Massive North Korea Volcano Showing Unrest

Increased speculation that Mount Paektu could erupt.

Mount Paektu (aka Mt. Baekdu), which lies on the borders of North Korea and China, is in danger or erupting again, says a new study.

The sacred mountain’s last devastating explosion in 946AD was so powerful that it showered rocks and ash on Japan – almost 680 miles (1,100 km) away, making it one of the largest eruptions in recorded human history.

That thousand-year-old eruption  was second in size only to the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815, which caused the so-called “Year without a Summer”. But little is known about the 900-ft (2740-m) volcano.

Mount Paektu has been rumbling

Between 2002 and 2005, a swarm of earthquakes shook the mountain’s slopes, then ceased. However, even though it remains quiet, hot springs and gassy vents hint at the mountain’s eruptive potential.

“The volcano is quite active,”says says Kayla Iacovino of the U.S.G.S., coauthor of a study in Science Advances. “But how much of it is ‘eruptable?’ That’s a big question.”

“This volcano is quiet at the moment, but it’s definitely got potential. We need to keep an eye on it,”  says James Hammond, a seismologist at Birkbeck at the University of London.

“I think the risk of a destructive eruption here is very real,” says seismologist Stephen Grand of the University of Texas at Austin.

Scientists say an explosion on the scale of the volcano’s A.D. 946 outburst could be catastrophic.

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21 thoughts on “Massive North Korea Volcano Showing Unrest”

  1. I love the ambiguity of “scientists” who use terminology willy-nilly with no qualifiers. Describing an eruption as catastrophic? For who? Where? In what capacity? Are we looking at a period of sustained global cooling more than NASA’s putative 18-24 month duration? Will regional losses of life be extreme?

    It’s clear it would be devastating for Korea, Japan, eastern China and possibly elsewhere in the western Pacific, but I’m interested more in knowing what the potential effects would be since its events like this that are going to have a far greater adverse impact on humanity than us driving SUV’s.

    • Good idea! The jet stream could possibly bring a lot of crap to NW states. A few years ago the air was murky because of giant dust storms in China. Fiddlin

    • There is historical evidence of the kinds of affects you are looking for. Check out the recent papers on the three T6+ eruptions during the 600 BP Solar Minimum period. This worldwide climate shock caused the horse tribe Angles and Saxons to migrate westward along the Baltic migration route to the West coast of Europe from east of the Urals.
      Major volcanic eruptions go hand in hand with the gravitational disturbances caused by the Sun’s Trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre.
      The trigger points for major glaciations are a major Solar Minimum like Spoorer, changes in the axial progression and a major geological event, like the Younger Dryas. The ice then just keeps flowing downhill after that, and it then takes 100,000 years for the stuff to melt.

  2. if it did decide to go properly active it would be it has a water filled caldera, from what Ive read, theyre the nastiest eruptions for anyone in a wide area around them.
    and a huge eruption adding dust to the atmosphere now….as we move to solar minimum would sure help shut greentards down
    would be bad for food growing over a large percentage nth hem at least

  3. Is there a graph somewhere showing the rise and fall of volcanic activity on the earth compared to the rise and fall of the sun’s output?

    • Hi Deb,

      Have followed the Iceland Ice Core Program for decades, and now ICPs set up in Siberia and South Pole.
      All 3 showing identical evidence of atmospheric properties during the warming and cooling cycles.
      Whist’ the dating and duration of events are debatable, does give rise to extensive volcanic ash during cold cycles.

      If one wishes to learn of such events and the dynamics for calculating the cycles, Ice Core samples would be the choice starting point for any serious researcher hunting for answers.

      See Ya

  4. If this thing blows, it will give the liberals a reprieve. They will claim the subsequent cooling is solely due to the volcano and that we will get back to global warming in a couple of years. Just keep sending money.
    The amen choir will buy it and the government will be amazed at how easily they can pull the wool over their eyes.

  5. Well actually be a good thing if this volcano goes off big time at least North Korea can’t launch any nukes at any one. Its cruel off me to say but it’s the truth. Plus Yellowstone is getting restless too because every day huge amounts of fresh magma filling the Caldera all the monitors showing this and USGS is not mentioning this in case it creates panic. I can understand but innocent good people needs to know that this activity is increasing in Yellowstone. Global climate well fall into the freezer fact.

  6. Guy-Thx for your response. To be brutally honest, I’m not a serious researcher, I’m a lazy, er, busy person (well, both) in search of a shortcut, a visual aid that clearly links earth’s cold cycles with the sun’s cycles of minimum output.

    Volcanic activity is the third element, isn’t it, between sun (cause) and cold (result), being both result and cause.

    I don’t actually know why I bother. I’m already convinced of the connection, and other people don’t listen to me no matter what I present. Part of that is the result of the misinformation campaign current in the world today. People are hit with so many outlandish ideas that they are inclined to disbelieve everything.

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