Massive Snow Accumulation Records in U.S & Canada – Video

Massive Snow Accumulation Records in U.S & Canada – Video

All-time ice gain in Greenland, record ice growth in the Arctic, cold fronts romping through Mississippi a month early. “And yet they’re still talking about CO2?”

“IPCC is dead in the water…. Bye, bye IPCC, your time is done. Your lies are over. It’s time for us to deal with the truth. The Grand Solar Minimum is here. We’re going to need to think about how we’re going to mitigate this with our crops that are going to be lost.”

See more about the record snow and ice accumulation on Greenland.

13 thoughts on “Massive Snow Accumulation Records in U.S & Canada – Video”

  1. “A heavy snow watch had been issued for the Mackenzie Basin, Central Otago, Southern Lakes and parts of Otago and Southland.”

    In the southern hemisphere, with only 6 weeks till our longest day – summer solstice or Christmas or whatever you worship – and “rain would turn to heavy snow down to 400m [1,300 feet] in Fiordland, Southland, Otago and South Canterbury [as] cold air combined with the low is going to bring some really significant weather”.

    Almost summer in New Zealand and the media is coping with ‘really significant weather’ warnings, as opposed to the obligatory it’s-all-our-fault CCCrap business-hype as usual. Besides, when the sun goes quiet – no sunspots for 3 or 4 days now – jet streams go loopy and ‘weather’ goes wobbly… as it will. Snow time!

  2. This cycle still has around 3 years to run and then 11 to 17 years for an even lower SC25, following that, a slowly warming Gleisberg set of 5 cycles similar to the period 1890-1940.
    Then the next warm 7 cycle period starts.
    Notice the rerun of SC20 around 2155, and the next cycles abrupt end in 2188 and the start of the next GSM.

  3. Oh don’t worry about them Bob – we know who they are. You could have an ice berg pass by Key West and sea levels 5 feet lower right now – but so what? They’d still be talking about man made GW.

    To them – hot is cold and cold is hot.

  4. On the way to work today, a normal pathetic radio station (makes no diff which one) actually said 2017 is supposed to be the “warmest year on record”.

    Really, they said that. So, I am honestly confused. What is going on?

  5. And yet, strangely enough, and despite all of this, it has been pronounced by the wise ones of the BBC that 2017 is likely to be among the top three warmest years on record. How scientific is that?

  6. Cent, “the warmest year on record” meme only means the last 150 years or so. To them “on record” does not include the ice cores which show a different story.

  7. Now this video shows the truth for a change! Smash your television, radio and burn your newspapers! You’ll never get it there.
    You could have an ice berg bass by Key West and sea levels 5 feet lower and they would still be talking GW.

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