Massive Cover-up – Global cooling papers deleted

Hijacking Wikipedia and rewriting history by painting the 1970s Global Cooling Scare as an urban myth.

“Beginning in 2003, software engineer William Connolley quietly removed the highly inconvenient references to the global cooling scare of the 1970s from Wikipedia, the world’s most influential and accessed informational source,” says this article by Stephen Nigel Strutt.

“It had to be done. Too many skeptics were (correctly) pointing out that the scientific “consensus” during the 1960s and 1970s was that the Earth had been cooling for decades, and that nascent theorizing regarding the potential for a CO2-induced global warming were still questionable and uncertain.


Not only did Connolley — a co-founder (along with Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt) of the blog — successfully remove (or rewrite) the history of the 1970s global cooling scare from the Wikipedia record, he also erased (or rewrote) references to the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age so as to help create the impression that the paleoclimate is shaped like Mann’s hockey stick graph, with unprecedented and dangerous 20th/21st century warmth.”

Read more:
“Massive Cover-Up Exposed:
Lying Alarmists Rebranded 70s Global Cooling Scare as a Myth”

“Massive Cover-up Exposed: 285 Papers From 1960s-’80s
Reveal Robust Global Cooling Scientific ‘Consensus’”

Thanks to Mike Wiltshire and Stephen Nigel Strutt for these links

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  1. This sounds like the Memory Hole from the novel 1984. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the Memory Hole (They should know!);

    As for global cooling scare:

    “In Search of…” Episode from 1978: “The Coming Ice Age”

    Interesting to note that in the 1970’s global cooling was allegedly caused by industrial pollution. Now carbon dioxide from industrial society is causing “climate change,” nee “global warming.”

    Looks to me like it all adds up to an inconvenient truth. Hey, haven’t I heard that expression somewhere before…

    • And the present. Especially the funding available from present sources. This applies not only to geology, paleoclimatitology, and the earth sciences, but also to conventional history, and archaeology as well. Let a new archaeologist discover an artifact that isn’t “supposed” to be in a given area. Reporting it can ruin his or her career. Many so-called scholars are far more interested money, prestige, and protecting their territory than they are at finding the truth.

  2. I’m not sure if you know about these two documents from the past that show this 30+ year cooling.

    NOAA 1974
    “Annual average temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere increased rather dramatically from about 1890 through 1940, but have been falling ever since.”

    UNESCO 1974
    “For the past 30 years the temperature of our planet has been steadily dropping”

  3. In other words, Wikipedia, at least in regard to climate issues, cannot be trusted. I’ve long felt that a source of “truth” which is fundamentally rooted in the concepts of social media is potentially biased, spurious at best.

  4. If there was no 1970’s cooling scare one must ask why the CIA prepared a Presidential briefing on the security risks resulting from cold induced food production losses from 2 nuclear armed states – Russia & China – which might need to access imported food.

    The documents I’ve seen appear genuine including the name of the CIA’s FOI officer.

    What is the old saying – “cheaters never prosper” ?

    • It was all over the popular media, EVERYWHERE, (check the periodicals section of any large public library, or any university library for the 1970s), and if that’s not enough, it is still easily within living memory.

  5. I remember the Connolley – Wiki scandal. Some more on that:
    William Connolley, now “climate topic banned” at Wikipedia
    In a vote of 7-0, The most prolific climate revisionist editor ever at Wikipedia, with over 5400 article revisions has been banned from making any edits about climate related articles for six months.
    William Connolley (or associates using his login credentials) altered and in some cases deleted entirely articles that challenged the orthodoxy of human-caused global warming. Typical examples were editing articles on the Roman and Medieval warm periods to downplay the positive benefits warmer temperatures had, and any articles that suggested increased CO2 would result in faster plant growth and more food for a starving world.
    People are still wondering why there is so much political power behind this push to sell global warming. More than mere money is at stake, as seen by the fact that the warmistas were able to wrangle both a Nobel Peace prize and an Oscar for a “documentary” ruled by the British Courts as containing numerous lies and misrepresentations.
    Beyond the money to be made from a carbon bubble, the push for a global government and for the implementation of Agenda 21 itself rests on the public being convinced their present lifestyles are a threat to the planet, in order to persuade the people to accept a reduced standard of living so that the Wall Street barons can upgrade to $250,000 wrist watches and $500 hamburgers.
    If the dire prediction of global warming fizzles, as it clearly has after three harsh winters in a row, the credibility of the other doomsday claims craters right alongside it, and Agenda 21 / Global Government stands revealed for what they are; just another world power grab by sociopathic money-addicts intent on standing atop pyramids built to there everlasting glory and screaming, “I am the king of the world! Gaze on my works ye mighty and despair!”.

    Wikipedia: Don’t trust it on climate
    21 December, 2009 by Simon
    Why? Because over 5000 articles have been tampered with by UK Green Party activist William Connolley so that they all neatly fit in with the IPCC agenda (bit like the temperature records, really):
    Connolley took control of all things climate in the most used information source the world has ever known – Wikipedia. Starting in February 2003, just when opposition to the claims of the band members were beginning to gel, Connolley set to work on the Wikipedia site. He rewrote Wikipedia’s articles on global warming, on the greenhouse effect, on the instrumental temperature record, on the urban heat island, on climate models, on global cooling. On Feb. 14, he began to erase the Little Ice Age; on Aug.11, the Medieval Warm Period. In October, he turned his attention to the hockey stick graph. He rewrote articles on the politics of global warming and on the scientists who were skeptical of the band. Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer, two of the world’s most distinguished climate scientists, were among his early targets, followed by others that the band especially hated, such as Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, authorities on the Medieval Warm Period.

    Wikipedia climate revisionism by William Connolley continues
    Anthony Watts / October 13, 2010
    Apparently Wikipedia’s own attempt at self policing problem editors isn’t working. Despite being up for a restriction or a ban, rogue Wiki editor (and Real Climate co-founder) William Connolley is still removing anything he doesn’t like when it comes to climate science. This time it’s wholesale removal of any reference to the American Physical Society resignation letter of physicist Hal Lewis, who resigned over the APS global warming position:


    Wikipedia climate fiddler William Connolley is in the news again
    Apparently Mr. Connolley has edited 5428 Wikipedia articles, most about climate. Die Kalte Sonne:
    “Unbelievable but true: The Wikipedia umpire on Climate Change was a member of the UK Green Party and openly sympathized with the views of the controversial IPCC. So it was not a referee, but the 12th Man of the IPCC team.”
    I’m not sure how accurate the translation is, but it suggests he was somehow part of the IPCC “short list” team. See it here at Die Kalte Sonne via this Google Translate link:
    With over 5000 articles he’s edited, it makes you wonder if Mr. Connolley was employed by someone or some organization specifically for the task.

    saved 20160918
    Wiki itself on Connolley and Wiki bias. Paraphrasing: “Everything is fine. Nothing to see here. He was unjustly accused” etc.
    What did you expect? Question is, were the 5000+ articles he trashed restored to their prior state?

    The scorning of William Connolley.
    Posted by Pointman on May 29, 2014 · 101 Comments
    Excellent, very satisfying.

  6. I can assure you early until late 70’s was no myth. Obviously from the mid 70’s onward great swings in temperatures particularly during the winter months did occur through to the eighties were things sort of settled down into a gradual climb in temperatures. This increase continued right up to around 2009 when it plateaued out and now we are seeing fluctuations in temperatures going from the recent warm period maximums to frigid conditions. What is unusual now is that these frigid temperatures are occurring out of season and becoming more frequent. Is this a blip on the recent warm period or could it be a precursor to what is yet to come?

    I don’t know, I’m no expert however although I don’t have crystal balls and I don’t know what the future will bring I can assure you that the much colder early to mid-seventies did exist. I was at school at the time and I remember long still frosty nights and wakening up to frost on the inside of the window pain, breath condensing in the morning air, lorry drivers lighting fires under their vehicles in order to thaw out their diesel, traffic reports on the radio during the morning as well as early evening warning of icy condition and black ice.

    Also during this period the Football (soccer) Pools Panel had to sit for maybe four to eight weekend throughout these cold winters awarding points to football teams who were unable to play due to the cold weather. So if it was a myth did I dream the aforementioned?

    On the BBC news last night they had a weather reader on trying to explain and substantiate the following headlines, “2016, the highest temperature ever recorded.” “UN weather agency, the earth is sending out a distress signal.”

    WTF! I don’t know about news and weather programming and or web pages throughout the world however, the BBC has the following disclaimer at the foot of the monthly outlook section of its web page,

    “Monthly forecasting
    The weather beyond about a week ahead stretches even the most experienced weather forecaster. Complex numerical weather forecast models from the Met Office and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) are run many times for the month (and season) ahead to build up a picture of the likelihood of different weather types affecting the UK.”

    Now, if they have difficulty in forecasting the weather beyond a week how can they tell you what’s in store for us ten, fifty, a hundred or thousands of years in the future? It just doesn’t make sense.

  7. Sometimes, so called Climate “Experts” are caught out in a short time frame when their predictions are completely wrong, but they are still idolized by the left wing media and, amazingly, their opinions and predictions are still believed by a non inquiring media and the general public. For example, Australia’s, so called, climate expert, ex-Climate Commissioner of the Gillard, Labor Government. I posted this comment recently on my Facebook page about the dud predictions of Tim Flannery. I do not claim originality for the post (it was originally posted on Tim Blair’s or Andrew Bolt’s blog), but I updated the numbers, which were correct as of 2 days ago.
    FACT CHECK of a so called “Climate Expert”.
    Ex Climate Commissioner of Australia, Tim Flannery, predictions of a “drying” Australian Continent due to Global Warming.

    1) In 2005, Flannery predicted Sydney’s dams could be dry in as little as two years because global warming was drying up the rains, leaving the city “facing extreme difficulties with water”.
    FACT CHECK: Sydney’s dam levels today: 96.3 per cent. Hmm. Not a good start.

    2) In 2008, Flannery said: “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.”
    FACT CHECK: Adelaide’s water storage levels today: 91.6 per cent.

    3) In 2007, Flannery predicted cities such as Brisbane would never again have dam-filling rains, as global warming had caused “a 20 per cent decrease in rainfall in some areas” and made the soil too hot, “so even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems … “.
    FACT CHECK: the SE Australian river systems today are in flood. Check Brisbane’s dam levels: 80.3 per cent full.

    All this may seem funny, but some politicians, voters and investors have taken this kind of warming alarmism very seriously and made expensive decisions in the belief it was sound.
    It has cost taxpayers over $3 billion dollars to build mothballed desalination plants. Tim Flannery is a fool and anyone who believes this “CO2” Global warming nonsense is too.

  8. I lived through the 1970s as a teenager,reading and hearing it first hand,that there was a lot of talk about Global Cooling.

    Mr. Connolly is a warmist propagandist,nothing more.

  9. Just read the article by Stephen Srutt, it makes me angry to see the things done by people like Connelley. They are so arrogant as to think they can rewrite history to suit themselves. This has always been a common practice with Communists and Socialists (i.e. in China and Russia). But I am sickened to see this taking place here in the West.

    Of course the answer will come from the climate itself. When we reach a new solar minimum I hope Connelly is still alive to see the suffering his lies have caused.

  10. I remember well the Global Cooling scare including that wildly popular TV documentary special narrated by none other than Leonard Nimroy (aka, Dr. Spock).. undoubtedly chosen because he had so many Star Trek fans!

    A couple of years ago I found it online somewhere, but I’m sure not possible now from what this article says.

  11. weasel connelly got outed n edit rights removed over his removals..
    I see he managed to get back into wiki
    the big issue with wiki is the fact that the editors arent exactly accountable as they would be elsewhere;-(
    while people CAN complain…action isnt always fast

  12. It would be interesting to see how this affects the law suit Michael Mann is involved in and how it affects the reliability of his evidence.
    A conspiracy to alter actual peer reviewed science to favour a biased, wrong hypotheses in favour of AGW, begs the question. If this is what the Carbon Credit fraud is based on, how liable to investigation are the WIKI editing conspirators of the trillions of dollars financial fraud which has followed it?
    Perhaps Congress would like to investigate?

  13. It was part of our science lessons in elementary school. Even then in the 1970’s PC topics found their way into the curriculum. The whole thesis was the soot from all our factories, power plants, cars, and the aerosols produced by airplanes were causing less light to come into the atmosphere – to the point that we looked at contrails with trepidation.

    Though I lived in a warmer area and really wanted to see it snow, so i was all to it.

    But shoot, I hope people are not that forgetful, to not remember what we learned in school. Or is this for the post 1970’s crowd that didn’t learn to fake them out?

    • Interesting to note that industrial pollution was supposedly causing global cooling in the 1970s, and now “carbon” (they like to drop the “dioxide”) pollution produced by industrial society is causing global warming in the 21st century. Doublespeak is alive and well!

      • Every month we had a “Scholastic” magazine in elementary. The science of the late 60’s and early 70’s was that we were headed for an ice age. Some how in 6 to 10 years from there, man kind was killing everything in sight (including ourselves) raping and plundering what earth provided and leaving nothing to sustain the future generations.
        I think it is the 60’s generation that learned how to get the change they wanted by becoming the teachers to the next generation (brainwash the kids), the political lobbyists (change the laws and add insurmountable regulation) and obtain public support (he who yells louder and longer must be right).
        There must be something in the water – how could so many people world wide take all the “settled science” as gospel and not question. have we come so far that we accept all that is told to “us” because it is to hard to question what doesn’t make sense?

  14. The first snow fell in Kirov.
    Moscow. 17 September. INTERFAX.RU – The weather on Saturday presented a surprise to residents of Kirov – in the city dropped the first snow this season.
    As the correspondent of “Interfax”, sleet and large hail were held in the city in the afternoon.
    Citizens posted on the social network in September to photograph the unexpected precipitation. This kirovchane note that snow and hail were observed not in all parts of the city – some citizens have witnessed a heavy rain.

    Photo Gallery of Kirov snow on September 17, 2016: Weather “gone crazy”: Kirov was hail, and the first snow fell

  15. What can I say except that the NWO and its fans for have to go! Total global regime changes are overdue. Rigged financial markets, lying media, rigged politics, political brainwashing facilities posing as schools, fraudulent science and gross immorality in society is unacceptable and it has to go!

  16. The Global Cooling of the 1970s was not a myth nor urban legend. It was SCIENCE of the time! It was covered by major media reports and publications including Time Magazine. It was taught in school. And it was experienced by many across the globe! Example:

    I lived in the SW USA and it started snowing and kept snowing! It got colder and colder. Soon there was so much snow that hardly anything could move. Trains could not run because the tracks were frozen. Highways were shut down for days. Grocery stores ran out of food. Trucks couldn’t run because the highways were shut down. Schools closed for days. All this was unheard of in that part of the country at the time!

    Out on the edge of town elk and antelope herds were gathering around the sawmill looking for food and warmth. People started throwing them out bails of hay but it wasn’t enough. The animals herds in this area experienced massive die offs due to the cold and lack of food and those herds have never been the same sense.

    The doors to my grandparents house were frozen and would not open. Water lines froze. The gas company and all other utilities were having major problems getting gas, electric, phone, etc service to customers.

    My grandfather ran a side business selling propane a block down from the house. He stayed up all night one night pumping propane because Native Americans were coming off the reservation to get more propane as they had run out. By morning his 1000 gallon supply tank was empty and he could not get it refilled as the supplier couldn’t move its delivery truck! There were many reports of people freezing to death. Most were on the Native American reservation nearby.

    Things got pretty scary! A lot of people thought “this is it!” meaning human civilization was about to meet its maker. It snowed in places that had never seen snow or where it only snowed once in a lifetime. People got scared and about the time panic was starting to set in it stopped snowing and things began to thaw out. We all got a taste of ICE AGE!

    Yes this global cooling was attributed to industrial pollution but I’m sure there were other contributing factors as well, as there always is. After this snow storm people started building fireplaces or putting wood stove in their homes as they were sure the next winter would be even worse. The following winters did bring much snow but nothing like this one did.

    Then along came the global warming people! Suddenly, global cooling theory was out the door and global warming theory was ushered in with fanfare! I went to college and in my final year I took a climate class taught by an old professor set to retire. He had nothing to lose so he said what was on his mind often. One thing he said is that we are IN an ICE AGE still but what we’ve been in for the past 10,000 years or so is a warming period (that’s about the time written history began btw). He warned that one day the ice would return and he said that the science says so. He said the “global warming craze” was not science but “fabrication.” He also commented once that science was no longer about science but about money and funding! He hit the nail squarely on the head because today we have a lot of JUNK SCIENCE! One thing he drilled into our heads was “Real Science follows the evidence wherever it might lead.” And that means even if the science destroys one’s pet theory or hypothesis.

    I cannot help but wonder how some people who push global warming are going to feel should this planet suddenly slip back into the ice age. Here they’ve brainwashed people into thinking global warming and meanwhile they’ve left people totally unprepared for global cooling which is the REAL danger! Can you imagine the human death toll? I wonder what they will do when their children and loved ones are dying of the cold and/or starvation all around them? Will they feel any remorse or guilt? Will they feel any regret? Doubtful!

    Again, global cooling theories of the 1970s were NOT myths or urban legends but the science of the time. They can rewrite history all they want but those of us who grew up during that period know the TRUTH and we know the re-writers are LIARS!

    Finally, one thing we know from ice core samples gathered a few years back by a team from the University of Indiana is that “something” happens every so often on this planet and it happens suddenly. This “something” has nothing to do with warming and everything to do with COOLING. Get ready because our climate today is doing just exactly what we thought it would do in the 70s (periods of extreme warmth and extreme cold, droughts, etc). All signs of coming global cooling (read Ice Age return) and NOT global warming.

  17. “Short Term” history has always been manipulated to suit the needs of feeding the need of society. If you look through the history books of the 1940 to 1960, you will see that the writers and editors searched a great deal of material to obtain what was known of the time. Now it seems with the new technologies, there is no need to search out, read and find the truth, even if it means that it proves the researcher wrong.
    I offer solace to our contributers and readers; some how truth always finds a way out from being hidden.

  18. Wikipedia and others of their ilk may be believed by the brain-washed generation postdating that global cooling cycle. Members of my generation (born mid 1900s) have experienced it and remember it. “The Changing Climate” by H.H. Lamb (1964) summarizes the meteorological records in archives of the U.K. Meteorological Office as well as weather reports from all over the world possessed by the Meteorological Office Library. That period of global cooling is definitely supported by meteorological data. Expect attempts to discredit Lamb or to “debunk” the meteorological archives next.

  19. Interesting reminder on the “Memory Hole” – I had forgotten about that.. since it’s been about 40 years since I last read 1984… but it sounds just like Common Core!

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