Massive snow cover for North America

Massive snow cover for North America

“Watch Hudson Bay ice cover this year, normally it has melted by late August or early September,” says reader Ron R..

March 2018 snow cover

“Hudson Bay is slightly south of the epicenter of the last glaciation which has been associated with Baffin and Ellesmere islands also the the Ungava plains of northern Newfoundland. Hudson Bay is large enough to create its own weather, it’s like a a cocktail on the rocks.”

Following is a website you can watch an animation of this progression:

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5 thoughts on “Massive snow cover for North America”

  1. It’s important to keep in mind that, while many areas are seeing excessive amounts of snow and rain persisting well into the springtime, other areas in the NH are in significant drought. I live in the southwest in a transitional arid climate. Spring is normally when we receive our greatest moisture. If it doesn’t come in the spring, then our environment begins to transition to desert. A local proliferation of ancient sand dunes covered by a thin veneer of short grass prairie attests to the fact that in recent geological time it has been a desert. Unfortunately the desert seems to be returning through lack of moisture this year.

    In contrast, I was in Boston this past week for the marathon, and I have never seen so much rain persisting for so long in one place in my life! Apparently, neither had any of the locals I talked to who were dumbfounded by the amounts and duration. The rain was torrential, coming in off the Atlantic and driven by near gale force winds at times with temperatures only in the mid 40s. If it had been just a little colder, it would have been a record breaking blizzard.

  2. noaa must really hate having to show the truth
    stuffs up the melted/ rotten ice/heatwave etc etc tales

  3. Well Laurel they will have almost certainly adjusted it. The coverage is probably much greater.

  4. I went to white horse bc and they got hardly any there this year prince george bc got about 4 more feet then they got up north the buffalo looked fat this year nice

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