Massive Number of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled COVID Cases

It’s all about CONTROL. Control of minds.


Massive Number of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled COVID Cases

By Jon Rappoport

The number of COVID cases has been faked in various ways.

By far, the most extensive strategy is re-labeling. Flu is called COVID.

We don’t need charts and graphs to see this. It’s right in front of our eyes.

The definition of a COVID case allows flu in the door. There is nothing unique about that definition. For example, a cough, or chills and fever, would constitute “a mild case of COVID.” (emphasis added)

A positive PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 would also be required, but as I’ve shown in my recent series on the test, obtaining a false positive is as easy as pie.

All you have to do is run the test at more than 35 cycles. Most labs run the test at 40 cycles. A cycle is a quantum leap in magnification of the swab sample taken from the patient. When you run the test at more than 35 cycles, false-positives come pouring out like water from a fire hose.

So…with ordinary flu symptoms plus a false-positive PCR test…voila, you have a COVID case.

Keep in mind that, overwhelmingly, most COVID cases are mild. In other words, they’re indistinguishable from ordinary flu….

Even the previous flu numbers were faked

Instead, what we had was “flu-like illness.” Chills, cough, congestion, fever, fatigue; the ubiquitous symptoms that describe about a billion cases of illness, every year, worldwide.

The cause of those billion cases? There is no single cause. Instead, there are many factors, ranging from sudden weather changes to air pollution, to malnutrition, to sub-standard sanitation…on and on.

That being the case, we can now say: Many, many cases of FAKE FLU are being relabeled FAKE COVID.

Now we’re getting real.

The medical cartel “discovers” (markets) huge numbers of so-called unique diseases—each disease with a purported specific cause: virus A, virus B, virus C…

For each virus, there must be at least several highly profitable drugs that supposedly kill the germ. And for each germ, there must be a vaccine that prevents the disease.

Billions and trillions in rewards follow.

And so does CONTROL. Control of minds. (emphasis added)

Because the population is tuned up by ceaseless propaganda to believe in the rigid one-disease one-germ notion.

And when the time is right, the medical cartel can even claim a new germ is decimating the world, and they must “destroy the village in order to save it.”

Which is the psychotic fiction we are in the middle of, right now.

The Holy Church of Biological Mysticism needs your support. Give them your time, your money, your livelihood, your future, your loyalty, your faith.

If you do, you are their most important product.

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Massive Number of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled Covid Cases

19 thoughts on “Massive Number of Flu Cases Are Re-Labeled COVID Cases”

  1. IF you need convincing there is something suspicious about coronavirus visit this site from your CDC :-

    The top left graphic has a slider which allows you to see various years flue statistics.

    For 2017 -18 , 2018-19 and 2019-20 the death rate of 2.5 per million covers a significant percentage of the US.

    But magically for 2020-21 there are zero flu deaths – actually recorded as “insufficient data” !!

    Can you believe that !!

    I have no doubt that COVID 19 is a nasty bug but previous evidence suggests that it is just another nasty respiratory disease and nothing suggests it warrants the ridiculous totalitarian response from our power crazed politicians !

    How does the flu which has historically had a proven mortality rate similar to COVID 19 suddenly disappear from the statistics ?

    Simple – they’re a bunch of liars !

  2. amazing how covid numbers dropped when they dropped the cycles via cdc earlier too
    made it look…as if bidets vax and shutdown did something they did NOT

  3. There are several, independent, measures of Influenza activity. The Health Ministries of every single country in the World state that there is very little illness from either Influenza A or B. Here, for example, is yesterday’s report from Public Health England of its most recent weekly surveillance of Covid-19 and Influenza. You may be surprised at how many different approaches are used, before they draw conclusions.

    A friend in general practice in the South of England states that the symptom CLUSTER in Covid-19 is quite different from the symptom CLUSTER in Influenza, and it is easy to distinguish the two illnesses. He hasn’t seen any cases of influenza this winter.

    It is likely that lockdowns, COMBINED with the long-standing vaccination programs for Influenza, have been enough to suppress Influenza. Lockdowns alone seem to have had little or no effect on the spread of Covid-19.

  4. The link in the foregoing comment does not work.

    Public Health England’s report can easily be found by an internet search using ‘surveillance’ ‘covid’ ‘influenza’ ‘England.’

  5. Like in Isreal here in Holland general mortality is up significantly after the vaccination started . The reports from Israel are pointing at an exponential increase in general with over a factor of 2 leading to a 3,5 fold linear increase in the number of deaths during the first weeks of 2021 after 50% of the population was vaccinated with the pfizer/moderna mRNA-vaccins . During the first 8 weeks of 2021 the general death-rate of the population increased significantly compared to the recent years , whilst the vaccination-program started last autumn is the only real difference with the years before . Vaccination with mRNA-vaccins is for sure a death-penalty in progress to bring world-population with 7 billions in a relative short time-span . Good luck , believers in fake science .

    • Frederik, from what facts did you get the assumption that a vaccine from mRNA particles is a “death penalty in progress to bring world population with 7-billions in a relative short time span”? mRNA vaccines have been in research for decades, apparently. I have no desire to be a guinea pig, however I also am extremely tired of how crappy life has become. I see my wife has to be on anti-depressant’s and has had “anxiety attacks” (still not sure exactly what that is) about going into a restaurant. When I was in the Navy we were required to have a flu shot every year. Every time I received that flu shot I got a little sick, so the year I retired from the Navy I told them what they could do with their flu shot. Haven’t had a flu shot since. Haven’t had the flu either. That was in 1994. I am begrudgingly willing to take their vaccine, if only to return to a normal life. After I took the first Pfizer shot I’m joking with my wife now that I’m turning into a lizard person due to the vaccine. Interestingly, she is still on the fence about taking the vaccine. I suppose if I keel over and die, we’ll have another puzzle piece about this never before used method of a developed vaccine. BTW, I still refuse to have another flu vaccine…

  6. I joined the army in 1985 and served until 2010.
    Every year I was given a flu shot.
    Some years I got the flu.
    Some years I didn’t.
    Shot or no, it didn’t seem to matter much.
    I smoked almost that entire time.
    When I quite smoking, I quit getting the flu.
    Its was like magic.
    Natural defenses are the best defenses.

    • Well I’ve never smoked, but I have had the flu. Not to say I think smoking is good for you…

  7. I’ve wondered about the relabelling of flu as cv19 but surely this does not apply in Aus or NZ? Both appear to have cured flu like elsewhere but without cv19. Some suggestions isolation has also kept out flu. I’m not convinced this is plausible but certainly part of the answer. Have flu deaths been relabelled or really not happened last winter?

  8. I live in a VERY small town. Population of about 500 people. I have first hand information about a lady who owns a Mexican restaurant. She had developed some breathing issues and went to our local clinic. They referred her to the only Hospital 25 miles away for some x-rays. The Hospital told her WITHOUT even testing her that she had Covid-19! She told the clinic when she got home and they said it could NOT be and proceeded to test her and found it Negative for Covid-19! Of course she was reported to the county as a positive But because she supposedly had coved-19 and being a restaurant owner she came under scrutiny until she could clear up the issue.

  9. One may also consider the matter of fact that the test also results in the state obtaining an sample of the individual’s DNA. Which is retained by the test site. One must consider what the State intends to do with these samples.

    As well, one must consider not only what is being extracted from the individual per these tests, but what may be or what is being introduced into the human person by these instruments.

    Apparently, the tuft of fibrous matter at the head of this sampling instrument is different from that which one finds on the head of an standard Q – tip. And I have seen an video within the context of which it appears that this fibrous matter is animate.

    Apparently these animate fibers are known as “Morgellons.” As well, an examination of the head of these test instruments appear to reveal the presence of very small, microscopic particles known as “Nano – Particles.” Which are absorbed and assimilated by the body.

  10. Indeed, the flu doesn’t exist anymore. Everything is labeled as Covid. Its rubbish. Over a million people die on planet Earth every week and the media and politicians don’t give a damn, but the moment the media can get hysterical about something and the politicians can see an opportunity to expand their powers suddenly its the end of the world.

  11. My thoughts exactly. (I spent 3 years doing flu surveillance for the County of San Diego… and a total of 13 years doing the analysis of death data, including calculating and interpreting the various mortality rates.)

    Most people in the US who had flu never had it lab confirmed. That’s why the flu surveillance data is labelled “influenza-like illness” normally.

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