Maybe we want dependable energy in this case?

Sick. But I love it!

This sums up the folly of the Green New Swindle Deal better than I could with ten thousand words.

4 thoughts on “Maybe we want dependable energy in this case?”

  1. I have said this many times before…..
    “No Sun, No Wind = No Power”!
    Solar and wind power are UNRELIABLE!

    Their solution is battery back-up systems which doubles the cost of any renewable system. They said it would cost around $100 Trillion to meet our electrical needs using solar and wind power. Personally I think it will cost $200 to $300 Trillion!

    Furthermore, maintenance costs for replacing inverters, batteries, defective panels, wind blades, and other problems will continue to cost all of us more $Billions every year!
    Where is all that money going to come from? You and I?

    Sorry Biden, and all those “Snow Flakes”, “We” don’t make that much $$$$$$$ to waste on unreliable energy!

    And to top it all off, CO2 will continue to rise as Global Cooling freezes us out of our homes, disproving the “GloBull Lie”!

  2. checked a friends solar inverter setup today, to see what sort of input
    two units
    ones faulty and NOT been working for ???quite a while Id bet
    the other on a good clear sunny day peak near noon just 980watts this is a 10 panel setup
    why 2 inverters? no idea
    the power co would see the drop in output as they pay a pittance to her
    but theyve not called or emailed to ask had she serviced the setup at all?
    because , well its MUCH better for them if she pays full HIGH cost incoming supply charges

    • Half power solar is a typical problem for home owners. Generally, home owners pay attention to the system when it is new, but later fail to monitor the system until one day they notice, “Surprise”, the electric bill is and has been way too high for quite a while.
      Most home solar systems are designed like Christmas tree lights; if one bulb is out all the lights in the string go out. The system you described was a two string system. If one panel or one inverter dies, then the system only generates half power.Unfortunately, the power inverters only last about 5 to 7 years. If your friend had been monitoring the system once a month, then this would have been discovered a while ago.

      This is one of the many reasons I call renewable energy “Unreliable”!

  3. funny cartoon!

    Well in addition, I believe MOST of the solar panels are currently being made in CHINA. Might this possibly be why Chinagate Biden is pushing this “green” agenda so?

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