Mexican snowpocalypse exposes all-out AGW fraud

“It is the next ice age we need to fear and the freezing of our crops.”
– Kenneth Lund

Mexican snowpocalypse exposes all-out AGW fraud

By Kenneth Lund

The Snowpocalypse in northern Mexico explains it all – the total and complete all-out fraud and exposed lie of global warming and the carbon tax since it all started back in the 70’s. People who were not sure before now understand that they were taken for a ride.

The fact that Mexico is frozen from coast to coast beneath the tropic of cancer is strong evidence of climatic cooling in the last 75 years – like most of us already knew. This would not be the case if it hadn’t turned colder since the 1940’s. Any of these past charts showing this supposed increase in surface temps between 1980 and 2000 is a complete misrepresentation of facts. If you look at the John Daly website of station temps in rural areas, (some dating back to late 1700’s) you see no change at all during that time frame. (plus the satellite record confirms that trend in the 80’s)

And since 2000, land areas have cooled by over 1 degree F, along with all-time record ice growth in Greenland, Antarctica and over 90 percent of glaciers growing.

GW is the biggest fraud and lie in the history of the human race since homo sapiens were first walking on the planet.

It is the next ice age we need to fear and the freezing of our crops.

We will be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice.

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  1. nearly forgot to mention, that also includes Brownsville,TX and the deep south USA in stating that none of this record snowfall would be happening (especially in early December) if anything they were saying were true since the mid 70’s.

    • Have you noted the complete lack of snow so far in Arizona and Nevada mountains, the limited snowfall in California, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, not to mention the NE of USA?

      This year the snow is in Canada, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. And in Texas, the South and in Mexico.

      There is nothing wildly abnormal about this, just the vagaries of climate we do not live long enough to understand…..

      • It’s called La Niña—a blocking high pressure ridge sends the jet stream northward into BC, Canada and back down into the eastern U.S. As stated, there’s nothing abnormal about this, just part of a natural cycle. But we do understand why.

      • There’s nothing new about what’s happening in the Western States that you mentioned with respect to the weather. It is simply what normally happens during a La Niña part of the cycle.

        Southern California is burning to the ground because of the rain brought on by the El Niño last year. The amount of growth of underbrush this produced was awesome to see. The first thought I had driving through there in the middle of summer was that when it dried and caught fire there the flames would be spectacular and the property loss would be horrible.

        This is not about climate. It is all about the Southern Oscillation Index.

    • Kenneth, sorry to tell you this, but your worry about the next ice age, unnecessary. Why? Well, for one thing, we are already in the middle of a huge ice age. Its called the Pleistocene, and it has been around for a good 2.5 million years.

      It is the next “Glaciation” we have coming up ahead. There is a difference that you and others have trouble understanding. Due to the earth’s changing orbit around the sun, we have cooling and warming periods, with the cooling being around 100 thousand years, followed by an interglacial of roughly 12.5 thousand years. And while this is not ‘official’ yet, it is almost certainly due to the two Americas joining together by the Isthmus of Panama, also around 2.5 million years ago.

      So please, try to be more accurate with how you throw words and phrases around, ok? Remember, we are still in the throes of the current ice age. We don’t need another one on top of it, if you catch my drift.

      • John is right on this point that we are still in a ice age but we are in the interglacer of it as he said the correct term is really the next glacier cycle of the ice age.

  2. Regarding solar activity we are in a mini ice age, but you should take in account geoengineering such as ionosphere heaters(which warms the planet). I think there shouldn’t be any fear for ice age or to say differently abnormal cold, because we have advanced so much in technology, and now we control the weather.

    • Mendi

      I would worry very greatly, as ionosphere heaters are controlled by unaccountable bodies who see it as war technology, the means to control weather to make money on Wall Street, not the means to serve humanity.

      You have a disarmingly naive trust in humanity in the face of 75 years of contrary evidence.

    • You must be joking.
      Human’s don’t control the weather, or climate on a worldwide basis.
      Our variable UV star controls the climate on the Earth and nothing else. By 2056 after this “inconvenient” GSM cool period the Sun will start to return to its normal output levels, and the world will experience another slightly lower warm period than the one just finished.
      Your propaganda claims regarding geoengineering are far more likely entice the AGW IPCC fraudster nutters to instigate more fake science stupidity on the world and sponsor worldwide chemical interventions to prevent non-existent warming into an early Glacial advance.
      The problem with the Green Socialists in the UN and EU is that they believe their own hubris, that Gaya wants the world to become a socialist, sustainable, perfect world, to get it to that perfect state, 97% of the world human population need to be got rid of.
      What better way to remove them than to hide the next major glacial advance behind a smokescreen of AGW and human induced Climate Change and watch the world human population fall to near extinction levels.

    • the most HAARP managed to produce was a small plasma ball in the ionosphere some yrs ago, at huge energy consumption for a minute or so,while risking unknow follow on effects also.
      thats NOT going to warm diddly squat
      we control NOTHING re weather apart from inside our homes n cars at a cost.
      if the chemtrails are doing anything its keeping ground heat IN not blocking as much as it may have been intended..and getting truth on thats going to take decades. they DO admit to weather control attempts,but usually as rain making not otherwise..
      meanwhile in aus our BoM are raving heatwave week and the temps for this heatwave??? try 30c an a bit over
      SA n Vic to maybe get ONE DAY at 39c before a change moves over…utter crap heatwaves are 36+c for a week or more and night temps above 30c as well if your;e an aussie.

    • Mendi our technical abilities have limits and due to the shear scale of the planet, oceans and atmosphere man kinds efforts are insignificant and temporary. You would be well advised to be prepped to deal with the cold and food shortage to the best of your abilities.

      • @Steven Rowlandson
        Technology means also that we can build greenhouses(like in Almeria, Spain) if necessary and we’ll not have food shortages. For example population growth in most European countries is not increasing but decreasing, so there is no need to fear food shortages – especially in first world countries.

        • “population growth in most European is not increasing but decreasing”. What are the effects of the sneaky invasion by ‘refugees’ from Africa on population growth in Europe?

  3. Total solar irradiance is dropping off at an incredible rate, the heliosphere Is shrinking, the solar polar fields are weakening and due to cancel each other out around 2030, other planets within our solar system are experiencing changes not just Earth.
    Cosmic Ray’s are creating more cloud cover ( seeding) the magnetic field is weakening at around 5% per decade leaving Earth open to EMP’s and solar storms, we have cooling SST’s below the tropics of Capricorn, couplings of the PDO, ENSO, AO, NAO, PNA, PNW, Why is this being ignored by intergovernmental panels!! because it does not tie in with Anthropogenic warming, END.

  4. UK and Western Europe snowpocalypse exposes all-out AGW fraud”
    Not to be outdone, the early start to the Arctic freeze 6 weeks early, and the normal meridional weather during periods of low EUV at the end of, and in between Solar Cycles, has generated 6 weeks early, one of the largest dumps of drifting Snow on the English Midlands in my living memory of 67 years.
    Based on family history, the depth of snow has been exceeded in the past, but only after Christmas, and normally in February and March.
    At this rate, this coming winter may well become a living memory winter like 1947, 1963 and lesser winters like 2010.
    Yet, I have no doubt the UK met Office will average out this snow and coldapocalypse and claim once again the record highest temperatures averages for 2017, even if the record increase is within the margin of error. The UK Met office is staffed by IPCC apologists, propagandists, and the management team fully brainwashed into AGW and human Induced Climate Change.
    The sooner the human Induced Climate Change swamp is drained the better, the Government can make start by repealing the UK Climate Change Act.

  5. I would urge everyone to copy to memory sticks the names of global warming pundits in government including judges, universities, think tanks, corporations and individuals. Why? If starvation and deaths from cold and deep snows happen, the above will need to be brought to justice, and their legitimacy as bastions of authority and high status will need to end. We all need to understand, once cooling is obvious to all, the above slime will crawl back into their holes after wiping the web clean to destroy all evidence of their complicity in the severity of the nightmare. This time let us make sure they do not rise again!

  6. Ionosphere heaters? That a new one for me.I agree we have advance in certain technology’s but I don’t agree that we control the earths weather and or climate so we will need to agree to disagree on that.i also don’t think what Robert is doing is fear but is giving everyone good knowledge on the ice age cycles and earths cycles in general.

    • @Ron Greer
      Temperature don’t stay constant all the time, even when the solar activity was very high in 90’s there were freezes in certain regions. Regarding snow in Mexico, its not a indicator of “cold age”. If snow falls constantly in months that shouldn’t normally snow, and snow don’t melt so easy then we talk about ice age.

      • This is what this blog is about, to talk about ice age cycles. If you think we shouldn’t talk about ice age cycles then why are you posting on Robert’s ice age site blog that is for talking about ice ages?

  7. Geoengineering. Lmao. A big fat scam from the start. i can’t believe people still believe in that garbage. If anything it is actually making global cooling worse not warming the planet

  8. Aljazeera today: UK: First snow of the year reaches London (..) The UK Met Office issued a warning of up to 30 cm in Wales and much of central England.(..)This weekend saw the first real plunge of cold air in a northerly wind that will reach Morocco by Monday. As a result, 30 cm of snow is possible in the Atlas Mountains and over Spain’s Sierra Nevada, and half a metre in the Pyrenees. Over the Alps, more than a metre is likely.

  9. Mendi controlling imples causing wanted outcomes like no frozen crops in Mexico. Your comment is on its face wishful thinking at best.

      • Large parts of Mexico grow crops year round and export them mostly to the U.S. Spain does the same thing for the EU and Brittain. In Southern Arizona and Southern California we grow lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. At the end of the season in January many farmers in this region will prepare to grow wheat primarily for cattle feed and Johnson Grass for hay.

        Last year, many farmers in Spain were devastated by heavy snow and freezing weather where there isn’t supposed to
        be either. That is a mini ice age sign.

  10. There has been reduced snowfall in the southern Sierras and Nevada, but this last two weeks has been cold. At 9AM this morning it was 14 degrees . The Carson River is partially frozen. The last two days the con trails have been creating a high light cloud cover.

  11. Exposure of the fraud only works if people lose faith in the fraudsters or in other words the powers that be and their minions in government, academia, the media and the environmental movement. It takes a lot to overcome a well done brainwashing of the public.

    • Yuri Bezmenov explains what has been done to us by our leaders and their servants. He is a professional who worked for the Soviet Union which in turn was sponsored by the city of London and Wall Street Jews, Freemasons and Bankers. The world is a very different place than what most people prefer to believe.

      Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

  12. I just read through this discussion on this. Seems some folks here need to get out more into the fresh air. This much snow in Mexico, this time of year is a big deal. If you like fresh food in the fall and winter and early spring months in North America, let me tell you were it comes from…Texas, California and MEXICO. …Texas had a couple of big rain events just recently if you recall and California is just recovering from a major multiple year drought. Mexico theses days supply 1/3 to 1/2 of the fresh food supply in our hemisphere. Expect your fresh food to cost you more going into January.
    As for the laughter at “Geoengineering”, it is true. years and years of cloud seeding to make rain and snow. The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide by the way…). And there have been hints that other chemicals have been dispersed above us .
    So you younger folks take heed of us older folks, get books on survival, learn to grow from seed (HARDER than you think it is), stock up on the basics, AND ask questions…knowledge of how your grandparents and great-grandparents did this will be your ticket to survival.

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