Media blocks access to expose of Hunter Biden files – Video

Why does this concern me? Because Joe Biden wants to cripple U.S. fossil-fuel industries at the same time as his son helps enrich other country’s energy-generating capacities (see link below). And all of this is occurring just as sunspots drop to their lowest level in 200 years, which I think signals our descent into the next Little Ice Age.


Emails show that as Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden tailored American foreign policy – our foreign policy, which Joe Biden does not own – in order to help his son’s business interests. Biden even intervened, aggressively into the internal the affairs of another sovereign nation.

But then came a massive coverup. Twitter banned its users from accessing the story. So did Facebook. So has almost of mainstream media.

When Americans searched Google to find the New York Post article, many couldn’t find it.

Here’s a direct quote from the New York Post article:

“We now know the Biden paydays were anything but conspiracy theories. Hunter was getting roughly $1 million per year from Burisma. Treasury Department alerts reveal that Russian oligarch Elena Baturina wired $3.5 million to Biden’s interests. New text messages reveal that China Energy Company Ltd (CEFC) apparently paid $5 million to the Biden family. Another e-mail indicates Hunter demanded a $10 million per year “fee” from one of his Chinese business partners. There is no more doubt.”

Please note that Biden’s son was getting huge sums from Chinese energy companies while he (senior Biden) was talking about shutting down gas and oil production in the U.S.
Conflict of interest, anyone?

Thanks to Timothy Minnich for this video

From America to China overnight.

The only thing worse than COVID-19 would be BIDEN-20.

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  1. Biden wants to do a lot more than cripple an established industry or 2. He will cripple anything left of your independence, freedom to think for yourself, freedom to take care of your family and ability to just be your own man.
    I can tolerate an idiot who is just incompetent. Biden is not incompetent. He is a criminal so please do anything but vote this force of terminal nastiness.
    Keep America on the straight and narrow and please accept my well wishes for your election, from the UK.
    Good luck.

  2. For weeks, the media and researchers around the world have been waiting with increasing impatience for the publication of a large Danish study on the effect – or lack thereof – of wearing a bandage in public space here during the corona pandemic.

    Now, one of the researchers who has been involved in the study can state that the finished research result has been rejected by at least three of the world’s absolutely leading medical journals.

    These include The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine and the American Medical Association’s journal JAMA.

    “They all said no,” says the professor, dr. with. and chief physician at the research department at North Zealand Hospital, Christian Torp-Pedersen.
    However, the professor does not want to give the reasons for the journals.

    “We can not start discussing what they are dissatisfied with, because in that case we must also explain what the study showed, and we do not want to discuss that until it is published,” explains Christian Torp-Pedersen.

    Outstanding study

    The study was initiated at the end of April after a grant of five million kroner from the Salling Foundations. It involved as many as 6,000 Danes, half of whom had to wear bandages in the public space over a long period of time. The other half was selected as the control group.

    A large part of the test participants were employees of Salling Group’s supermarkets: Bilka, Føtex and Netto.

    The studio and its size are unique in the world, and the purpose was once and for all to try to clarify the extent to which the use of sanitary napkins in public space provides protection against corona infection.

    For the same reason, the researchers behind the study have regularly received inquiries from both Danish and international media with inquiries about when the results will be available. In the world of research, it is good practice not to comment on a research result until it has been published in a recognized so-called peer review journal.

    The question of publication, however, approached another of the study’s participating researchers, professor at Hvidovre Hospital’s infectious disease department, Thomas Lars Benfield, an answer on Sunday. It happened in an email that was shared on Twitter by former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson. Professor’s answer:

    “As soon as a journal is brave enough to accept the study.”

    However, Thomas Lars Benfield’s co-researcher at the studio, Christian Torp-Pedersen, says that he “might also have dared to go as far as Benfield” in an answer to the question from his side.

    Does this mean that your research results may be perceived as controversial in the eyes of some?

    “That’s how I want to interpret it, too.”

    Can one interpret a controversial research result in the sense that no significant effect of mask use is demonstrated in your study?

    “I think that’s a very relevant question you are asking.”

    The expedient

    It must be up to the readers themselves to assess what one should put in these answers.

    But if the Danish research result is truly “controversial”, and if it is meant that no evidence has been found of any major infection-protecting effect of mask use in public space, it will be highly startling.

    For in that case, one must question the expediency of the fact that the vast majority of the world’s population currently walks around with a mask in their pocket or on their face.

    But of course it can not be ruled out that the three medical journals are of the opinion that the data base in the Danish study is deficient – that for example there are too few corona infected in the study to be able to draw unambiguous conclusions about the protective effect of masks against infection with the new virus.

    The study’s spokesman and main author is professor of cardiology and chief physician at Rigshospitalet, Henning Bundgaard. He strongly emphasizes that he wants to be in charge of ‘high-quality’ research.

    But the professor cannot enter into a discussion about what the study may show or relate to the information that Berlingske has received from another of the study’s authors.

    However, he explains that he is ‘sorry’ that the study has not yet been published in a peer review journal. That is, in a journal where research results are evaluated by independent peers in the field.

    »This is the world’s largest study of its kind and is expected to be included as an important factor in the basis for government decisions regarding the use of masks – not only in Denmark – but everywhere. That is why the publication is urgent – and we are doing what we can on our part, “he says and continues:

    If I wanted to publish things outside of a magazine, I would have done it a long time ago. But there are a variety of scientific reasons why I do not. The research I want to be responsible for must be of high quality, and this means, among other things, that other researchers must be able to see my data and look at calculations and statistics before publication, so that they can assess whether they arrive at the same conclusion like us. This is an absolutely crucial quality criterion for good research.

    Henning Bundgaard also explains that the study alone sheds light on the extent to which masks protect mask wearers from infection. In other words, it does not shed light on another side of the infection cube – whether people who go without a mask near an infected mask wearer are at reduced risk of becoming infected with coronavirus.

    “But in my opinion, that study cannot be carried out,” says the professor and elaborates:

    “In that case, you had to take someone who was documented to be infected and carried the virus, and then you had to let one half go with a mask and the other without a mask. Next, in their environment, one had to measure how many became ill and how many did not become ill. It would be, for example, colleagues and families and those on the bus and in shops. It would be terribly unethical and would – as far as I can see – never be implemented. ”

    Already early in the corona pandemic, it was demonstrated that in some cases infection can occur from individuals before clear symptoms have emerged. Even infected people who never get symptoms can in some cases infect others with the new coronavirus.

    In Denmark, the National Board of Health was for a very long time opposed to the use of face masks in public spaces – even though a large number of countries south of the border already in the spring made masks mandatory in shops and public transport.

    For example, the director of the National Board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, said as recently as July 29, according to DR:

    “Mouthpieces make no sense in the current situation, where we still have a very low infection in Denmark.”

    But on 15 August, when Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) launched a nationwide order to use bandages in public transport in Denmark, the tone was different with the director.

    “We ourselves have become wiser about this,” he said, adding that bandages “have an effect on the vulnerable.”

    WHO hesitation

    The World Health Organization (WHO) also expressed some doubts at the beginning of the pandemic and stated, among other things, that there is insufficient evidence that it makes sense for healthy people to wear a mask.

  3. Snow expected in Ottawa for the first time in 169 days

    OTTAWA – Pela primeira vez desde 9 de maio, a previsão de neve para Ottawa.
    “We are now seeing significantly colder temperatures dropping down to near the freezing mark tonight, allowing for the development of snow,” said Ryan Rozinskis, Environment Canada severe weather meteorologist.

    The forecast also calls for a chance of flurries Monday night and Tuesday.

    The last time it snowed in Ottawa was on May 9, when a trace of snow was recorded at the Ottawa Airport. Ottawa received 0.4 cm of snow on May 8.

    “Rarely do you get to Halloween without seeing some snow,” said Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips in an interview with CTV News Ottawa on Friday.

    The record for greatest snowfall on Oct. 25 is one centimetre of snow, while the Oct. 26 record is 6.8 centimetres, set back in 1997.

    The normal temperatures for this time of year are a high of 10C and a low of 2C.

    CTV News
    Snowy, rainy weather ahead for Ottawa

  4. Excellent link and comment, IMO.

    It seems that “We The People” are about to speak loudly.
    Hopefully, the nonsense will wane and common sense, with “true” science will prevail.

  5. This last week has been a triumph for Trump and a disaster for Biden. Trump – excellent debate, Sudan peace deal,new Supreme Court Justice. Biden – Announces ending oil industry, blames Russia with no proof regarding Hunter’s laptop, and fails to generate much interest at campaign events. Goodbye, Joe.

  6. “When Americans searched Google to find the New York Post article, many couldn’t find it.”
    That’s because you’re using the wrong search engine.
    Try DuckDuckGo.

  7. I see senile Joe has been put back in his basement u til the Election.
    Over here in the British Gulag there is almost complete censorship of the Biden Crime Family. Interestingly when I t y people The Biden Crime Family into my search engine I get over 10 suggestions. Any one still using googlie should censorship.

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