May snowfall in Turkey

10 May 2020 – “Very rare” May snowfall surprises residents of Ardahan.

Flaky snowfall imbued the center of the city with white.

Trees that were prepared to bloom in May were covered by so much snow that branches of some trees were broken.

Turkey News: Snow surprise in May. 09.05.2020
The snow falling in Erzurum in May turned the Palandöken Ski Center to white.  The snow reached 5 cm at an elevation of 1890 meters and exceeded 10 cm in high sections. Municipal teams carried out snow removal in the hotels area.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the hotels and businesses in the Ski Center were closed, and Palandoken had silence.×325/5eb67935c8c37311ec47bff2.jpg

Snowfall Affects Negatively in May in Erzurum

The snow formed a layer on the vehicles. Citizens also opened their umbrellas.
Citizens were surprised by the snow in May and took pictures with their mobile phones.×422/5eb7aac5c03c0e0f98370ced.jpg

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  1. After 20°C… it will snow

    To the east of the front line, warm weather prevails in summer with a temperature of +20 and above, while to the west the Arctic cold spreads, with snow and minus.
    On the afternoon of May 12, when a cold front crosses the borders of Russia in its northwest movement, temperature contrasts in its zone can reach 20°C, and rain can turn into wet snow.
    In particular, snow after +20 is forecasted in the Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod, Tver and Smolensk regions.

    Tuesday, May 12, will be the warmest this week, during the day the temperature rises to 22..24 degrees, the average daily temperature will be above the norm by 2-3 degrees. But the cold will already be on the threshold of the metropolitan area. At an altitude of 1.5 km, air temperature will drop from +15 degrees to zero, and then to -5 degrees.
    “Northwest region, between Saint Petersburg and Moscow”
    It has snowed in Helsinki (Finland)

    Finland was the first to encounter an Arctic invasion.
    In Helsinki, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees.
    After morning +10 at noon, it started to snow.
    In some places a temporary snow cover appeared.

  2. If it is 1850 metres above sea level,I’m surprised that snow is so rare in early May. That is around 6000 ft , and is almost twice the height of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.
    Winds have crossed Europe and Turkish Asia from the Arctic over recent days. Hence the cold.

  3. I believe the Byzantine Empire was brought down partly by the LIA. I’ll bet it snowed in that same area back then.

  4. 1) From summer to winter: snow fell in several regions of Russia

    As expected, the change of weather was not long in coming. In the North-West of Russia it sharply became colder: after 25°C the temperature dropped sharply to 0°C.
    In the south of the Leningrad region, the snow cover was 8 cm!
    2) Snow cover formed in Lithuania

    Tuesday morning found the inhabitants of the Republic of Lithuania with strange weather, not in May, but in March. Arctic air exploded in a flourishing country. In Kaunas, heavy snow fell in the middle of the night of May 12, on Tuesday morning in some places, the height of the snow was 5 to 6 cm, and that was how the cold front that crossed the Republic of Lithuania in Monday night confirmed his passage spectacularly. On Tuesday night, in some places the wind intensified in gusts of 15 to 18 m / s.

    In the morning and in the capital of Lithuania, snow covered the flower beds and, in the surrounding areas, in summer huts and gardens, I covered the beds with a snow cover of up to 2 cm. Wet snow remained on the feet of the conifers. Yesterday afternoon, the temperature in Vilnius rose to 20.22 degrees and this morning dropped to -1 degrees. In less than a day, the temperature in the Lithuanian capital dropped by more than 20 degrees.

    On Tuesday, precipitation in the form of snow and wet rain will continue, cold air will continue to flow with a strong cold wind from the northern quarter, gusts will increase in gusts up
    to 15 m/s.

    On Wednesday night, frosts of up to -1° to 2°C will be observed almost everywhere.

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