Melt-glass from 12,900 years ago found in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Syria

Melt-glass from 12,900 years ago found in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Syria

More evidence of huge explosions triggered by a magnetic reversal

Researchers say it proves their cosmic impact hypothesis. I say it’s more evidence of huge explosions in the sky triggered by the Gothenburg magnetic reversal.

Photos of melt glass known as trinitite formed at the ground surface from the melting of sediments and rocks by the very high temperatures of the Trinity nuclear airburst in New Mexico in 1945. This material is very similar to the glassy melt materials now reported.

Or perhaps a plasma attack from the sun.


19 thoughts on “Melt-glass from 12,900 years ago found in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Syria

  1. Well, humans survived the YD whatever caused it and the Holocene became the relativly benign midwife of all human civilisations since. We also came through the Maunder and Dalton minimums, not unscathed of course, but we also saw the Enlightenment and the birth of modern industrial societies. The complexity of today’s societes does make us vulnerable, but we are no less intelligent and knowledgeable than our YD, Maunder and Dalton Minimum forbears.

    • Mankind did survive all of those events and we may have become more intelligent over the years. You also have to look at what intelligents or knowledge that has been lost to the average person about living off the land. Most people today couldn’t live like our ancestors did if they had too,due to their lack of knowledge of how to survive off the land. I do believe it will take a mixture of people with different backgrounds and knowledge working together in groups to survive the next iceage or even a magnetic reversal. Something most people will have a hard time doing just due to the lack of food and trust of one another.

      • Well we have more knowledge, our intelligence is no greater or less, but it remains to be seen if we are any wiser.

  2. The author Eric Von Daniken mentioned the Syrian glass fragments in one of his very popular books from the 1970’s. He was of the view that they were caused by some kind of prehistoric nuclear explosion.

  3. Bring in the science-tards to tell us what it is…maybe it’s fossilized CO2? Maybe it’s caused by the same effect that is causing the international standard weights in Paris to miraculously lighter..”Ololol…;o)

  4. Well, it may be humans survive but it would sure be tough during the culling period.
    See Wiki Toba catastrophe theory , the gene pool maybe reduced to 10,000 or even a 1000.

  5. Sahara desert is also the site of a major impact. Satellite images show the outline of the crater,I recall the science channel program where they showed melted sand,glass in a massive square km area…they say an asteroid can generate that kind of heat from its mass. Its impact would cause enormous pressure on the ground(heat)then melts sand like butter…then it solidyfies after cooling.

  6. —another theory is that these vitrifications (including forts in Scotland) were due to nuclear wars of earlier times. Search under India ancient nuclear weapons. Various sites.

    • all vitrified forts in Scotland are no older than the Bronze Age( at the earliest) and most of them are Iron Age. At these times there were no industrial cultures on Earth with the capacity to make nuclear weapons. We have no historical records of nuclear war or even handed down oral myths. We fought the Romans and each other with iron spearheads and swords.

    • Further, we have no alien invasion myths and indeed the only aliens that invaded us were Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans. The Romans left and the rest just integrated.

  7. There are natural nuclear explosions that have nothing to do with us, could have been one of those – but if it was, wouldn’t there be traces of radiation or of the explosion itself?

    • There are. Radiation levels in Michigan soils from the same period measure 2,000 times normal! (Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, p. 149)

      • and that makes sense ! Similar reversals before that time also showed sudden increases in radioactivity, including carbon-14, Beryllium 10, strontium and iridium.

    • My fella browsers of iceagenow,let’s not exclude that monster space rocks,eventually knock on earths door,with more than a thud. These satelite pics prove earth gets whacked a lot. Countries that were striked before they were countries. South africa,quebec,iowa,egypt,soutnindia,tanguska ,arizona,mexico,australia basically every continent has been struck by space rock. We are livin on a prayer,like iceage climate transitions. Hope were ready,its coming ,math wizards say the numbers add up. So, I say” BEWARE”.

    • Electric universe proves otherwise. Nuke bomb makers r not telling the truth,probably electro magnetic bombs which is in tune with the electric universe theory. Who knows,russians r quiet an the U.S. So who knows how humans can copy SUN processes??

  8. British archaeologists have been investigating vitrified forts for many years.
    The main thing is to seperate out those ramparts which are merely burned from those classified as vitrified. it is not always possible to do this so the numbers can be misleading. V Gordon Childe did an experiment in the 1930s in vitrifying the kinds of stones available in Scotland which has a very different geological structure from most of the United Kingdom,I think. So to find out about these forts you will need to search for archaeological research and look up the local geology of the area for each fort. Generalisations are always misleading 🙂
    Remember ‘Garbage In Garbage Out”

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