2nd thought, they’d probably just ignore us. Oh Well, what else is new?)

  4. I wonder what the vikings who went to Greenland would think of the place if they saw it now. Wasn’t called “Green-Land” for nothing!

  5. Go to Cryosphere Today for yesterday’s foto of the Arctic, Greenland, and the Antarctic. Animation available for previous pics going back many years.

  6. i don’t know why you keep nit-picking about this, obviously the cartographers have followed the science. computer models clearly show that co2 has continued to increase, so temperatures must have continued to rise, so the ice must have melted. once you understand that you will realize its not the atlas that is wrong, it is greenland that is wrong!

  7. I worked overseas until recently and regularly flew across southern Greenland multiple times a year. During my last trip at the end of feburary I saw ice foes at least a 100 miles further south than I had seen them at that time of the year in the past seven years. and the glaciers were higher up the mountains too.

    The sad part of this story is the large number of kids and teachers that accept this atlas as true and will continue to believe the global warming myth.

  8. All debate aside, what Robert has been saying all these years, on all fronts, can be summarized as the “mother of all ‘black swan’ events”, and I fully expect–even after the fact, they’ll still be in denial. Those who can accept it will succeed & prosper; the others will wait for that thaw, and wait, and wait.

  9. I just wonder what their next move will be? They did make a lot of money with this global warming scam!
    Maybe something like a threat from space??

  10. The real issue is defending the justification for carbon taxes and carbon credit trading. Big money is trying to trump real science. Cui Bono?
    A part from that I think we will find that through carefull observation that we either in a cooling trend or moving in that direction.

  11. I assume they’re gonna move it to the fiction section of the library? Can you imagine having paid £150 for that? I hope it was printed on recycled paper.

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  13. Greenland is a 2000 km long 2 km or more high mountain. (Google Earth)

    I think the average temperature between 1930 and 1950 was much warmer in Greenland than it is now.
    Is there ice date from that period?

  14. They are not going to be able to hide everyones bank accounts at the end ef this winter when the people are broke from heating their homes.

  15. Just you wait greenie warm-mongers soon the winter are here again. And what happened to northern Europes “green winters” for example? But this is getting old, the next “global warming” will probably be talks about an possible alien invasion.

  16. The mapmakers are either ignorant or liars. I’d prefer they be liars because at least then they would know the truth.

  17. That period was called the Roman Optimum.

    The decline in temps caused the decline of the Roman Empire followed by the Dark Ages. This period coincides with the crash of the Viking settlements at Greenland. The Medieval Warmth period was warmer compared to the Roman Optimum but still warmer than today.

    From 1850 we recovered from the Little Ice Age and this recovery has ceased.

    You can read about historical weather events at booty:

    and weather4all

  18. As an USAF pilot in 1970 I flew a C-141 to Sondrestrom Air Base, Greenland. Landing required flying up a long fjord. The only way out was back the way you came. In the cafeteria was available a local delicacy…buried eggs. The government of Greenland took ownership of the base in 1992. Should the current interglacial period slide into a glacial period, much of the world will be like Greenland. See

    This article is very informative regarding the Medieval warming. It makes no mention of the fairly recent findings that the warming has been found to have existed not just in Europe and North America but in Peru, China, and South Pacific Islands. The Gore-ons have to live it down now, that they were dumb enough to be duped so easily.

  20. Last month was the SECOND warmest since 1991 and funny enough the lowest temp of the month occured on the 1st for PDX.

    Salem Oregon (near me) had the warmest on record though Washington stations were not too unusual.

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