Meanwhile in Montana

It’s snowing on Bozeman Pass….. picture taken at 9pm, June 7th.

It's snowing on Bozeman Pass….. picture taken at 9pm, June 7th.

Posted by Meanwhile in Montana on Friday, June 7, 2019

Right now (June 8) it’s 93 degrees and sunny in Texas where I live. I like that a whole lot better than snow.

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this photo

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  1. I’ll take the 81* it was in Cuyahoga Falls, Oh today over either snow or 93*. I grew up in SE Texas and you can keep that “air you can wear”, along with 24/7 mosquitos and flying cockroaches.

  2. About 8 inches on Raynolds Pass (south of West Yellowstone). Ground covered in Monarch Canyon (central MT).

    If it weren’t for how cold and wet the whole spring has been, this wouldn’t be noteworthy; it’s a rare year when it doesn’t snow in Montana the first week of June.

  3. The Weather Channel had a segment yesterday morning (Sat Jun 8) from a live webcam feed at one of the ski resorts in Montana where 4-8″ were expected to fall. I searched their website thoroughly to see if they had any information to the weather advisory covering the region but neither they nor NOAA had an updated winter weather advisory. If certain things don’t affect major population centers, it doesn’t get reported.

  4. All I’ve seen on MSM is about heat wave in southern CA, Nevada, and AZ. No mention of cold and snow, neither Montana, nor New Zealand. Guess it doesn’t fit into their agenda.

  5. From a native Texan, “Glad to have to in Texas Robert!”
    It’s a rainy spring and summer for us this year, and somewhat cooler, but no doubt Solar Minimum is a big part of the picture.

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