Massive clouds of mosquitoes kill cows, horses in Louisiana

Killing large animals by the hundreds.

Swarms of mosquitoes have killed cows, deer, horses and other livestock in Louisiana after rain from Hurricane Laura led to an explosion in the pests’ population.

Thousands of mosquitoes have attacked animals as large as bulls.

“As soon as you would walk outside, your legs would turn black from the sheer amount of mosquitoes,” said Jeremy Hebert, a LSU AgCenter agent in Acadia Parish.

‘Vicious little suckers’: Massive clouds of mosquitoes kill cows, horses in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

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  1. West coast smoke drawn into the tail end of Typhoon Maysak which was typhoon two of the three that hit Japan/Korea in two weeks.
    The offshore flow from the typhoons helped create the fire conditions . The flow is onshore now and the smoke is returning, it’s like a cloud layer. Thick, blocking the sun.
    Rain is on the way next week, thank God, and will clear the air and put out some fires.
    Typhoon three of the set is in between Russia and Alaska in the Bearing Sea and is drawing up tropical moisture past Japan and the jet stream might go back to normal, I hope.
    Back to rain rain rain till it snow snow snows.
    La Nina, oh boy. Extra yucky with periods of really really really yuckyness. I have seven cord of firewood, candles, books, food. Bring it, go’head, let’s see whatchoo got.

  2. The unacknowledged problem may really be due to the Dunning-Kruger, vicious little suckers, ‘Fun Vaxx’ pandemic of 2020.

  3. spraying anything they can get fast would be the go
    kerosine diluted with dish detergent is fast and easy
    yes it sounds nuts but it works
    we use that for march flies and bot flies
    in Aus we have rollers th animals walk under than have long brushes tha apply “backliner” chem
    combine that in a chute and someone spraying legs n underbellies
    yeah its NOT easy but it could be done
    do you have drench dip pits at all?
    theyre oldfashined you swim the animals through a trench filled with a pesticide of choice, we tend to use them(or did) for sheep mainly

    DDT was banned because it was over used and abused
    its allowed in moderation in specific areas
    Im amazed the coastal areas being hit didnt spray immediately andit doesnt have to BE ddt theres safer products available nowdays

  4. The fact that we have lost nearly 100% of the bat population in North America is a part of this story as well.

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