May snow in Serbia defies calendar and plantations

The snow that fell in some municipalities of western Serbia, Ivanjica and Prijepolje destroyed large areas of raspberries.

For raspberries, from the beginning of the growing conditions were not favorable, due to frequent and heavy rains, a new snow has been further damaged seedlings. In more than 10 villages have counted on field crops.

Listar on raspberry plantations are not withstanding the weight of snow. In the mountainous region of Ivanjica municipality fell more than eight hours.

Snow more than 10 cm deep covered the raspberries in bloom.

“We have 70 percent damage. I have raspberries half hectares, Meeker, you villas. I have Polke 16 acres, that’s all wrecked,” says Zoran Ćeriman of Covilha.

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“This news is not mentioned by Dutch MSM, ” says Argiris. “But each wildfire in Australia is headline news and said to be caused by global warming.”

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  1. It’s not unknown you know – the old Ice Saints Festival occurs 11 – 13/14th May, when traditionally it was expected that the last cold weather of spring might fall. Of course it doesn’t happen every year, but you wouldn’t have had such festivals develop in pre-scientific times if there wasn’t some basis of it in fact……..

  2. Brazil: Icicle phenomenon was recorded again in Morro das Torres. 17 MAY 2016. Windchill -17 degrees in the Sierra Santa Catarina. Tuesday dawned cold in the Sierra Santa Catarina. According to measurements Epagri / Ciram in Urupema, the recorded minimum temperature was -0.8 degrees with wind chill of -17 degrees, in Morro das Torres, the highest point of the city with about 1,750 meters above sea level.
    Icicle phenomenon was again recorded in the Morro das Torres leaving the fully frozen landscape providing a spectacle of nature. This phenomenon occurs due to freezing fog of water droplets suspended by touching the surface. Many confuse with snow by the similarity of the landscape that is completely white.
    According to forecasters, the next morning will be even colder in Santa Catarina.

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