Massive snow melt fills Lake Tahoe to the top 

“Dozens of feet of snow that blanked the Sierra Nevada this winter, generated by blizzards from raging atmospheric river storms, have been steadily melting all spring and summer, sending billions of gallons of water rushing downhill and steadily raising the water level at Lake Tahoe.

“The surface of Lake Tahoe, which stretches 22 miles long, has risen an astounding 8 feet since the beginning of 2016.”

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Lake Tahoe water level approaches legal limit

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  1. Wait until the giant man-made reservoirs in the SW (Mead, Powell, Roosevelt, Elephant Butte, Navajo, Ute, Conchas, et al) start filling up; get ready for the denials…

  2. There’s still snow in the higher altitudes. It was still snowing in June in the Tahoe basin. There’s enough that it won’t melt off fully this year.

    • Tahoe’s height is capped legally at 6229.1 feet in elevation and that was reached around June 1 of this year. That doesn’t mean Tahoe becomes illegal. It means the extra water flows into the Truckee river down to Reno. If too much water flows, small parts of Reno could flood.

  3. good news really as long as she doesnt go over..
    guess the beavers will be real busy too? doin their bit;-)

    • It probably is “going over.” the legal limit for lake height was reached June 1. Actually, they just send more water down the Truckee river to compensate.

  4. Peru, Monday, July 15, 2019
    Solid precipitation (snow, hail and sleet) and moderate to high intensity liquids accompanied by electric shocks and wind gusts will be recorded in the Sierra from Tuesday afternoon, July 16 to Friday, July 19, the National Meteorological Service reported. Hydrology (Senamhi).
    This institution specifies that the snowfall will occur in areas above 3800 meters above sea level (m.s.n.m.) in the southern Sierra and above 4000 m.s.n.m. in the central Sierra. Maximum snow accumulated above 20 centimeters in height is expected between the night of Wednesday, the 17th and the early morning of Thursday, the 18th of July.
    In locations above 3200 m.s. the occurrence of rain and hail is expected. In addition, there will be an increase in wind mainly in the southern Sierra, with speeds close to 40 kilometers per hour in locations above 3500 m.s. Also, the sensation of cold during the day will intensify.

  5. A prominent portion of the pukage was the leftovers from Typhoon Wutip which mysteriously simultaneously formed with Typhoon Oma that was South of the Equator. Wutip was the earliest, strongest typhoon ever, right in the middle of February .
    Wutip formed two waves which slammed the West coast and continued across the US reeking havoc and was politically correctly renamed as two winter storms .
    Energy in, energy out.

  6. Some will attribute the ‘massive snow melt’ to global warming.
    And the news will eat it up.

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