Mexican volcano pumps ash almost 5 miles high

“Popocatépetl spews volcanic ash up to 7.3 km (24 000 feet),” reads the headline.

The second highest peak in Mexico and the third highest active volcano in the northern hemisphere (according to John Search),  Popo lies 70 km (43 mi) southeast of Mexico City.

Caution: As of this moment, I have not been able to verify this eruption with any other sources.

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4 thoughts on “Mexican volcano pumps ash almost 5 miles high”

  1. po-po a go -go 😉
    the bit about look out for flying chunks is interesting
    must be throwing ejecta merrily to mention it

  2. Deep earthquakes waking slumbering volcanoes and making active volcanoes more active.
    Would not be touring any volcanic ranges for some time eh.

    The trees on top of the ranges started dying several years back. Forest management told residents it was under burning that put stress on the trees(hum hum, uh huh, right).

    Confronted several rangers and asked if they had taken ambient temperature readings at source on top of mountains at the effected ranges? Got several stale looks and generally the repeat of the governments story to the issue.

    When I first noticed the stress being put on the trees at top of range mountains several years back my initial thoughts were the quakes had once again opened the lava ports running through them.

    Who knows, one may not need the hot coals under the bedding at night to keep oneself warm at night, just go to the top and add some extra bedding before before snoozing.

    See Ya

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