Media focusing on heat while ignoring cold and snow – Video

Snowing and freezing in July, but the media ignores it. And notice the cold wave set to sweep into the central U.S. on August 1st.

(At the 6:00 mark in the video.)

24 Jul 2018 – Zero degrees in Resolute Bay. Minus one degree in Sachs Harbor.

Normal or below normal temperatures in all – ALL – of Greenland.

“Record heat in Scandinavia brought by the remnants of a warm water hurricane pulled into the atmospheric flow, centering that heat over northern Europe,” says David DuByne at Adapt 2030.

“All the while 2000 miles west, its snowing in Canada with well below normal temperatures.

“Looking at temperatures across N. America, doesn’t seem like the end of the world heat, at all.

“You decide if what you are being told in the news is true.”

“Kind of disingenuous, actually” says David.

Thanks to Johnny for this video

12 thoughts on “Media focusing on heat while ignoring cold and snow – Video”

  1. This is how ice ages begin! Growing Arctic ice and summer snowfall in more and more areas. Better stock up on food while we still have a chance.

  2. The EXACT location of this Cold Front, in Canada, is the EXACT location from which the previous Ice Ages, in North America, began.

    It has begun.

    I will predict, that this time next year, the Winter’s snow will still be on the ground. Lakes frozen and the “media” will ignore it.

  3. Yes Centurion it has begun, Meanwhile the mainstream media continues to do a disservice to the rest of us with a Hysteria of Never Trump persist resist on the TEE VEE. The relevance of the Trump and the AGW hysteria on TEE VEE along with the ratings will continue fall as people deal with the cold reality of the climate collapse and crossing through the Dalton Minimum conditions next year, on our way to a new Maunder minimum. Meanwhile I’m beginning to wonder if the weeks long rain deluge on the East Coast today is really the weather shifting to what should be late October conditions albeit in late July.

    • Ive been noticing animals dying because of the weather all over the world, is this something that happens too in a mini ice age?

      Lots of animals in sweden die because of the heat, the drought, lack of food. The slaughterhouse is booked until april next year here

  4. I can confirm: even italian mainstream media are speaking about unusual high temps in northern Europe (obviously without explaining why) and ignoring all other cold events. In some cases they tell us the opposite, like what is going on in Greenland.

  5. Weather, its wonderful stuff. I was in the Canadian Rockies 4 weeks ago on holiday. It went from 30 C near Maligne Lake one day to -3 overnight the next day on the Icefield Parkway with snow on the ground. Bit chilly in a Truck Camper !! We then got more snow a few days later at only 4,000 feet altitude on the AB40 Forest Trunk Road. Locals were complaining about the unseasonal cold weather. As usual none of that got reported and the cold area went as far south as Wyoming and Idaho

  6. I’m already stocking up on the tinned food …..I feel that not only will the winters get hectic but crops will be badly hit prices will shoot through the roof so for me it’s a win win ..start now people u don’t to be a millionaire to stock up little by little will help……just a personal.opinion

  7. the focus is on melting ice and the tmep. in summer is pointing to that; but one has to relate it to other phenomena to grasp what is going on.

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