Melbourne shivers through summer cold snap

 Melburnians woke up to temperatures of 19C (66.2F), below average for this time of year, said Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Stephen King.

The forecast is for much the same on Sunday.

“Temperatures will then warm up and are set to get as high as 38C on Thursday,” Mr King said.

Snow has also been forecast for the alpine regions.

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  1. This one is a bit more dramatic –

    For those who do not know where Orford is these maps show it is on the east coast of Tasmania. The first shows Tasmania with respect to the tropics of the southern hemisphere and the second zooms to Orford’s location which is about 42°33′ South – similar to Boston in the northern hemisphere.

    How often has this type of “cold snap” with winter conditions occurred in Summer ?

    In January 2013 the town of Dunnaley less than 37 km south was destroyed by fire during a – dare I say it – “heat wave” or as we used to call it a hot summer day.

    Of course that was global warming/climate change at work.

    The snow and ice and frigid conditions are either weather or global weather weirding cause by – you guessed it and as they always predicted except when they said the “end of snow and ice was nigh” – caused global warming/climate change at work.

    Anyway very interesting while its still damned hot here – or as we called it 40 years ago – summer.

  2. Wait a minute. One morning the temp was 5C, 19C below the average! A cold day. What a lot of hail from the thunderstorm that dropped ambient right down.

  3. Its been a very mild summer down under, we have had substantial rain in Adelaide which is very rare usually hot, then hot then followed by more hot. People are noticing hence the new theory claiming co2 is an omnipotent gas has been suggested

  4. in Victoria regardless of season you learn to:
    never leave home without the full FOUR seasons of clothing;-/ tshirt shirt or sweater and a jacket handy in case.and it may be shorts weather early and youll need shoes and socks by 3pm..reckon this place IS the climate change capital 😉 just not related to co2 lol

  5. Just How Fast Can Things Freeze?

    Taking this data and assuming 450 million years ago was a good date target, there is a 72-million-year cycle the computer has determined from this data set. Therefore, it would appear that we are headed toward the biggest glacial period in the history of the planet. However, we are probably looking at that in about 30 million years. Nevertheless, it will get colder in our lifespan and this initial bout with getting colder should be moving into 2028. You will still need heating pads and warm clothes if the power grids hold up

  6. Temps in the 30s for the last week in New Zealand’s Capital on the other side of the elongated low pressure system cooling the Australian east coast.

    Full page spreads in the papers are telling us this is a “sign” of the new normal again.

  7. John Holdren has been caught up in the Uranium 1 scandal. He was on the Committee for Foreign Investment and many of them have connections to the Clinton Foundation.

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