Mexico declares emergency in 23 states due to severe cold

Applies to 446 municipalities

The Mexican government on Friday declared an extraordinary emergency due to low temperatures in 23 of its 32 states.

In recent days, snowfall and temperatures down to -17 ° have been recorded in the north.

On 13 January, a light snow surprised the highlands of Mexico City. The last time it snowed throughout the capital was in 1967.

More than 400 municipalities will receive funds to provide food, shelter and health services to its people.

These are the states where the extraordinary emergency statement applies:

• Aguascalientes
• Baja California
• Baja California Sur
• Chiapas
• Chihuahua
• Coahuila
• Durango
• Estado de México
• Guanajuato
• Hidalgo
• Jalisco
• Michoacán
• Nuevo León
• Oaxaca
• Puebla
• Querétaro
• San Luis Potosí
• Sinaloa
• Sonora
• Tamaulipas
• Tlaxcala
• Veracruz
• Zacatecas

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7 thoughts on “Mexico declares emergency in 23 states due to severe cold”

  1. Snow fall in Mexico ?

    It happens all the time !

    Sincerely yours, President Obama

    Headlines: Snow falling in Mexico is related to Global Warming, News at 11:00…

  2. Hard to believe mexico is colder than canada …that is southern canada.Elevation in mex is the key 3000m ..temps at -17c..Our part of canada has not seen that low temp yet ..greatlakes are ice free.Last year great lakes were arctic like…heres the shocker..yu ready.Greenland ice core data shows that our climate worldwide will indeed and basically overnite turn into a frozen popsicle just like last years nightmare cold winter in north america..Climate cold can and will destroy most of earths ecology..(EARTH SNOWBALL EFFECT).Climate is much scarier than weather..fact.

  3. “Greenland ice core data shows that our climate worldwide will indeed and basically overnite turn into a frozen popsicle … ”

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and the ice age will start in Washington DC, and Obama and his cronies will go the way of the wooly mammoths, flash frozen with their mouths full of lies!

    • that’s exactly where it needs to start!!!
      In Washington!!
      I hope they freeze solid with 9 stories of snow per day!!

  4. snow in Mexico is related to global cooling and an ice age cycle. Just like in Vietnam and Laos now lol

  5. Last El Niño during the 2010 olympics it was warm with little snow on the mountains.. We are supposedly having a bigger El Niño ; with lower elavations reletively warm but at elevation there is lots of snow.. Seems to me that the lapse rates are greater. Could this be a global phenomenon?

    • .The shrinking atmosphere is bringing colder air down to the lower elevations faster and much easier, it’s not talked about much and I couldn’t find anythng new from nasa. One thing I notice around me is that the top blade of the windmills is often chopping through the clouds, I only used to see this when fog was lifting now I see it once a week when it’s not foggy. I ‘am at 700 ft elev. in the middle of IL. This must mean the ceiling is well under 500 ft quite often and I don’t think that’s normal here.

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