Met Office – Europe May be Facing Return Of ‘Little Ice Age’

“Britain should brace itself for another freezing winter with the return of La Niña,” says Jonathan Leake today in The Sunday Times.

Some suggest that last year’s icy winter in Britain – one of the coldest winters on record – was linked to the strong La Niña.

With La Niña now returning for the second year in a row, concerns are rising  that last year’s miserable winter was just the beginning of an intolerably long series of such winters.

Research from the Met Office suggests that Europe could be facing a return of the “little ice age” that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing decades of bitter winters,  Leake warns.

The prediction, to be published in Nature, is based on observations of a slow-down in the sun’s emissions of ultraviolet radiation.
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18 thoughts on “Met Office – Europe May be Facing Return Of ‘Little Ice Age’”

  1. Yep…. Global Warming …. Long and Bitterly Cold Winters caused by “…a slow-down in the Sun’s emissions…”

    Yes sir ree Bobcat.! Less warmth from the Sun causes the Earth to warm up, which leads to Global Warming, which causes “decades” of “…the coldest winters on record…”

    It makes perfect sense ….. If you’re a Leftist Lunatic..!

    • Fantastic you should be on tv how long do they think they can keep fooling the sleeping zombies,not very long this winter should make them wake up to all these lies.

      • Not so fast mr black, the bbc – here in Britain- will just keep screening programmes with subliminal warming ideas in them while the temperatures plummet. Remember TV is god and people get their ideas and thoughts not from independent study and factual reading or thought but from the latest soap opera.

        We also still have the global warming causes cooling mantra floating about, when the ice melts in the arctic (still waiting) then it stops the gulf stream and causes a mini-ice age in Europe, just like happened before (before mankind and SUVs might I add too! but forget about that)

  2. It may make perfect sense only to leftist lunatics, but keep your pen warmed up and your checkbook open to pay those carbon taxes, because they still seem to be in charge of the governments! And it would appear that NO AMOUNT of EVIDENTIAL DATA proving otherwise will change their warmist little hearts and minds!

    • Unfortunately, your assessment is most likely the correct one. They are “Watermelons.” Green on the outside, red on the inside. Some are Pomegranates; red through and through.

      But, there is a hope, although it may come at a terrible cost. Perhaps, if the ice age happens fast enough, the people will force hard changes against those who misled them. Otherwise, it will be a slow fight of attrition to remove all the leftists from the bureaucracy. Leaders we can change through voting. Leftist bureaucrats are lifers on a mission; much harder to weed out.

  3. If I analyse the chart on the right hand side WARMER DURING MOST OF PAST 10000 YEARS it is telling me that the drop may be much more than Little Ice Age of 300 years ago.
    A 6 degree drop (down to -38 degrees) may be in the cards.
    That looks like midway between today and the Younger Dryas.
    That kind of cold could be close to cataclysmic.
    No wonder they are not telling us the truth.

  4. The evidence seems to point to a growing La Nina effect in the Pacific with SST’s dropping -2C or more by January.
    If the coming winter is as cold as it was in December, 2010, then we are in for a bad time here in the UK.
    In the book, ‘Ice Age Ireland’ the description of the winter of 1739-40 makes grim reading. Let’s hope it won’t get this bad in the next 30 years.

  5. ooohhh i think this is possible in near future.Here in East of Europe temperatures are very low, night temps are negative or just above freezing.
    This is the second year in a row that we have snow in October, does it mean any ?

  6. I’m surprised The Met Office would put their names to this, they’ve been in the global warming camp for so long! But something has been changing for awhile now arctic winters chilly summers even they are starting to take notice. I think another winter like last year or worst and folks at the top will start worrying. We have got to let go of this global warming rubbish.

  7. This report is commented/spun on by ultra pro warmist Richard Black (Environment correspondent, BBC News)

    “The researchers emphasise there is no impact on global warming”

    “If the ultraviolet theory is correct, the UK is less likely to see cold winters in the next few years as the 11-year solar cycle gains strength.”

    Hang on is this not the exact opposit of what the (Warmist) MET Office is stating.

  8. bet the Had and Ipcc goons sens the met office a nasty letter telling em to get with the official story!
    never mind the Facts, this is what WE say it is….lying scum -the lot of em!

  9. From Jonathan Leake, Science Editor, The Sunday Times
    Thanks to those who have commented on my articles. However, there appears to be a common misunderstanding. My article was not about anthropogenic climate change and did not mention climate change. By contrast the phenomena mentioned in this article are natural and separate from climate change. They operate in parallel to climate change, in parallel to each other but, of course, each on very different time scales.
    My original article (the one on the front page of The Sunday Times) made this clear. Unfortunately it was cut in length after I had left for the evening on Saturday and much of the scientific background was lost. I have now added a comment to the online version to reinstate this.
    La Nina, for example, is really about weather. It’s part of a relatively short term natural cycle operating over periods of a few years.
    It’s just one of many factors which together mean that weather is constantly showing a high level of variability. In other words, getting a cold winter or two does not tell us anything about climate change. It just tells us that weather changes a lot – which we already know.
    Similarly, the research in Nature Geoscience about the changes in solar radiation, is also nothing to do with climate change. It’s an entirely separate effect happening in parallel. Scientists think its part of a 3-400 year cycle of changes in UV radiation. There’s a good article here
    and the original is here
    It’s interesting to wonder if it will mitigate or amplify the effects of greenhouse gas emissions but I suspect no-one really knows yet.
    The key point is that short term changes in the weather and long term changes in the climate are both driven by a complex mix of variables. Working out the most likely future trends is hard and takes long-term dedicated science.
    One key point here is simply the complexity of the science. Reducing it all to an argument for or against the idea that humanity is changing the climate misses the real point which is that we should be trying to use the best science to objectively assess just how much of a problem all these effects really present to an increasingly crowded and interconnected world.
    The science suggesting that the Earth faces significant warming from humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions remains very strong. If you disagree then you need good science to back your case and so far this is lacking.
    These other phenomena (La Nina, UV radiation etc) are interesting in their own right but hardly relevant to a discussion on the science underlying anthropogenic climate change.
    Jonathan Leake

  10. When you go to the article itself, note the disclaimer beneath which says in effect that this “is not about anthropogenic climate change. The phenomena mentioned in this article are natural and separate from climate change. They operate in parallel to climate change….” Huh? What a bunch of BS, but whew! They sure dodged a bullet there, didn’t they?

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