Massive snowfall in the Alps kills seven

Rescuers still searching for several more. Up to 4 more feet (120 cm) of snow on the way. 

The dead include three in Austria, two in Bavaria, and two in the Italian Alps north of Turin.

In fact, Italy is in the grip of, es they call in a “cold snap”, with snow reaching far south to Matera. There is also snow on Mt Vesuvius near Naples – a rare sight.

In Bavaria, no stranger to snow, the heavy snow has forced closure of many schools across the country and disrupted train services.

More heavy snow is on the way – as much as 120cm (4ft) of fresh snow in Austria by Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Massive snowfall in the Alps kills seven”

  1. Actually southern Italy is experiencing the sea equivalent to Lake Effect Snow: a NE wind from Croatia crossing the Adriatic and then dumping snow.

    Northern Italy is enjoying mild temperatures in the mountains – Nord Foehn. And it is not getting snow either.

    Two totally separate weather phenomena…..

  2. interesting
    guess the mountains are doing the rainshadow effect?
    looking at further nth russia etc things might change for those presently warmer areas?

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