Mexico – Snowfall forces road closures

Six municipalities of Chihuahua registered snowfall in the last hours, which motivated the closure of roads.

With all of the bru-ha-ha about the coronavirus, I almost missed this one about six communities being whitewashed.

3 Mar 2020 – The State Civil Protection Coordination (CEPC) reported that the snow began to accumulate from 23:00 hours and continued during the early morning, so that Bocoyna, Guachochi, Urique, Madera, Gómez Farías and Ignacio Zaragoza were whitewashed.

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4 thoughts on “Mexico – Snowfall forces road closures”

  1. Robert it is entirely possible that when the major glaciation sets in we all might have to go further south than northern mexico.

  2. Cihuahua !! Lots of snow in Mexico !!
    In fact, little chihuahuas could never walk through Cihuahua with those little short legs !!

    Let us all go and play
    Down to Mexico way ,
    With snowballs,
    Not beachballs !!
    And a slip-sliding sleigh !!

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