Massive Pacific Storm drives Arctic Outbreak into the U.S.

“This is a great explanation as to what is driving this weather,” says reader Caroline Snyder. “And these crazy-ass jet stream swings, of course, are partly driven by low solar activity.”

Arctic Outbreak Driver

See great animated visual:

Thanks to Caroline Snyder in West Virginia for this link

11 thoughts on “Massive Pacific Storm drives Arctic Outbreak into the U.S.”

  1. Yes that is correct because of the heat released from the former typhoon into the upper atmosphere contributing to warming thus ridging of the jet stream.

    One must also not forget the warm pool of water off Western North America, this is also a big player.

    The negative QBO also having some impacts.

    My criteria for a meandering jet stream (-AO/ARCTIC OSCILLATION)in order of importance.


    WARM AMO (Atlantic Meridional Oscillation)




    • Salvatore – what happens then, all conditions you stated above are the same, but the AMO switches to negative (cold)?

  2. Heavy Aerosols Maintain Polar Vortex, on 11 08 14
    ” a huge amount of chemtrail aerosols were sprayed, to keep the jetstream notch, or “Polar Vortex”, in place, and on schedule. This shows 2 1/2 days of jetstream development, and how Mother Nature is trying to bring rain to California, but the Haarp and Chemtrail operators, won’t allow the natural process to take place. Instead, they sprayed VERY heavy off the coast of Oregon, and all over the eastern Pacific. Also, the Baja Haarp is keeping a stationary blockage in the jetstream, west of San Diego.

    • “…with the HAARP transmitter off of Baja…”

      Tell us, where might that ‘transmitter’ be located? and what’s powering it? a mini-nuke? or a ‘dark-matter generator’? or it’s a floating, barge-mounted array the size of Manhattan, better yet–Rhode Island? Why can’t you loons just accept the reality of nature?

    • This “chemtrail” conspiracy would include how many thousands of people? From the manufacturers to those who transport it and those who load it on the jets and then the pilots or personnel who activate it?

      Have you ever seen WWII films of high altitude bombers (propeller-driven aircraft) and the large contrails they produced when the upper atmosphere had a high moisture content>

      I walk every morning, about sunrise. I live where there is jet traffic going north and south as well as east to west. Some days there are no contrails whatsoever (dry conditions aloft). Some days there or horizon to horizon contrails (wet conditions aloft). Other days there are short contrails (some moisture but not much). And finally, I’ve watched as a contrail-producing jet goes from high altitude moisture, with a contrail, into a relatively dry patch and the contrail disappears, only to reappear a while later.

    • You`re right on target Marco.. and
      for others` information, the HAARP
      in Alaska is still in operation.
      I`ve been aware of chemtrail spraying since 1998; the aerosol streams widen, spread out and eventually cover a beautiful blue sky with one big white haze. They are NOT normal contrails I used to like to watch ‘slowly
      disappear’ when a child.
      What they are doing to our health & Earth`s natural climate is nothing short of criminal.

      1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of “Engineered Climate Modification”

      Real Climate Change- Aerosol & Electromagnetic Geoenginneering

  3. that’s hilarious Marco.
    So, HAARP is now off of Baja? Since the one in Alaska closed, you have to redirect your ire?

    Do tell how operations like HAARP can redirect the polar jet stream? And rain for California?

  4. Don’t give me that HAARP crap….why would the “liberal” adminstration of Barack Obama want to kill the only loons who still support him? The state that is the poster child for green policy is being punished? That tactically is suicide for the Elite its stupid….Californians are the greens success story it doesn’t add up to me

  5. What happened to these “green” nut job retards who told us 10 years ago that children wouldn’t see snow ever again by now?????? Hmmmmm????? Thank God the liberals went down in flames in this election!!

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