Medieval Warm Period much warmer than now

Medieval Warm Period much warmer than now

2000 years of  evidence from a German peat bog substantiates extreme natural cooling and warming … without any help from CO2

Durres-Maar Temperature Variations

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“Ever wonder how climate change in the past could ever have been possible without CO2 changes?” asks this article on “Some people, like Prof. Michael E. Mann, think it wasn’t possible and that climate was always steady back then.”

“Mann even fabricated a hockey stick chart to precisely show that – until 1850 that is. Then man got smart, industrialized, and everything went to hell.”

“Well, there’s yet another temperature reconstruction out there showing once again Michael Mann was wrong, and that the climate often went to hell in the past too.”

When Moschen et al reconstructed temperature anomalies at a peat bog in Dürres Maar, Germany over the last 2000 years, they found huge variations in temperature. “So much so, that the researchers themselves even express they can’t believe their own results.”

“Obviously natural factors truly do exist. The Medieval Warm Period is shown again to be just as warm, if not warmer than today.”

So much for unprecedented global warming.


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  1. And this is news to those who have taken an introductory geology course in University???

    Ice Cores and HISTORICAL RECORDS have been known well since millenia that grapes were grown in England durring the MWP, and that Greenland really was “greener”, the cold peroid that came wiped out the Nordic settlers who would otherwise be used to cold weather…that’s how cold it became.

    Ice core data shows the same result as these “shell shocked” reporters should already know. Peat bogs are just overkill, the evidence is ( was) all around us.

  2. Today we have a free flow of information on the internet and yet most people are being brainwashed with disinformation by mainstream zombie media about the “dangerous C02”. C02 isn´t even worth mentioning when talking about warming or cooling on Earth! Thanks Robert Felix, it was you who woke me up some years ago from my silly but weakened belief in global warming.

    • In an attempt to discredit the idea that the Medieval Warm Period ever existed, this piece-of-trash video calls meteorologist Anthony Watts website “an anti-science blog.”

      That might give you an idea of which way the video is headed.

      Then, in an attempt to bolster the hockey-shtick theory, it shows clips of Dr. Richard B. Alley talking about the Greenland ice cores.

      In the video, Alley points out that we’ve seen abrupt climate change in the past.

      What does he mean by “abrupt”?

      “We’ve seen changes that are northern Alabama to southern Maine in 10 years,” says Alley. “Over the past 100,000 years in Greenland there’s 20-odd big jumps.”

      “Using GISP2 (Greenland ice core) data to argue against global warming is, well, stupid, or misguided, or something, but surely not scientifically sensible,” says Alley. “There’s nothing else we can find in nature (other than CO2) to do this.”

      Could it be the sun? Could it be volcanoes? Could it be cosmic rays?

      “No! says Alley. “We’ve looked really hard and we can’t find anything else.”

      Really? Then what caused those 20 big jumps that you found during the past 100,000 years?

      Do you suppose that it could have something to do with natural cycles?

      • “Then what caused those 20 big jumps that you found during the past 100,000 years?”
        You’re attacking an argument that climate scientists aren’t even making. Those jumps were caused by changes in ocean circulation that redistributed heat between the northern and southern hemispheres. Scientists call this a “bipolar see-saw”. This is regional or hemispheric, not global. The warming from ice ages to interglacials are caused by slight variations in the earth’s orbit and rotational axis that triggered an increase in the melting of sea ice and ice sheets in the southern hemisphere. The ice retreat exposed dark open water that amplified the warming and melting. The warming of the ocean released CO2 into the atmosphere which, because of CO2’s uniform concentration in the atmosphere, spread the warming to the tropics and northern hemisphere and initiated the melting of the northern ice sheets. While the CO2 did not initiate the warming between ice ages, the magnitude of the warming and cooling between ice ages and interglacials cannot be explained without the change in CO2.

  3. The Great Cathedrals were initiated during the MWP. Their designs are excellent for providing “cooling centers” to the masses. No real need for air conditioning in the original sections of them. Compare the cathedrals with the squat, compact forms of initial Saxon churches in the north of England. Perfect for an icy time of barbarian invasions.

  4. Climate has never been a constant. It has always changed dramtically and will change again in the future.

    It is completely ridiculous to believe that if we turn in our cars and shut off the electricity that somehow the climate will improve. Or that Earth’s ideal temperature can be set like a thermostat.

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