Media ignoring the real cause of French riots

The ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow jackets) were rioting against fuel taxes meant to “save the environment,” but the elite media seems to be trying to bury that fact.

The fuel-tax increase enraged much of the nation and sparked violent protests from Paris to Marseilles in which four people were killed and hundreds injured.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Paris and other cities around France, blocking roads, torching cars and buildings, clashing with police and demanding President Macron’s resignation.

An article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal described the riots – the worst riots in Paris in decades – as a protest against “a fuel-tax increase,” failing to mention that the tax was intended to fight ‘climate change.’

Instead, if readers have the patience to read the entire 992-word article – a patience that many readers may not possess – they will find a brief mention, a full 10 paragraphs down, that the tax proposal was aimed at “simultaneously raising revenue and cutting automobile pollution.”

No mention of saving the environment or fighting ‘climate change.’

Fourteen paragraphs farther down, another passing reference is made to ‘cutting pollution,’

But again, no mention of saving the environment or fighting ‘climate change.’

Meanwhile, ABC’s latest contribution completely fails to mention that the tax was meant to fight climate change.

So does the latest coverage from NBC news – no mention that the tax was meant to fight climate change.

The Wall Street Journal article does admit that “Polls show that more than 70% of the public supports the demonstrators,” which gives me great hope. Perhaps the general populace is beginning to see through the global warming hoax.

16 thoughts on “Media ignoring the real cause of French riots”

  1. France has a proud history of violent riots to express discontent, I wish more Canadians would put down their phones, pick up a pitch fork and “speak” clearly to Justin.

  2. Racial and nationalist patriots want the political center and the left plus all their works expunged. France and every country in Europe and the nations founded from their colonies need to be liberated from the anti white wickedness and oppression of democracy, communism and multi racialism. Each country must be populated and ruled by its founding European peoples only. That is the real bottom line. Protesting these idiotic and criminal carbon taxes is merely a means to an end. The true enemy are those imposing a new world order and white genocide.

  3. On this and every other subject, the media are in a tight lock step like a formation of goose steepers. I often wonder who is really pulling the strings on these puppets with such a consistent left-radical agenda.

    • Follow the money and look for who owns the media, banks and government and you will have your answer. The carbon taxes and global warming issue is just a means to an end. One side wants to tax, regulate and miscegenate you and your people to death and the other side wants to save their people and nation from that.

  4. The good part is that having won a reversal of the tax they will be back on the streets this weekend.

  5. They are using taxation to change the climate. How weird can life be. One can hear that doctrine almost every hour everyday. The alarmists are using the same words as those who showed scientifically that CO2 can’t be the cause. Also, as usual, the rioteers are descibed as ‘thugs’ and when they don’t accept the idea of climate change caused by human beings, they will be banned, anyhow, by, maybe all, of the so called political elite of the EU.

  6. The biggest threat to life on earth is the fight against climate change. These rallies in France do give hope that the future isn’t as bleak as it appears now. Hopefully there are hundreds of thousands of people elsewhere that will express their opinion.

  7. There’s good news here and bad news.

    The good news, the peasants got fed up and finally started revolting.

    The bad news is, the peasants, almost to man, still believe that (coercive) government is the answer – the problem is just that the wrong people are in charge, implementing the wrong policies.

    Vive la central planning! But please remove that last tax, don’t reform the labor code, and give me something else more than what you’re giving me today (just take it from the rich, merci).

    • Government by nature is coercive. There is no escape from that. It is merely a question of who is doing the coercing and what are they trying to achieve and why? These days the tendency is towards extremism in the defense of vice and it should be pretty obvious that the defense of vice is no virtue.

  8. I don’t mind paying taxes really. As long as the taxes go towards Government Bodies who are ACCOUNTABLE.
    CO2 changing climate? I laugh.
    Taxes changing climate? Now I really laugh.
    What next? An ant can change climate? Excuse me while I google ‘kidney strengthening exercises’ I am afraid my kidneys will explode if I keep laughing at all the leftist junk culture all around us.

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