Massive snow dump in Iran

Traffic at a standstill – More than 2½ feet (80 cm) of snow in some areas

28 Jan 2018 – A major snow storm battered much of Iran Saturday night, closing airports, bringing traffic to a standstill and shutting schools across the country.

The snowstorm affected two-thirds of the population in more than 20 provinces, Press TV reported. The north of country was hit hardest, with some areas receiving 31 inches (80 cm) of snow.

Thousands of cars got stuck and were unable to move on Tehran-Karaj highway, western Tehran, on Saturday night. One of the passengers told the Tehran Times that he had reached his home in Karaj after going through 12 hours of standstill traffic. “Many cars have run out of gas,” he regretted.

The extent of the blizzard has yet to emerge, with many towns and villages likely to have been cut off from the outside world.

Photo of Iranian airplane stuck in the snow

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