One to two meters of snow in Cordoba Malargüe

Still searching for four missing.  
National Gendarmerie personnel and police in the town of Mendoza Malargüe, Argentina, will resume the search today by helicopter.

The four have been missing since Wednesday in the sector Cajón de las Cargas, headwaters of the Rio Grande in the middle range, when they departed for an ATV tour.

The tourists came in two trucks to a spot known as Rincon Seco. Presumably from there they departed on quads with food for one day with the intention of returning the next day.

”Upon leaving it was evening time and a heavy snow started, which accumulated in parts one to two meters (3 to 7 ft) of snow,” told Commissioner Luis De Miguel to Cardena 3. “Gendarmerie was able to get only 25 miles from where the vans are car they had rented.

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  1. Border crossing Chile-Argentina near Pehuenche (the International Route 115-CH) had to be closed, because the falling of about 45 centimeters of snow was recorded. On Sunday, Highways staff have started to work on clearance from the Border Complex to the border with Argentina. Until yesterday afternoon the border crossing was closed by the amount of snow. From the Argentine side was not reported if they are doing similar work on this side of the mountain pass.

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